Monday, January 19, 2009

Why is it....

Why is it when I find something I use on a regular basis the company quits making it? For example face cleanser. I love, LOVE an Avon product for dry skin that cleans the face. Takes makeup off like a dream. Including mascara of all things. Now they have a cleansing lotion. Come on, it doesn't work worth a hoot and my face has to be cleaned again after I use it. I've tried all kinds of things and have always come back to this Avon product.

The other thing is underwear. Who likes to break in new underwear? Unless you are a size 4 and have no idea you are even wearing underwear I know you have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm sending a letter to Jockey.

American Beauty Spaghetti Sauce Mix. They quit making it years ago. The hubby and I have not been the same since. We are on the lookout for good spaghetti sauce. We have yet to find one. I kinda concocted my own this past fall and it was mighty tasty. Only he didn't appreciate all the peppers, onions and mushrooms I added. He's just a sauce, meat, a little bit of mushroom spaghetti sauce kinda guy.

Miami Glow perfume. J. Lo brought it back just for Christmas this year. I had to wait over a year to get this. Come on J.Lo. I love this perfume. If I had a bod like yours I wouldn't need perfume either.

Is this a business ploy used so consumers go out spend mounds of money for things they won't particularly like. I won't even go back to the underwear issue, but I'm tired of it. Maybe I don't like change, but please don't profit from it. I have a hard time believing I'm the only loyal consumer to these products!

Does anyone else have these issues with their favorite products?


CatHerder said...

Gee our hair smells terrific can get it via internet from the Phillipines but im afraid of the ingredients....Lancones Magie Noir perfume...Big Johns baked beans with fixins, just to name a few!

CatHerder said...

Gee YOUR hair smells terrific

sorry...havent had that second cup of coffee :-)

Farmchick said...

Joop perfume...we can't get it some for Christmas through Amazon dot com but it smells like is has been sitting in a warehouse for 10 years! I am sure that there are other items but I can't think of anything right now!!

Terri and Bob said...

okkkkkk..... are you suggesting undies don't last as long as they used to... if so, I am in agreement.

So, you've met Vada and found the sister in law blog! Can't go into great details but I can say they went to college together.

I can't wait to see what you come up with.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Me! See my hand raised up high in the air? Gosh this happens to me all the time. When I shop, it's likie someone is watching me. When I find something we rally love, I will buy it often and then BAM, no more are to be found. UGH! Very frustrating!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Yes, I am annoyed everytime a favorite item is withdrawn from shelves and discontinued. I don't know why they do these things unless they don't fit in with the demographic they are looking know the one....the BIG spender age group, surely you know which group....the 12 to 18 year olds! Oops....a little vent there,fome the lady who happens to love and adore her little 18 year old Xanti. I truly believe, as in entertainment,tv, etc....all marketing is geared toward that demographic.

Sign me, Grumpy Granny....or Granny Grunt!

PS: A shopping note....although a tad pricey, but you can catch them on sale....Chico's Traveler's underwear. I love 'em and buy when they mark them on sale. Sold under Soma, at the Chico's site. Wear like iron, so comfortable you don't even know you are wearing them and no lines! I stock up,because I'm sure the dreaded discontinued will happen and I want to be prepared!!!

simple~needs said...

if you have a marc's grocery store try there. i couldnt belive all the stuff they carry that i cant find anywhere else.
i loved cinnamon bun lotion and body wash from bath & body. the only place to get it now is ebay. :(
oh, the new undie saga.... i hate new undies.. can you tell i am not a size 4? lol

the best spaghetti sauce ( and it tastes like homemade!) is made right here in ohio. look for MIDS

i could just set and eat that stuff.
stay warm, kim

Nanci said...

Oh don't get me started on great products that you can't get anymore.
I too love JLo perfume. I wear her first line.
I used to love Johnson's Liquid Paste wax for hard wood floors, so easy to use, smelled amazing! and it brought up such a shine.
I'm looking for a pair of jeans that have wide legs...haven't seen any in Canada. Still looking though

Becca Watson said...

Oh yes! I know the feeling! Anytime I find a body wash i like, I got back to get it and its no longer being made.. Same with lotion from batha and body works!

Becca Watson said...

P.s. I have something for you over at my blog!

Mrs. DD said...

I agree! I have noticed that it happens a lot to me with makeup esp. lipstick colors. You find one you like and then it is gone. I also agree that undies aren't made like they used to be. I guess change is inevitable but I don't like it either.

Anonymous said...

I got so sick of companies discontinuing products that I love that I now buy an extra one or two and keep them tucked away. Like my favorite comfy walking shoes... I have one pair I wear and another tucked away... same thing with my face make-up. Those cosmetic companies can drive you nuts so I keep 2 or 3 of my favorites tucked away just in case. AND, I always go to their websites when they discontinue a product I like and give them a piece of my mind too. Serves them right!

The Blue Ridge Gal

tam said...

Hi Lisa! Oh man I have had that same problem and I hate it when that happen! I have noticed that as I get older-I don't like change!!! My favorite perfume is Cristalle Chanel and they are not going to be making it anymore-once it is sold out it is gone! *Sob* I have been wearing that since it came out in 1975! What will I do for cryin out loud! I have been buying a bottle here and there trying to stock up. Shame on these people who make these kinds of changes!!!~Tam:D

Sue said...

Hi...might I suggest Bertolli sauce in tomato basil...mix it with a large can of good quality petite cut tomatoes, add a hint of garlic, a touch of basil, a splash of olive oil and a smidgen of's very very good...Sue, the Italian.

Sue said...

I do make my own pasta to go with that sauce and it is so simple a child can make is a link to where i posted the recipe with picture. I had made a veal stuffing for the ravioli but you can use the traditional ricotta cheese....if you get daring let me know and I can go over the steps with you.

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

YES!!!Where are the Butter pretzels that Land O Lakes used to make??????
THanks for a great post!
Beth ;0)