Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Best Concert I've Ever Been To....

Erica and I went to the big concert last night in KC. Got there early enough to park in a good spot and get to our seats before Uncle Kracker began. Thank goodness because so many tailgaters were partying long enough, a lot of them missed Uncle Kracker and Billy Currington due to the mayhem getting into the stadium. It was hot but not as nearly as hot as it had been in St. Louis a few days earlier. I was thankful we chose Kansas City instead!

Erica...her first really BIG concert. She said it was worth it. We got to see and smell LOTS of things, lol!!

Entering Arrowhead. My very first trip to Arrowhead. Hopefully it won't be my last...

I borrowed a smaller camera in case they wanted to confiscate my larger one...the rules ya know. The SandBar section was around the runway part of the stage. I need to save my dollars for that section next time!!

Uncle Kracker. He was GREAT!

He sang Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" and put me in the spirit immediately!!

Yep that's me, I had to get up off my feet for that one...notice the seating? A lot of people missed this part of the concert. Definitely their loss.

And oh baby, when I found out Billy Currington was in St. Louis I flipped. I thought for sure I made a big mistake by getting tickets in KC. Fortunately they were part of the venue too. Just not advertised when I got my tickets. He was greater...

and oh so cute! Bare feet and all.

Arrowhead filling up before Zac Brown Band. That many people and me in one place at the same time for the same thrilling reason was incredible!

I told Erica I bet ole Zac wears that stocking cap when he mows the grass. She thought maybe his wife does that job now.

This band was great too. Very entertaining and fun. The girl sitting in front of us said he has the most beautiful eyes. Couldn't see those from where we were sitting but I'll take her word for it!

The weather was hot, thankfully though, there was a breeze blowing. We drank tons of water. Unfortunately this guy drank TONS of Barley Pops. He was feeling no pain somewhere between Billy Currington and Kenny Chesney. I happen to start snapping these of him during the break waiting for Kenny.

Very Drunk Guy did a number of dances for our entertainment. Thankfully he was fully clothed. I wondered what he did for a living. He didn't have hard working hands. Not really muscular. So I figure a desk job plugging numbers into a computer maybe. Making enough money to spend at the places where he must have learned some of those dance moves...

The nice lady in the cowgirl hat is from Jeff City. Just down the road from me. She claimed she would NEVER spend this kinda money for this kinda entertainment ever again. Too many people and too many nitwits....very drunk guy did not impress her. Neither did her drunk sister. Who happened to find a handsome boyfriend sitting beside her at the concert. My friend watched their relationship progress to dancing, then pouting, then kissing, then possibly taking her to a hotel room if the sis' would let him, then he took her face in his hands and gently broke up with her during one of Kenny Chesney's great songs. He told her she was beautiful and was sure she was a nice girl, but he just couldn't....then he left. To go find the girl he came with to the concert. I'm sorry I missed all that. Sad thing is...that girl was my age...oh dear...her sis in the cowgirl hat says it happens quite frequently...

Very Drunk Guy doing his thang... It was amazing how many girls, who didn't even sit next to him or the guy in the red cap, wanted their picture taken with them. Oh the stories they will tell....

The curtain dropped as the roadies were setting up for Kenny...I love Kenny. My heart was racing. I was not about to make my way to the second level to use the restroom no matter how bad I had to pee. It just wasn't gonna happen. We mostly sweat out all of our water. But my bladder did quietly whisper..."maybe?" Nope, I didn't listen. I wasn't willing to take that chance. I love Kenny!

The jumbotron was just above us. So when Kenny was on the opposite side of the stage, it was like he was right in front of me. I love Kenny! That bald head...those arms...that smile has to sparkle so it can be seen in space smile...and that sexy bald head that I couldn't see....I love Kenny!

I only teared up when he sang "Anything But Mine" only a little. I love Kenny!

Kenny sang "She Thinks My Tractor is Sexy" as his encore song. THEN, the rest of the encore belonged to him and the Zac Brown Band. But before they started their first song together, he presented Zac with a huge Martini glass filled with a margarita and also presented him with his birthday cake. The whole crowd got to sing "Happy Birthday" to Zac Brown. It was amazing!! I love Kenny!

They sang several songs together. It was awesome to say the least. It seemed like we waited forever for this concert to get here. Ultimately we were there for 8 hours and it went by way to fast!! Oh to do it again this weekend!! I love Kenny!!! Until next time....

P.S. Have I ever told you just how much I love Kenny Chesney?????

Friday, July 29, 2011

KC to See KC!!!

I am so excited to see this guy tomorrow night at Arrowhead Stadium. Scratch one off the bucket list. Uncle Kracker, Billy Currington, Zac Brown Band and KENNY CHESNEY all in one evening! I am so excited and cannot wait. My boss asked me to come in to work on Saturday night I immediately replied "NO"...being there is no real reason for any of us to come in I told him it was well worth going to jail for...he giggled. 16 rows back on the floor...oh my....

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is my hubby and I attempting to take a good picture. I have to admit, this is probably one of my most favorite pictures of us together. He got a new gadget last winter and we had to try it out. A new cell phone. Maybe since we don't have kids or maybe because I am usually the one behind the camera, we just don't have many pictures of us together. I hate posed photos, but love candid ones. There's just something about emotion being caught on camera. That usually doesn't happen with posed pics.

Hubby said I only post mean things about him on my blog. I told him I was just happy he read my blog. I had no idea. So in case you are reading this my hubby, this is my favorite photo of us. Maybe YOU should take more pics!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

5 Years Ago Today

Five years ago today I lost my father to suicide. The day was as hot then as it is today. The heat sweltering. It remains in my mind forever. I'll never forget that feeling as long as I live. Keeping in mind what he may be doing at this very moment keeps me going. As I've said before, I don't believe he's looking down keeping an eye on us, because I truly believe he has much better things to do. Picturing him with his best friend or loved ones, having a good laugh or two or some kind of intellectual fiber optic conversation is what I envision.

I was recently offered a promotion at work. I've never been so pleasantly surprised in my life. No doesn't have very many good surprises, but this is one that made me think of my dad first. He would have been the only one to truly understand how I felt. And, I believe he would have been proud and would have wanted to help me celebrate. It was almost too ironic that this took place at this time of year. I've thought of him everyday this week. He would love my new title and probably offer some hefty advice.

Missing his laughter and thirst for knowledge has driven me to be a better person this week. I need to let go of what I cannot control and embrace those things that I adore.

Dad I can't wait to see you again. I can't wait to hear that laugh and be challenged to a game of Scrabble. I can't wait to tell you what it was like to attend the 2009 All Star Game. I can't wait to tell you how far technology has come since 2006. I can't wait to tell you about Kenny and Maggie. I can't wait to tell you what the new Camarro looks like and how I'd love to drive one. I can't wait to tell you how right you were about so many things in life. But most of all...I can't wait to tell you how much I love you and how much I've missed you...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Road Rage

Road Rage. Yes, I suffer from it. Trying to keep this demon hidden within the core of my existence is a chore. However, it knocks on my internal basement door wanting out badly. BADLY. I can't relent even when I'm behind an individual driving like he doesn't have anything better to do. This afternoon I decided at the last minute to take off early and hit the lake. Alas! Not too quickly. Even though it felt like it, but I know it really wasn't happening, I thought it took 10 minutes to drive 2 miles. At first I thought the person was talking on their cell phone, but I don't really think that was the case. When whoever it was turned onto 63, I think they continued at the very same pace.

When I was younger my parents referred to these people as Sunday Drivers. Today is Friday. Not Sunday. My demons were knocking loudly. I wanted to honk. I wanted to fly the bird. I wanted to pass this person as fast as my car could take me. I didn't. I'm proud that I didn't. I didn't even scream cuss words in the comfort of my own vehicle.

You never realize how awful this is until you are with someone that exercises road rage. Unfortunately I have rubbed off onto my hubby. He used to be a silent road rager. He never really said a word. However he did began fighting demons the day I honked his horn. I vowed to never ever honk his horn again and I haven't. Some old lady took her time in front of him and wouldn't let him around her. So he mumbled something inaudible in frustration. So, being the helpful wife that I am. I reached over and honked his horn. Well the road rage demon quit knocking because the nagging bitchy wife demon beat down the door. That demon came unleashed on me in a way I had not experienced before. Under no circumstances was I to EVER honk his horn when he was driving. all I could muster.

That day has it's own special tag on my brain. I still giggle about it. The funny thing is...he's become a HONKER. Yes. He cusses too. All the things I used to do terribly, he now does. The sad thing is...he has really come across some pretty horrible driving experiences. I know because I don't drive when he's driving and I don't honk the horn. Instead I'm a quiet passenger wondering how long it's gonna take us to get anywhere. Therefore I know firsthand just how he's been treated as a responsible driver. I don't want hubby to lose his cool and have another heart attack over something completely stupid. And, most of all, I don't want him to have a heart attack over something he learned from his nagging wife.

So in honor of my stifled road rage situation today, I created a new blog post. Boring? Maybe. Honestly you can honk your own horn at that.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Running Like a Well Oiled Machine - Sorta

I've had many trials and tribulations this year. Approximately one year ago I made it my goal to make some life changing decisions. Unfortunately one of them I did not follow through and have regretted it ever since. This past year hasn't been easy. Full of ups and downs and lots of heart ache. But I tread on. Some times you just have to thank God for unanswered prayers...and hopefully I will be thanking him for that very soon. However, that gloomy feeling continues to lull over my head like it did last fall. It's funny how our lives turn out.

So, I have decided to work a little harder on my bucket list. The goals and things that I like to do that make me happy. Having been able to already cross a few of those items off of my list already, I must say I'm really looking forward to one in the very near future. A Kenny Chesney concert in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium. My best friend is going with me and we are making a weekend out of it. We have fantastic seats so I'm hoping for a great view of one of my favorite singers of all time. I have loved Kenny for many, many years. I warned Erica earlier this week that she should not report back to friends and family if I bawl my head off once Kenny hits the stage. She laughed. Hopefully she will continue laughing and will not be horrified when it happens.

Having something to look forward to is a necessity for me. It gives me drive and encourages my zest for life. Kenny Chesney is a huge mark off my list. However, it's those small things that keep life interesting. Like weekends with friends and family. A phone call. A text. A small town fair. A thank you. A big hello. And most of all, an I love you.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Soap Box

We threw in the towel with our local cable company. They did not uphold their end of a contract so hubby said it's gotta go. So went my knowledge of where I could find what I wanted to watch on the ole tube. After 4 months you'd think I'd be able to remember what channels are what on this new system...but I cannot. I did find a fun and hip news channel in the mornings. Trying not to focus on whether it slants to a liberal view or conservative view, I just try to absorb the news.

Unfortunately two things have really stuck out with me over the past few weeks. The first being Gabrielle Gifford. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad she is healing and did not get killed in that horrific shooting in Tucson. However, every freaking time I see her face on TV I think about the other victims, living and dead. How their families must feel when they watch the same news clip that I watch. My heart aches for them.

The other issue is that dang Casey Anthony. I hope to be wrong, but I sincerely believe Case killed that beautiful little girl. But it is not for me to judge. Lord only knows I watched as a local jury found a pervert not guilty of raping his step-daughter 13 times. I believed that little girl when she described the nasty things her step-father did to her. She had faith in me to take care of her and make her situation better. I did as much as I could do with the help of her family. Unfortunately the old man on the jury who fell asleep during most of the trial didn't get to hear what took place. The young man who continued to roll his eye as if he had something better to do was probably not thinking about the little 12 year old girl who was pushed to testify and nervously describe these incidents. The one put together older lady later told a court official that the little girl just wasn't believable. Really? I surmise she was sexually molested as a child herself and just figured she could find a victim in a crowd. The reality was I was a children's service worker who should have been called on behalf of that 12 year old child. She should have never been pushed to testify. All of the medical experts, professional law enforcement people and myself should have painted the perfect picture without having to put a nervous, scared little girl on the stand.

That whole lotta words lead me to this...Caylee did not get a chance to tell her story. It was pieced together by law enforcement officials who had nothing to go on but leads. Caylee's secrets died with her. The only relief is that she is now wrapped in the arms of someone who loves her unconditionally, with no expectations.

I've always wanted a little girl of my own. Then I see something like this happen and I have to wonder why the world turns the way it turns.