Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Little Bit of This and That

Christmas is over. I'm ready to take the tree down. I just haven't made time to do it yet. It usually comes down Christmas night or the day after. This year it will probably be New Year's Day. I keep the mantel decorated until the end of February or March 1st when all the snowmen go back into hibernation. It's a bittersweet day. A lot of work, but so worth it when I get them back out on November 1st. It's like Christmas early because I always forget a lot of what I have.

On Christmas Day we had the hubby's family over. Of course, I meant to get family pictures of each little family, but didn't get it done. Partly because my camera did not want to cooperate or maybe I just was not tolerant. Tonight I realized the batteries were going dead so maybe that was part of it. Here is one of Grandma Katie and Emilee. Emilee is posing with her gift to Grandma. Who could resist that face? Emilee was quite proud and so very happy.

This one turned out a little better. I only wish the others I had taken turned out better and I truly wish I had one of everyone together. Maybe Easter.

The hubby being supervised by Annie P. She didn't much like the "sniff" of our new table. We picked it up a few weeks before Christmas. We agreed to pick it up and put it together ourselves. Big mistake. There were several flaws. The store kindly agreed to order us a new one and let us keep this one during the holidays. Oh, a chair had a flaw too. I refused to take it home so they ordered another one of those too.

I wanted something to go with the buffet that was given to the hubby by his mom, Katie. There is a table to match with a butterfly leaf. It needs a whole lot of work, so for now, we opted to get a different table. I touched up the buffet with scratch cover oil. It looked pretty good when I was finished. I found the doily for $2.50 at a local antique store.

Another pic of our table. It also butterflies out to a perfect square seating up to 8 people. We got the new table today. It's below:

Remember, I am not a photographer. I only dream of it. My camera took two pictures before pooping out on me. I took off a bit to meet the delivery guys. It was delivered with an arm chair. I did not order an arm chair. The table also had a couple of flaws. I returned to work to tell the hubby about the chair and the table. He was ready to call the company and tell them to come and get that table and well, you know. We both had several choice words to describe the whole ordeal. Then we came home and he got to see the chair I didn't order. He loved it. Then he told me the flaws on the table were not noticeable. Remember he said that. He doesn't cook OR clean. He also knew this primitive table was right up my alley. Or something like that. After a few weeks of dealing with the store and getting not-quite-what-we-paid-for as well as a little sarcastic lip from the saleslady/manager we decided to keep the set and take the discount. I'm just relieved it's over. Trust me. I had a whole stanza memorized of what I was going to tell the lady to do with the table leg!! I tried it out on a co-worker before meeting the delivery people. He wanted to come with me when the table was delivered.

Tomorrow night I'm fixing supper for us for New Year's Eve. Even though we don't go out anymore I always look forward to this night. I rarely make it up to midnight, but I try. Mom gave us a new Margaritaville-type-frozen-slushy-drink-kinda-maker for Christmas. We'll try it out!

So, if our new Margaritaville-type-frozen-slushy-drink-kinda-maker really works. You won't be hearing from me until AFTER New Year's. So, everyone take care, be safe and have a wonderful ending to 2008!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday Fill-Ins

1. I must _go to Italy, Greece or Hawaii before I die.
2. You can't stop the icy weather.
3. I wish I never had to buy insulin again.
4. Circumstances and curveballs has (have) helped me change my life.
5. I know the song Chicken Fried by heart.
6. If I weren't so afraid, I would hop on a plane and go on vacation all by myself.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing, tomorrow my plans include celebrating Christmas at mom's and Sunday, I want to take down my tree!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Snowy Christmas Eve

We have been welcomed to Christmas Eve with new snow. Snow on top of ice. So now my front yard is extremely slick. I hope the postman is forgiving. I know I should throw this pumpkin out, I will. Some day...
My favorite tree.

Up the street a little. Why can't our little town bury the power lines?

An out of control redbud.

Down the hill from us.

Part of the neighbors yard joining ours. There used to be 2 identical Flowering Pear Trees in the middle of that yard. In January, 2001, it looked like 2 bombs dropped right down the center of both trees. The old lady that lived there loved those trees. I know her heart was broken.

Got a lot to do today. I may be back later, no promises though. Everyone have a fun and safe day!! Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Eve of Christmas Eve

A glimpse into my home. This is my favorite part of the house. We have an extra long livingroom. In the winter time I like the fireplace to be the center of attention. Even though we don't use it, it is one of my favorite things about my house.
Homemade ornies adorn my tree.

My dad added the Precious Moments Snowman Cookie Jar to my Snowman Museum.

I started collecting Madame Alexander ornaments several years ago. I was behind when I started my collection and I've let several get by me in the past few years. This beauty is one of my favorites.
A dancing snow couple, awwww...

Can't have enough redbirds.
My favorite kitchen snowlady. She's a cook if you couldn't tell.
A new addition to my dining area.
Another cookie jar.

I made this sleepy snowman after 9/11 in 2001. Notice the patriotic garb. I don't think I've made a snowman since.

Timmy, the grandbaby.
The top of my refrigerator.
I'm still working on the kitchen. I'll show you shots soon. It's freezing rain here in north Missouri and very cold. Please be safe while travelling to your destinations this week!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ralphie? Is That YOU?

Ralphie, is that you? You know, you from the Christmas Story Movie? Has anyone seen Ralphie? The hat. The glasses. The coat. It's gotta be Ralphie.
Actually this is my brother-in-law Bill. Circa I'm not sure when as I haven't gotten an answer to that yet. When I find out, I'll let you know. My sis-in-law Cindy told me Bill had a picture of himself and he looked just like Ralphie. Yep, sure does look like Ralpie. I love this picture. He's either got that Red Ryder BB Gun hiding behind his back or he's just accepted the dare to stick his tongue on the street light!!
The next picture I'm waiting on from Cindy is of Bill in his bunny rabbit costume that she took the other night!!! heeheehee...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Grandma used to say once you hit 21, time really flies. That is so true. I have know idea where time has gone since Thanksgiving, maybe even Labor Day. I have no concept of time anymore. I really wanted to make it to St. Louis to visit family during this holiday season, but guess what folks? It's the weekend before Christmas. I've been busy at home and at work. Wanting to crash takes top priority over anything else lately. So I will try to do better making posts and hopefully showing you some of my Christmas decorations this weekend.

I think the hubby has food poisoning. He became very, very sick early yesterday morning about 1am. He was sick all day yesterday. There are no flu symptoms and nothing seems to take care of it. I wanted to take him to the ER late last night. He thought about it then refused to go. Thankfully and slowly this morning he began coming around. He still doesn't look so good. But he's able to keep a little in his stomach and he's getting hungry. I'd say that's a good sign.

As I was meaning to state earlier. Since I have no concept of time, I have yet to send Christmas cards. I think a lot of people are cutting back this year in the ways they can and this is one. I've received a few so far, but ususally by this time I've gotten a bucket load. That's okay by me though. So, for those of you that are wondering, I may send your card for New Year's instead of Christmas. Trust me, I enjoy every card I get. I even got a new one this year from a family friend in Texas. Thast was a surprise. But, my FAVORITE is the one I, err WE, got from our daughter Erica in Florida. It's a card with numerous thumbnail shots of Timmy our grandson. I'll try to post it sometime too. It's adorable.
For the past 10 years I've had this brilliant idea of taking a picture myself and making my own cards. Do you think that's ever happened? The only one was last year. It was of the hubby standing in front of the Riviera Casino in Las Vegas. Actually it was in front of the casino, but really in front of the Crazy Girls' leggy butts smiling like a crazy monkey. I sent that to our forgiving friends who understand us and weren't offended. Other's I sent something a little more Christmas appropriate. However, most times I look for snowmen or snow scenes with little animals. Those are my favorites. Like the picture above. I love those two furry guys sharing a candy cane.

Now, I've received a Butterfly Award from my crazy friend Tam at Yakiddy Yak Yak. Now she has a cool blog. You have to go check out the birthday cake her daughter made for Tam's granddaughter. It rocks. It has to be one of the prettiest birthday cakes I've seen. Thank you Tam for this award. It really means a lot to me that someone other than family takes the time to read this stuff. heehee. Now, I want to share this with anyone and everyone who takes the time to read this stuff. So, congratulations on your new Butterfly Award. (I've been trying to post all of my awards on my sidebar so I can see them when I post.)
Everyone have a good day. I may be back tonight with an additional post. For those in icy weather like myself, please be careful. There are so many idiots out there that think they know how to drive on ice, but don't!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Pull of the Moon

My friend Gayla is a "MoonBaby". I don't have any idea what makes a person to be qualified as a "MoonBaby", but she definitely is. Always has been, always will be. So, yesterday morning on the way to work (we leave at 6am and it's still pretty dark) I was awestruck by the moon. It's the closest it's been to the earth in years. It was beautiful. All I could think about was my friend Gayla and how her spirit must be celebrating. Having no idea what "MoonBabies" do when it's this close to the earth, but I imagine it's spectacular. (Unlike rolling naked in the pasture during the double harvest moon years ago. Remember that Gayla? She couldn't talk me into it. Although I did think about it. Just the dare alone was worth it because I didn't think she'd follow through.)
This was last night before we went to a Christmas party. I have to admit (I'd guess I'm a "WaterBaby" compared to Gayla's "MoonBaby") the moon was whispering to me. Telling me to breath in all the spectacular beauty I could stand. And I did...

This is what the moon looked like when we returned home at One a.m. It was almost white. It's amazing to think about how many shared this breathtaking event.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pizza? Anyone?

Today was a long day at work. Not really. I was busy so the day really flew. The weather is nasty outside. The wind is blowing strong, snow is blowing crazy, and it's extremely cold. I was just happy the rain didn't freeze too bad. So the drive home wasn't as tedious as I anticipated when I left work. On the way home I was trying to decide what to fix the hubby for supper. I hate this routine if I have nothing planned. I ask that typical question and usually get a very minimal response. The hubby hasn't been feeling well, bad headaches, so I decided something quick and simple. Frozen pizza. He LOVES pizza. "Peytza", as the hubby pronounces it. He LOVES it.

This weekend we made a quick trip to Columbia to run a big errand. I promised him I would buy him lunch if he ran this errand with me. We went to a sports store first to look for golf head covers. Don't ask me why, but we did. He announced he was hungry. I asked if he had somewhere in mind. He didn't care he just didn't want mall food, thank goodness. I remembered reading about a bar and grill that served brick oven pizza. It's called the Ski Hi Bar and Grill. He used his new GPS thingy and away we found this place. The pizza was awesome. I have to admit. He loves pizza and his newest found love of food is toasted ravioli. We indulged. It was very, very good. If you are ever in Columbia and don't mind loud, LOUD music this is a good place. Definitely NOT for the prissy sort, but a good place to go for pizza and beer if you will. We just didn't do the beer part.
The hubby loves to search for new places to eat pizza. I'm not always so thrilled. We did find this great place in Lee's Summit which served wood roasted pizza. It took awhile to bake, but boy it WAS THAT good.

The truth be known, the hubby treats me a little nicer when I fix or serve him pizza. I like taco pizza. According to the hubby this is not pizza. You cannot put lettuce on a crust and qualify it as pizza. But truly it's in my top two favs. The top fav is just mushroom and ham or mushroom and tomatoe. That's not pizza either according to the hubby. There can be too many mushrooms. I disagree. There's always more room for mushrooms.

What do you think? Is pizza a single food group in your life like ours? We have it once a week some how some way. Sometimes I just use tortilla shells with a little pizza sauce and a few toppings like ham, pepperoni or MUSHROOMS and call it supper.

So, IS pizza a single food group in your family? What kind is your favorite? Is your hubby a pizza nut like mine? Or, are you a pizza nut like my hubby? Just curious to see the numbers...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Breakfast? Please?

Welcome to the Pogue Family Diner.

Hmmm, hello. I'm ready to place my order.

I'm not sure about those eggs, got any tuna?

Now that looks tasty! Pancakes? How about tunacakes?

huh? No tunacakes? Oh dear. What's a Pus to do?

Got milk?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snowmen Museum is Setting Up

Hey Everyone, it's me Annie P. again. Happy Holidays. Mom is letting me take you a tour of our Snowman Museum. The only problem is that she isn't done getting ALL of her snowmen out. So I'm going to show you a few. Only a few, this time.
This is one of mom's favorites. She put him on the buffet this year. A first, he usually sits on the mantel.

I like this guy. He looks fun.

Look a snowbaby even!

Dad gave her the snowchef last year as a surprise. 'Cept he had to call her from the store cause he couldn't remember which one she liked. So it was kind of a surprise. She was happy!!

This is the middle of the mantle. Mom isn't quite happy with it yet. Reynaldo doesn't know what to think either.

Mom bought this one from the Rooster Queen on ebay. I think he looks like he drank too much eggnog.

A Target pre-Christmas special. He's packin' snowballs and a tree in his backpack.

The last two are oldies but goodies according to mom. She's got a lot to hang on the walls, but since the paint is still pretty new, she really doesn't want any nails in them. I told her she needed to get in gear. Nails or no nails, there's still a lot of snowmen in the attic. That's it for now. Happy Snowballs to ya!!