Wednesday, September 22, 2010

R.I.P. Adam Smith - Navy Seal

This war makes my heart heavier than anything. I've been in Jeff City since yesterday afternoon and came home this evening to find out a hometown boy was killed in a helicopter crash yesterday in Afghanistan. Adam Smith served the Navy Seals with such honor and dedication, making the ultimate sacrifice for a country he loved. God Bless his mom Michele Jorgensen and father Eric Smith and the numerous other family and friends that were blessed to know him.
I will always remember him as a little blonde crumb cruncher with the cutest little grin. His mom is a sweetheart and step-cousin, so to speak, to me. May Jesus wrap his arms around her and carry her through this terribly tragic time. You are in my thoughts and prayers...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kenny Chesney - The Boys of Fall

Nothing catches my attention more than a sexy bald man with a sparkling smile and twinkling eyes. Kenny Chesney equates eye candy and great music. Just recently I've started listening to country music again after making a long road trip with a co-worker. He quickly turned the station after taking over the wheel. But I did learn one thing on that trip. Country music is quite profound. So is Kenny Chesney. You get the point...

August 29th debuted his video "Boys of Fall". I had previously heard the song but it really didn't do much for me until I watched the video. Then I cried. this song sparks the memories of so many people who live for a sport they love passionately. Fans who yearn to be young again to live the moments of Friday nites...

Thank you Kenny for a wonderful song.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Trip to Weston, Missouri

Mom and I ventured out today a little unsure where we were headed. We've been wanting to go to Weston for quite some time, and today was the day. Perfect weather made for a relaxing stroll throughout town. I must say, Weston is a beautiful little town that I would seriously consider moving to. If I hit the lottery, it very well may be my next summer home. The town was clean, pretty and the homes were fantastic. From the picture above I think you can tell it looks like an All-American town.

As soon as we parked our car and turned around, there was this beautiful home. A little big for me, but absolutely beautiful. Yellow is one of my favorite colors for houses. And it fit this one perfectly.

Mom liked this brick one. I chose the white one beside it. Maybe some day we can be neighbors.

The little shops were eclectic and fun. This one had a fantastic window display.

Oh, of course this beautiful town had my favorite dog breed. He didn't seem to like me as he barked when I took his picture. I think he preferred to drive.

Just like Mayberry U.S.A. there must be a police department.

A local Kansas City Artist made these witches. The gourd on the left was actually grown in her garden. I would love to have bought one of these for my friend Gayla at Oatmeal and Whimsy. When I win the lottery...

This candle shop was fantastic. Many, many fragrances including Tighty Whities (which believe it or not smelled amazing), Big Girl Panties (yes, amazing too), Candy Corn, Witchy Woman and my fav Pumpkin Spice.
This chalkboard made me feel like I was sitting in the front pew at church.

A very lovely church, something I think brings such peace to any community.

The parsonage.

Weston had many Bed and Breakfasts and pubs. A very entertaining community.

This is one of my favorite views as we were walking back to our car. I think another visit is in the near future.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Family and Friends

Work. Many don't consider work as family. Fortunately for me, I do. I make myself at home where ever I am. Therefore, work is my second home with my second family. As frustrating as it can be at times, it's my life. It's our life. I read somewhere once that people tend to know their co-workers better than they do their own spouse. This makes so much sense to me because generally we are on our best behavior under the worst of circumstances. Sometimes at home we cannot say such.

Forrest and I many years ago before I had wrinkles around my eyes. Forrest retired August 31st. Every retirement leads me to believe the future will never be the same and what on earth will we do without the retiring one. We make it. We make it until the next retirement and I will forever think the very same thing all over again. And the wrinkles will continue to add to my character...

This is me, with wrinkles around my eyes, and Paul. He grumbled when I asked to take a pic of him. So I offered to get in it. Since I liked it of me and he did not of him, I kept it. Cause I'm the boss. Literally.

This very well may be the Insane Posse or something like that. Two of the orneriest people I know are sitting to the left. The middle one wreaks of trouble.

More bosses. We need them. Trust me.

Then there are people you can't wait to see because no matter what kinda mood I'm in, I know they'll make me laugh. The majority of this picture makes me laugh. Always.

Watch out for creepers. They are everywhere...

I did say everywhere...

The friends we make lasts a lifetime.

This is baby Forrest in 1980. I bet he didn't really think he'd last 30 years.

Little did he know, he would. And I hope Forrest considers us family and will miss us like we will miss him. I will miss him approaching me at least once a week asking something to the effect of, "Lisa, will you please check on this #@!% thing for me? I know it's in there somewhere!"
Change is good. Isn't it? I try to convince myself I like change, but honestly I do not. I like comfort with a little spontaneity. We will muddle through without Forrest and be envious of his newfound freedom. Best of luck to you my old office neighbor. I'll forever miss hearing the trading post radio show thru the walls of our offices. May your wife not strangle you when she has to listen to that everyday...