Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Favorite Study

Reynaldo came into our family almost 2 years ago. He's a quite a cat. He's my favorite study. It's as if he can see the depths of my soul. Reynaldo watches me intently like he's reading my mind. I can sit and watch him, wondering what he is thinking. He's curious, he's independent and he's skinny. He has a need to know our every move.







My favorite study.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Paula

Aunt Paula celebrates a big birthday today. She's 50! I cannot believe it. Aunt Paula is only 9 years older than me. Since I spent a lot of time at my grandparent's home, Aunt Paula always let me hang around. We played, we cooked, we laughed. There was even a time or two she wanted to see a Disney movie. Using me as an excuse to go, Aunt Paula and her friend would take me to see the latest Disney flick. She taught me the real reason why girls painted their toenails. She practiced makeup techniques on my face while we listened to Peter Frampton. She volunteered to take me to the Bevier Homecoming to ride the kiddie rides, that is, until boys came into the picture. There were times she'd get home late from a date (with an excuse quickly at hand), sewing an outfit for home ec class, telling about her day, her love for animals and going to college made me admire her and want to be just like her.

Aunt Paula is beautiful, smart, witty, fun loving and nurturing. If it weren't for Aunt Paula, I doubt I would have taken some of life's paths that I have taken. Grandma and I helped move her to NMSU, now Truman University, (Actually I was probably in the way, but I got to tag along) and see her meet her first college roommate. It was so exciting watching her leave the nest. Even though she was only 40 minutes away, she would send me an occasional letter. How I would cherish those letters and read them over and over. My parents never pushed me into anything. If it weren't for Paula, I highly doubt I would have gone on to college. She made it seem fun and exciting. I knew that's what I needed to do. I copied her love of playing the saxophone, music and dancing. If there is a person I want to emulate, it would be Aunt Paula.

We have the same nose, teeth, and smile. We share the same love of animals, music, cooking, humor, being in the sun and most of all family. At my grandfather's funeral, she introduced me as her little sister or described me as being like her little sister. I loved that. Always wanting a huge family with brothers and sisters, my parent's families were as close as I was going to get. That was/is good enough for me. Because I have Aunt Paula.

When the day came for Aunt Paula to grow up and move away I was sad. She was no longer close, moving to that city so far away, St. Louis. From there she grew and claimed new roles as wife and mother. She and her hubby have raised a wonderful family of one son and two daughters. They are tall. And they are truly wonderful kids. All because my Aunt Paula is one tremendous mother. I'm happy to know her! I love her with all my heart. Happy 5oth Birthday Aunt Paula. I love you!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Lisa notified me that she was redirected when she tried to click on timbuck2. I have tried several times and I have also, apparently there are some difficulties I will notify Tim about. I'll let you know once he gets this straightened out.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Another friend of mind has decided to start blogging. He caught me by surprise when he had some questions. I've gotten to know him quite well in the past two years and I am tickled pink about the whole ordeal!! Tim is a one of a kind, gentleman, teddy bear and every great adjective I could ever write...that's Tim. Or as we like to call him in facebookland, Timitot. Today he shared with me his love of writing. So, of course, I fell for Timitot all over again!! After this month I won't get to see Timitot so much. I'll miss his stories, his enlightenment's and just being his bossy boss. When he shared with me about his new found hobby of blogging, I was overjoyed. Now I can "follow" him around without being bossy and even leave a note or two for him. How cool is that. When you have a minute check out Tim's blog, Timbuck2 (link found on my sidebar, just click Timbuck2) , and give him a huge welcome to blogland!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mama Coop's Blog

Recently I've reconnected, via Facebook, with my very first college roommate Becky. We had a lot of similarities, both being only children, February babies, and a love of reading. She more than me, as she is an English teacher. Trust me, once we reconnected and shared our stories of having blogs, I told her NOT to pay any attention to my bad grammar, punctuation and the occasional misspelled word. She agreed. Therefore, I love Becky.

Due to technical difficulties, I am unable to copy her blog so you can just click on it and go directly to her site. I was able to post it on my Berry Favorites sidebar so you need to take a look and click on MAMA COOP'S Blog. If you love to read, you will most definitely find her take on books interesting. Plus she may be telling you about a book that just may tickle your fancy!! If you check her out, please tell her I sent you!