Friday, January 9, 2009

Eye Don't Know What That Means?

Has someone ever given you a compliment and it lasted all day. Just something nice you didn't expect? That happened to me today. Well, sorta. There is a guy I work with who likes to tease me and he kinda sing songs "Lisa you look nice today" on some occasions. I've heard it from him everyday this week. Not that I found that odd, because he does that at times. But just not usually everyday. His name is Roger. He's 40ish. He shares an office with Forrest who is 50ish. Not that it really matters, but I want you to have the big picture. Because I am visual. When I hear a story I see it in my mind as it's being told.

Those two fellas have an office on the other side of the wall from my office. I have to walk by their office quite frequently. I stopped by their office today and I have forgotten what for at this point, but Roger did his thing, "Lisa you look very nice today". "Thank you Roger," I sing songed back to him. "You really do look nice today. In fact you've looked nice all week. Did you get a bunch of new clothes for Christmas?" "No," I replied. "Well then, what are you doing different?" "Whatever Roger," I was getting bored with this game. "No I'm serious," he says, you look really good this week doesn't she Forrest?"

By this time I'm rolling my eyes and have had enough. I didn't think poor Forrest would want to be dragged into this but he literally surprised me. Forrest said, "yes you do." Again I say, "Whatever Forrest." Forrest then really surprises me by adding, "you've been wearing dark colors this week and they really make your eyes pop."

Now he has my attention. Forrest has never, NEVER gone this far. It made my day. I thanked them politely because I really felt like they were being sincere. I left their office completely forgetting what I was going to tell them. I see the hubby in the hallway, "hey you wanna go to lunch?" We go out to lunch. Something we do about twice a month. After we got done eating I told him of my compliments. I explained the scenario I described above. Then it continued like this:

me: I was surprised when Forrest acknowledged the colors I've been wearing and how they make my eyes pop.

hubby: hmm, he giggled.

me: So do you think so?

hubby: What?

me: Do you think when I wear a dark color it makes my eyes pop?

He looked at me and then he looked at the road ahead then said,

"I don't know what that means."


Becca Watson said...

Hey Lisa, I nominated you to "pay it forward" to a friend at a giveaway at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom (
It is a Whoo Hoo in a box giveaway. Good Luck! ♥

Hope you have a great weekend!

Terry said...

OMG - your post cracked me up!
They say that all the time on HGTV, and when I was looking for paint, I told my hubby that I wanted paint color that made everything in the room pop. He didn't know what I meant either.
Too cute!


Terri and Bob said...

You know, I confess that EYE too, don't really get that popping thing either... I don't think I have the visual intelligence to see the difference!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... MEN... gotta love 'em. I'm gonna ask hubby today which colors make my eyes pop and see what kind of response I get....

The Blue Ridge Gal

tidymom said...

LOL that's too funny!!

BTW, is that picture your eyes?

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I'm going to ask Stush too... lol. this should be fun especially to see the expression on his face while he thinks of the right answer.

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Too funny, Lisa! Your hubby sounds like he has a dry sense of humor line mine! LOL

countrychicken said...

I would get the same response - got to love the guys who don't have a clue - but isn't that why we married them??

CatHerder said...

Your post made me laugh out husband could care less about makeup and such...but a low cut shirt or a miniskirt perks up his ears lol. And I ALWAYS look especially sexy if im carrying a roast beef on a platter will be men!

Monkeybean said...

I just wanted to stop by and say Thank You for wishing me a happy birthday and going a long with my moms idea,
Have a great day,

justabeachkat said...

Men! Can't live with 'em...can't live without 'em.


tam said...

WoW! Interesting post! Sounds like someone has a old fashioned office crush on you girl!First off I think my husband would have been jealous of that kind of attention-but he does totally get the "PoP" thing because he is used to my way of talking. Plus he is used to my daughter and I and our "girl talk". LoL! Most of the time he just rolls his eyes and laughs.
If that photo is of your eyes-they are beautiful-lucky girl! And the dark colors do look good!I have green eyes too-they are the most rare of eye color you know? Funny that your husband didn't get it though!
Hope you are having a good weekend!
~Tam :D

Farmchick said...

lol...that is too funny!! MEN!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Gayla said...

That's funny. Oh, what a story. ....

Mona said...

Guys! Loved it! It brought back memories..such sweet memories! :)