Monday, June 28, 2010

cats, frogs and old men

After spending several weeks at home I am finally getting really, really bored. I spend today at the lake, thinking about anyone and everyone I could call and bug, but didn't. Instead I enjoyed the view wondering why I didn't buy batteries for my camera. The weather has been amazing, hot but amazing, just the way I like it. As you can tell in the picture above, my sleepy boy just woke up. A cool hiding place until the fatgirl finds him to boot him out.
A few days ago my mother tells me, "I'm beginning to think you don't like old men." I had to laugh and I think she's right. And, I think she knows where I get that from. We were eating in a diner for breakfast when a nicely dressed older man was being completely obnoxious. He was loud and a sexist pig. Neither one I really mind, but from him, it just ticked me off. He was talking about some hot sweet thing he had seen at the city office and how, "THIS OLD BULLDOG JUST ABOUT BROKE HIS CHAIN!!!" Gag, me and another old woman kept rolling our eyes at each other while other idiotic older people laughed at him feeding his ego. Mom thinks he might have heard me say that "bulldogs stink", but I doubt it. Secretly I hope so. And, I think mom is right. Maybe I really don't like old men.
On that note, today is my 5th anniversary. I got my hubby a really cool St. Louis Cardinal jacket. I got a card with a frog on it. In my next life I vow not to marry and, if I don't have to have sex, I might even be a lesbian...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Thunder Booms the Night

Tonight we are having lots and lots of storms and this little blondie is just downright nervous about it. The thunderbooms and lightening are keeping me up as well.

This is what Callee thinks...she's happy she's not having to find shelter like last summer. She lets me know in her very own way. Trust me.