Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hi Everybody

Hey, remember me? I'm Annie P. I've had a few minor behavioral problems lately. And if you noticed mom said I was hidin' in a prior post. I wasn't. She was being peculiar because I've got a lot of jealous bones in me. Since I've been good she's allowing me to be featured today. So, I decided to show you my 2 different hairdos. This is how I normally look. Taking pleasure in the fact that not so many pooches have ears like me, I like my look. Kinda like that Sally Field character in the Flyin' Nun. My ears just kinda flap to the sides. This is normal for me. Grandma makes fun of me, mom likes it, and dad calls me ugwy. Now tell me, why do you think I have jealousy issues? I know I'm not ugwy. The next shot is a serious one. Take a look:

Hairdo #2 - This is how I look when mom is eatin' a saltine cracker. Only I thought it was a cookie. My ears popped up like magnets. They don't do that often. Notice how clean and pink I keep 'em!!
Happy face me...gettin' my belly scratched by dad. The Other Girl was no where around so I relished in the attention. It's good for my spirit. And if you have loved ones close, please, I beg you....just scratch their bellies too!!
Much love, Annie P.

Monday, March 30, 2009

I Can Still Hear Her Wicked Little Laugh...

I know, this isn't K, K2, or K3, but I just put him here for MY interest. Since I do not have a picture of any of the Ks handy, I thought it would be a good place to put Bradley. A place to protect the innocent and the goofy of this story. And so it goes...

Denise came up with the brilliant idea of setting up K2 with her roomie. She was sure her roomie would like the idea. Plus, we could tell K2 that the roomie thinks he is REAL HOT....We giggled and hooted and planned. It took a few times for K2 and I to be comfortable around one another after the library incident. He never really apologized for it, but let me know, he wanted me to know how he felt. Enough said. Denise later lowered the carrot. Instantly he was interested in hearing about her roomie. They dated a short time. We got to see a few kissy kissy sessions. Believe me that was enough for us. For the life of me, I cannot remember how it ended. I just know it didn't last very long. K2 was always near. We took him to a KC Royals baseball game and he even brought a date. That was even weirder for me and Denise. That was the spring of Denise's senior year. K2 graduated that summer and me and Kim that December.

Kim and I stayed for summer school that year. It was 1991. We liked to have supper at a place called Players. A cool place Kim and I frequented for good food. One particular summer evening after having supper, K2 called. He and some buddies were headed downtown to a club. We decided to go. It was late in the summer and it sounded like a great idea. We danced all evening. K2 made it a point to tell me his friend kinda liked Kim. I laughed. His friend had every reason to like Kim. She was fun, sweet and beautiful. The whole package. But, in the back of my mind, I felt that he thought, if his friend were with Kim, he could be with me. I told Kim what he had said and she didn't feel it. Nor was she interested. She kinda thought the same as I did. Near the last day of summer school I got a phone call. It was K2. He just wanted to tell me goodbye and that I had something on my car. I was a little confused. Our parking place was right outside our door and we had not noticed anything unusual. (We lived a few miles outside of Warrensburg. A little quiet area where older students and Airforce people lived. It was unusual to have a lot of traffic in this area.) Going outside to my car I saw it. A red rose lying on the hood of my Buick. Underneath was a card. It was a white card with a red rose on the front. On the inside of the card it said: I Love You, It's that Simple.....Love K2. I took it inside to show Kim. We just looked at it. For the life of me I cannot remember what happened next. I don't think I called him to rub it in that I could not return the sentiment. I think I just let it go like a whisper in the wind.

I didn't hear from K2 for many years. He ended up marrying the girl he invited to the Royals game that day. In 1999, a year after I had divorced my husband, K2 called me. He was in my hometown at a local motel. He told me he was an investigator for some agriculture department with the government. We chatted for a while and decided to meet the next evening. I picked him up and showed him around my hometown and where I grew up. It was just like seeing an old friend. He told me he had 3 kids and had been married for some time. He also told me about different jobs he held since graduating from college. At the end of the evening I dropped him off at the motel. I got out of the car to give him a hug and to tell him it was nice to see him. He hugged me and told me he would be back in a few months to continue some investigation. Then he stepped back. "You know, I really had it bad for you in college," he stated as if I didn't already know. "I know K2, looking back on all this, maybe I should have taken you up on everything," I replied. For those that know me, know I didn't really mean this and I was being sarcastically goofy. The sweet girl he remembered had grown to have a dry sense of humor. He didn't see this. Instead a look of horror melted onto his face and he very quickly went inside to his motel room. I giggled to myself. For a minute I had thought he had taken me serious. As I backed out of the parking space and headed for the road I saw him in my rearview mirror. I saw him pulling back the curtain on the window, watching me drive away.

About a month later my phone rang. A quick check of my caller I.D. found it was K2. Smiling to myself, I let the phone ring.

The End!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

We Have a Bunny Winner!!!

After contacting my favorite male actor, or just favorite good lookin' guy, I found he was too busy to announce my winner. He sent his best regards from his bathtub. So I tried again...

ReyRey, laying in front of my space heater, being a heater hog, just couldn't wake up to announce the Bunny winner. This takes me to Kia...

So very happy to have her donut bed back after ReyRey used it as a port-a-potty. (Since Rey was the bad boy, Kia was the one unintentionally punished. We had to throw the contraband in the basement for a washing. Leaving it down there for several days (months) in hopes Rey forgot all about it. We'll see.) Kia was almost down for the count. Annie was in hiding. So that left me, some names, a lucky Cardinals cap and a featured winner.

Notice the clover. It's not 4 leaf, but don't let that get you down. It's priceless let me tell you...

Brenda at Country Romance from the Heart!!!!! PLEASE contact me asap so I can get your Bunny mailed to you!! (I have an email link on my sidebar.) Congratulations!! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us your Romeo & Juliet Love Story. I appreciate everyone sharing their own stories. Everyone has a story, it takes someone special to share it!! God Bless all of you and thank you so much for taking a part in my Give-a-way!! Have a wonderful week!!
PS - Did you notice the St. Louis Cards Magnetic Bracelet that hubby is wearing. Die Hard I tell ya...


Okay, only a few more hours until 8pm Central Time to enter my bunny contest. I will draw the bunny winner tonight or tomorow. Then I will post the bunny winner. Be brave my friends, be brave...

Thursday, March 26, 2009


This dog cracks me up. He reminds me of my Aunt Debbie's dog Pogo.

I thought I might "try" to finish the story from the other night. I wasn't planning this, but a guy at work asked me about it today. I thought if he was interested, then maybe someone else is too. I may have to cut it short due to needing to clean up the house a little. The hubby has the cable guys coming over tomorrow for a new "package" that requires new wiring. Thankfully he is coming home early for this and I won't have to witness anything too invasive.
I went to college about 2 hours away from Columbia. Therefore, I did not need to worry about running into K. I still had his ring in my jewelry box at home. About 4 years after getting that big ole ring I had a criminology class with a group of fun people. I sat by a cute little brunette girl (for the life of me I cannot remember her name) and two redheaded boys that could have been twins if it had not been for the obvious reason one was about a foot taller and a little heavier. Ironnically they shared the same first name. That made it even more difficult to keep them straight. The shorter one, K2, was the funniest one. He had me and the girl beside me in stitches. K3 sat on the other side of K2 rolling his eyes. The little brunette kinda had the hots for K2. She wanted to date him real bad. She finagled a way to study with him at the library one evening. The next class period she came back and told me there was just no chemistry. Then she surprised me as she believed K2 liked me. I told her he just liked me because I laughed at his stupidity and silliness all the time, but he didn't really like me, like me. She disagreed, "no, I think he really LIKES you".

She started skipping class quite frequently so K2 moved to her seat. He announced one day in class that I would be studying with him in the library the following evening. I agreed and we met at the library. We didn't study much and he talked my ears off. It was fun. Nothing more nothing less. I could handle those kind of relationships. That semester ended and I returned home for the summer. Dad came into my room before school started and asked me if I knew someone by the name of K2 R---- (names have been changed to protect the goofy). Then he handed me the phone. I thought to myself, "what the heck is this about?" It was THE K2 I had class with. He tracked me down to my little hometown population 612. K2 asked when I was moving back and wanted me to go to a party with him. I kinda brushed him off and told him I wasn't sure. Finished a little small talk remembering what the cute little brunette girl told me.

After a week or two into the new semester K2 asked me one day, "do you know K?" I looked at him wondering where in the heck did he get that name. There were a few other people from our area at school in Warrensburg, but I don't think they had a clue who I was or that I dated K. Tilting my head as if it would make the puzzle fit better in my brain, I told him yes I knew K. "Well," K2 went on, "he wants his class ring back." "Really" I replied. Embarrassed and not really wanting to talk to him about this, I had to know, "how do YOU know K?"

K2 continued, "we are in the Missouri National Guard together. I asked him if he knew you and he told me he really s--- all over you." "Hmmmm, you could say that," wondering how on earth I got myself into things like this. "I asked him about you. I wanted to know all about you, but he told me it had been so long he couldn't really answer my questions other than you are a really sweet girl. I told him I knew that much." I was getting sick listening to this. All of a sudden my world was spinning. I was going down the wrong path. Again. (I kid you not I swear I remember this conversation, word for word. I even remember what chair I was sitting on in that auditorium style classroom. Sitting in the 2nd row with K2 sitting right behind me.)

K2 began calling me all the time. Even my roommate Kim got to know him quite well. He liked talking to her on the phone too. Sometimes Kim even called me at my friend Denise's apartment to give me K2 warnings. Denise got to know him quite well too. We did go watch, well actually we did a quick drive by watch of him playing rugby. Just so we could say we saw him play. Inevitably he would be at the library or student union. It was always a coinkie dinkie to find him anywhere and everywhere. Entertaining is a great word to describe him. He really was fun and funny. He loved the attention. My friends found him amusing and I did too. But there was just a blank for me as far as romance. I told him I wasn't interested. He was okay with just hanging around. However, things started to change. Knocking on his dormitory door, I overheard him talking to a friend on the phone. He was talking about me as if I were his serious girlfriend. I knew then, hanging out was not an option anymore. I confronted him about what he said. For the first time in 10 months, K2 was speechless and embarrassed.

K2 and I had it out in the parking lot of the library one evening shortly after that last exchange. I'm not sure if we met there or if he stalked me. After being swooned, sweet talked and made nauseous, I finally had to tell him I just didn't like him like that. It was a moment frozen in time. It was dark with only the lights of the parking lot bearing down on us. Just like in the movies. He stood there looking at me. Then he did the only thing I would never have done. He kissed me. I lost it. He was about 5 inches shorter than me. A stocky rugby player. Feeling like I needed to shake him off of my leg, I gave him the what for and got in my car. As I drove off leaving him in library dust, I could see him standing there looking after me. No, it was not romantic. It was NOT the movies.

I drive to Denise's to fill her in. Then I drive back to my apartment where Kim was waiting for me on the couch. "Lisa, K2 just called." So, I picked up the phone and called Denise. We came up with a plan. Denise is a genius. She came up with the plan. I cheered her on...I can still hear her wicked little laugh to this day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Contest???? What Contest????

So far I do not have very many entries for my contest. That's okay. You may have proven my theory that people just don't want to do anything to win something for free. OR, you may have proven you don't want to air any dirty laundry. OR, you are just not into this game. OR maybe I'm not being fair...
For those of you who want to win my bunny, you've shared some great stories and I thank you very much. You've made my day whenever I check to read a story. Thank you.
So, I promised a hint of one of my stories. I'm not sure where to start. So let's start by calling him K.
I met K when I was in the fifth or sixth grade. At the swimming pool of all places. A friend and I spent every possible day at the pool. My friends' uncle shows up and proceeds to dunk her. Then he directs K to dunk me. I did not appreciate that. Nor did I appreciate K just doing what his friend told him to do. After I arose from the water, K and I just looked at one another. He swam off without a word and I added him to my "DO NOT LIKE LIST". A few days or weeks later I met up with K again at the pool. He approached me by saying that his dad worked with my mom. Really? We spoke briefly after that. A few dunks on his part a few splashes on mine.
A year or two down the road, K's friends began to tell me K liked me. No matter where I saw his friends, the pool, basketball games, the grocery store, they teased me. I was appalled. I didn't like blondes. Nor did I like K. Not really. I even faked being sick one night when my school was playing his school in basketball, because I did not want to see him. The teasing was enough.
When I saw K I talked to him, there was just something about him that I did not find attractive. But I always spoke to him. He always approached me first. Added to that, he was a pretty good conversationalist. It didn't take long for me to set aside the thing, whatever it was, that I didn't like about him. He still wasn't quite my cup of tea, but he was nice. And he liked Prince. How could I go wrong with anyone who loved Prince as much as I did?
Another year down the road he was graduating from high school. He came into Pizza Hut, where I worked, to ask me out. He was with a very good friend of mine. I'm sure my friend coaxed him into this. Robert sat smiling like a cheshire cat while K asked me out for an official date. I politely declined. Then I regretted it...
K then went to the Marine Reserves for the summer. He wrote me letters. I answered them. As you know how I like to write, I wrote him letters even when I didn't receive any in the mail. When he returned home to go to college, he let me know how he liked my letters. Off he went to college. Off I went to my junior year of high school. Rarely thinking of K.
Again the same story unfolded the next summer. He came into Pizza Hut and asked me to write him. So I did. This time when he returned from Marine Camp or whatever you Marines call that word I cannot spell, (Lejeune?) he asked me out again and this time, I accepted. We had a great several weeks before school started. He invited me over to his house where he was playing a board game with his parents. I stepped inside of the door and he asked, "have you ever met my parents?" I replied, "no,not really". I kinda knew who his dad was but I really didn't know him or his mom. K left the room and did not return. I thought this was strange. I thought he wanted to introduce me, but he didn't. After about 20 minutes we went outside and he said, "I cannot believe you didn't want to meet my parents." I told him I thought he had said, "have you ever met my parents". I don't think he believed me. He told me , "NO, I asked you if you wanted to meet my parents and you said no!" His mom was not really friendly after that first instance, but I became quite smitten with her son. Who was soon to go to MU for his Sophomore year. He handed me his class ring on our last date together before he left. An idiot that I was and am, thought he just wanted me to look at it. I handed it back to him. Then he recited some romantic spiel and asked me to wear his ring. I took it. That was the last time I saw or heard from K.
He gave me his ring and left. He broke my heart. He must've met some little sorority tart and that was that. He was too much of a coward to let me know. My guess is, he's still a coward. I should have listened to my instincts the first time he dunked me in the swimming pool.
Ironically, 4 years later when I was a junior in college, I had a criminology class with a redheaded boy from the other side of the state. We did not know each other until this class. (Another secret I will share later.) So, years later and many miles between me and K, this redheaded boy knew I had Ks class ring. And unbeknownst to me I had that redheaded boy's heart.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Favorite, A Give-A-Way & A Love Story

Bunnies are the thing this spring. So, that's two of my favorite things right there. Remember that give-a-way I promised? Some of my favorite things? I've included both: a bunny and a spring sign. Added to that, is a favorite candle. I promise you ladies, this is delicious. It may be a little strong at first, but I'm sure you can handle it. If you can't just simply return it to me. Just kidding. I really don't expect you to do that. However, there is a twist to this. Rather than just have you enter a comment with your name or blog attached, I've decided to ask for a little creativity. You see, if you know me you know I get bored rather easy. So I need a little entertainment for this cute little bunny. Let me get my thinkin' cap on. While you look at the pictures, I should be ready to tell you, the rest of the story...

Isn't he precious? I had to post this before I changed my mind to keep him all to myself. He was the only one left. Hubby even asked why didn't I just buy two. So, with that being said, here are your requirements:
You hear Taylor Swift singing "Love Story" on my blog. I love this song. I think young Taylor's songs all sound the same, but there's something dreamy and romantic about "Love Story". It's a curse of all young girls around the world. Looking for their own Romeo with dad attempting to shoe them away. She sings of standing on a balcony in summer air (that's my fav line in the whole song, except I would have written it: standing on a balcony of summer air, that's a bit more dreamier), ball gowns, prince & princess, The Scarlet Letter, escape, a ring and saying yes. Goodness I could go on and on...

So you wonder, what do I ask of you? Tell me a bit of your first love story. Doesn't have to be a master piece. Just romantic, funny or sad. Spring is the time a young man's fancy turns to love. In my case, golf. But, most generally, love. Did you end up with your Romeo? Did he get away? Did Dad shoe him away? Did you leave him in the dust? How old were you and your first love? And, if you sang a song about your first love like Taylor Swift, just how many breaths would you take during the whole song? I swear I think she only takes about 4 breaths during this whole song.
If you choose to take part in trying to win this cute bunny, send me a synopsis of you own Romeo and Juliet. You can email me, as you can see on my sidebar, or brief me in the comment section. If you wish, post my giveaway on your blog as well for other's to link back to me. Let me know if you do. A winner will be selected by either a jury for best story and if a decision cannot be made, then that lucky Cardinal hat will be put to good use! I cannot wait to hear your stories! AND I hope to have more than 5 entries....PLEASE!!!

Hmmm, time frame, how about a week from today. Get your story to me by Sunday evening, March 29, 2009, by 8pm Central Standard Time.
If you are tired of "Love Story" just click on the Funny Bunny Hop. Man it's cute!!
And, if you need a hint to get started, I may share ONE of my first love stories. Maybe....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Photo Hunt - Yellow

I know you've seen this picture before, but I LOVE it. So I'm using it for today's photo hunt. The theme today is yellow. I don't even like that color, but when I took this picture, I realized it was a keeper.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's My Bloggiversary!!

It's been a year. I sure didn't think I'd last this long. I remember the very first time I posted. I was so excited that I actually did something on the computer other than buy or browse. It's been such a great ride meeting new people, making new friends, and learning all sorts of things. You guys are the best.

I had promised a give-a-way. I still promise. Unfortunately I didn't get my act together. So pay attention and put your creativity hat on. Hopefully by Saturday evening I will post a "Thank You Give-A-Way" for allowing me to be creative, having fun and venting at times. Appreciation isn't even a good enough word to describe how I feel for my new friends!!



I read a post from Blue Ridge Gal. She opened her 5th folder to find the 5th picture (something like that anyway) and posted for us to see. Hers was darling. Baby feet. Can it get any better than that?
Here's mine:

A few years ago I scanned some pictures of an ice storm I had taken with my old 35mm. I believe this took place in January, 2001. (MY, how times have changed since that year!!) There was a sweet little old lady who lived next door. Fortunately she didn't have to see this sight. She suffered from Alzheimers and was placed in a special home. The two trees you see above were her favorite things about her place. They were twin Bradford Pear Trees. In the spring they were absolutely beautiful. She enjoyed sitting on her porch and walking around her yard admiring these two beauties.

The best way I can describe it is: it looked like God just dropped a bomb on each tree simultaneously. I would have loved to have seen the view from above.
As an afterthought I decided to show you this picture of a bunny I made out of wood. He tuffed it through the ice. I wish I had put him on first so you could click on him and see how thick the ice embraced him. That's a very sad redbud in the background.
Brace yourself. The next picture is one I took yesterday. St. Paddy's Day as you recall. It's my very own leprachaun named hubby. He looks a little surpised here. I hate that about digital cameras. They don't shoot exactly when you want them to. That's Reynaldo checking out those green Nikes. He took a little ribbing about not being in the traditional "Cardinal" Red. As he said, and I quote, "As long as it has St. Louis Cardinals on it, I don't give a damn what color it is". Remember, I told you he's a die hard. I wish I had a dime for every time I heard, "Lisa, did you not help hubby dress this morning?" He left early yesterday to go golfing. It was a little more put together with his golf shorts. Not really, but I told him so. heeheehee.

One more blurb. Hubby has taught Reynaldo to fetch. It's the sweetest thing to watch this cat run wild to find that little mouse and return slowly and drop it so the hubby will throw it again. he did this about 25 times last night before Reynaldo decided to pursue something else. Tonight he fetched for me. It's a good thing I don't have children or I'd drive everyone nuts. I'm just sayin...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today, May You Not Be Pinched

Grant me a sense of humor, Lord,
the saving grace to see a joke,
To win some happiness from life,
And pass it on to other folks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tis the Season...

I posted The Fishing Song on my blog today. I can relate. Not necessarily to fishing, but golf. Brad Paisley could change a few of the lyrics to make them apply to my hubby's favorite hobby. He has been chomping at the bit to get out there. And I like Brad Paisley, thinks if he could golf everyday he wouldn't even think about me. Other than I provide a home for him to live in. Food to eat. Air conditioning and heat. He provides cable. So if golf gets to that point, I hope he can see cable from his mom's house. heeheehee. 20 plus miles may make it difficult. She would be tickled pink though. Her every dream would be true. She would only need to learn the following drill. "Hi baby, did you do good?" "hmmmfph." "Was that yes?" "mumble, mumble, mumble." (usually this response is audible enough at some point where he will say he did okay, but could've done better)"Did you beat Dean? Did you beat Mr. G?" (usually he will some how say yes in HIS way, although there have been only a few times I've gotten a negative) "I fixed tacos for supper." After all this takes place and he eats supper he will need his 2.5 hour bath. She must allow time for him to nap while he bathes. So, if she needs to potty, she will have to make arrangements to do so. (this doesn't bother me, it's part of the price HE has to pay) Next she will need to give him time to meditate. This cannot be done during nap time. Just can't. Creates other issues if done at the same time. While he meditates, he imagines what he could do better to win more quarters. This could be a good thing. So he must meditate. Only he calls it "resting".

So, The Fishing Song is a great song. Most girls of sports oriented husbands, boyfriends, significant other can identify. I'm gonna miss him...

What Did I Write?

Holy Cannoli!! I cannot believe the INFO COMMITTEE has not contacted me on all of my errors in the past couple of posts. I don't know if my brain cannot keep up with my fingers or vice versa. Anyway, it's nice to know the info committee may be taking a break or just accepting the fact that yes, the lady at Cranberry Flats is just going to make mistakes. When I go back and read some of that stuff I think, "YIKES". What a nimrod. Most days anymore, it's just not worth it to me to go back and correct them. I hate having to respace things when I go back to make a correction. What's up with that? Why can't blogger just be cooperative?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Do You Smell Smoke?

Do you smell smoke? If you do it's because I've been thinkin'. After a few emails exchanged with Becky from Hospitality Lane I think I've just about made my decision.

Sometimes there are just things a girl has to change in her life. It always used to be rearranging my furniture until the cable company limited our access to the cable hookup. (I still grit my teeth when I think about that stupid man walking across my carpet with muddy boots and not apologizing for it.)

This time it does not involve moving anything. Not really anyway.

It's the wallpaper in my kitchen and dining room. I'm tired of this look. It will be 10 years exactly next month. My grandma came over for 2 weekends and helped my paper this area of my house. I tried to convince myself it has sentimental value. Truthfully? That's not it. I just really like this wallpaper. It was my first major purchase after divorcing my husband and wanting to make my home, my home. A friend of my used the same paper in another room in her house and when I saw it, I knew I had to copy her. So I did.

Here's the problem. 10 years ago when I went to strip the old wallpaper down, I found several other layers. Then underneath all that, I found panelling in my dining room. YUCK!! That was my ultimate decision to wallpaper instead of paint. I've been reading up on painting over wallpaper. Mulling all of this over has been quite the ordeal. I know I'm in it by myself as I have no one to help me. Hubby says he will. I know him. He won't. Never trust a man who says "my word is good". He's lying. I will make him and me both absolutely miserable during this time. But, I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and attack it head on. Possibly starting as early as next weekend if not sooner.
My chicken and rooster collection will be down to the bare minimum. I love them, but I'm growing tired of looking at them. Plus I think the new paint will showcase my hubby's antique buffet. The older I get the more I love the meaning of "SIMPLIFY". With that in mind I will show you an area I would like to showcase that particular word once this process is complete. Bare with me. The smoke is starting to fade...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie!!

Superstar Barbie. She was my favorite. I cannot fathom the idea of Barbie missing off the shelves at Wal-Mart. What will I do at Christmas if I cannot hustle down the toy aisle and sneak a peak at the Holiday Barbie? Is it really Barbie's fault I don't have a 50-13-24 inch figure? ( I know, I created my own measurements according to scale, but I love her.) I don't have any little girls, but if I did, Barbie would be in my shopping cart every birthday, holiday, you name it.

My Great-Grandma Audrey, Grandma Norma and Aunt Sadie all made me clothes for Barbie. She didn't just lay around naked for the world to see. She had things to do, people to see and places to go. She travelled, by airplane and Corvette. If I remember correctly I think she even drove that Corvette to Hawaii, from Missouri. She visited relatives in Alaska, New England, California, and many other locations. She lived in a townhouse with a working elevator. AND had her own personal elevator operator named Lisa. With that soon came a pool and floatie. Pets. Clothes. More clothes. Barbie ate on fine Barbie china with cups. She did not require utensils. And she had fine manners that would make even Martha Stewart turn green with envy. She played tennis, softball, and danced.

On occasion, Barbie had visitors. Sleepovers were enjoyed by SunTan Tuesday Taylor, Jessica, Mitzi and others. Sometimes celebrities even dropped by the ole townhouse. I would never be surprised to run the elevator for Farrah Fawcett, Wonder Woman, and Cher. Fun times were had when these ladies got together.

If the girls weren't coming over, Ken would be ringing the doorbell. He loved Barbie. Romance was always in the air with Ken around. GI Joe was not a favorite of Barbie. She tried, but her heart wasn't in it. She much preferred the clean shaven, confident Ken. Several times a week they pulled off an elaborate wedding. It was never tiring. Even back then, Barbie's wedding(s) would waaaayyyy outdo any Platinum Wedding from the WE network. Aunt Sadie (who lived next door) wouldn't be surprised to see nuptials taking place on the adventurous terrain of the gravel driveway, the forest of an overgrown backyard, the Parthenon of front steps, or even the rustic old dog house. There were plenty of weddings and the best thing, Ken was always happy just to be there.

Over the past few months I've heard parents say things about not letting their children watch a particular iconic figure just because it drove them crazy. My parents never stopped me from watching Sesame Street, the Electric Company, or Captain Kangaroo. Nor did they ever say, "Sorry Lisa, we think Barbie is a bad influence. She is a little peculiar. We think she likes little girls. Therefore to teach you how to be a better future woman of the world,we are confiscating all of your Barbies and Barbie paraphenalia."

Barbie was confident. She was fun loving, adventurous, daring, elegant, thoughtful, creative, optimistic, eager and boy, could she ever tell a story!

Barbie was able to help me get my creative juices flowing. She went for terrific rides on that airplane. Going to many places I'll only ever dream of. Even as a child I had dreams. I suppose children still do? My heart breaks at the thought of parents not letting their children pursue fun and creativity just because they can't tolerate them. My heart breaks at the thought government may now think little girls cannot be taught to be responsible by the parents who created them. I am saddened by the fact, parents cannot be responsible to take the time to teach their children that inner beauty is the most beautiful and outer beauty is just a bonus.

Real Barbies know beauty radiates from the inside out. My Barbies didn't run around naked, drive too fast, cuss or dance on a pole.

I make a motion, from my computer desk, to get rid of politicians and put Barbie in charge. In 50 years she has seen a lot of change. She, however, remains as poised and as beautiful as the day she was created. Maybe we could learn from her...

You will forever remain in my heart as the bestest friend a girl could have,
lisa d.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Have I Told You

Have I told you how much I love to use expletives? Did I also tell you it was one of my New Year's Resolutions, to use less expletives? I've not done bad, but I've not been outstanding either. A phone call tonight tested my resolve. Our insurance company has a special plan. For a discount, you have to have phone conversations (meaningful ones) with a health nurse. (Are there other type of nurses?) This is suppose to occur monthly, however, that rarely happens to anyone I know in this plan.

Tonight I received a different call. It was from a "health coach". Not health nurse. Health coach. He, yes I said he, he introduced himself as my health coach. Beats me that I was suppose to be talking to a health coach. He enlightened me by telling me I requested "him". Hmmm. Okay. I usually have a wonderful memory for meaningless things and I can't believe I let this one get by me. After the first 60 seconds I got bored. I became frustrated, but I did not use any expletives. He asked me why I needed a health coach. Hmmm, since I couldn't remember asking for him I played with him for a minute. "I'm not sure why you even called," I say. "You requested a health coach," he reminded me.

Okay, I want to be healthier, lose a few pounds, eat better... the typical female thoughts came to mind and out of my mouth.

"So", he asks, "what is your goal?" Did I not just indulge him? I have many thoughts running through my mind. One of which is a question for God why he put so many people in my life that do not listen to a blasted thing I have to say. I know I'm boring. I know I'm not the most attractive, but wait!! He can't figure that out yet. Plus we are on the phone of all things.

Picturing him eating something with caramel while he has this discussion with me sets my mind ablaze. I tell him my secret, "I just want to feel better about myself." "OH," he replies as if he's jotting down a serious referral to a mental health professional. Mid MO is switching hands, where will I go? Where will he send me? My insurance company will cancel me for sure. The thoughts are racing. Why on earth did I tell this careless, flat man this info only he would not understand. (I'll explain later.)

We talk about weight loss. He "throws" some ideas to me. I'm pissed at this point. I'm listening to this man who probably has 2% body fat tell me how to figure good carbs. I'm ready to blow. Finally I say, "listen, I'm not dumb, I've done this for a long time. I know how to do all that. Every fat girl knows what she needs to do. I can almost guarantee it. I need motivation not someone telling me how to cut up radishes to take in my lunch. Or how to subtract fiber grams from carb grams." "Oh" he says softly. Then he lays on the horn, "what do you suggest?"

Verging on dropping the F-Bomb, I retaliate, "IF I KNEW WHAT TO SUGGEST I WOULD NOT BE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION WITH YOU, health coach (I whisper that part)."

"I see, I want you to know, Lisa, it's not that I'm being rude, there's just a delay on our phone system. I don't mean to talk over you." NOW I finally figured it out. He's just stuck on stupid. I did not complain about him talking over me. I cope with that problem everyday.

I try to tell him I'm frustrated. This time he really does talk over me. Then he apologizes. I listen to my monotoned health coach. I have nothing more to say. I really do, but I remember my resolutions. I wanted to say, and I can do this without using expletives, "is there someone there with big boobs? Boobs bigger than yours? Boobs would understand. Your big swinging tool is getting in the way of female communication tactics. Boobs would understand. Big tools don't." I didn't say that. Next time I might.

He thanked me for out "talk" and told me he would be in touch in 60 days. I sparkled silently. Only a man would think motivation could last a mere 60 days without tarnishment.

Have I told you I didn't use any expletives in this entire conversation?

Mom's New Bathroom

The first picture isn't the best. I should've turned off my flash, but I wanted to get a picture of the window at the top of her cabinet. The cabinetry turned out just like she wanted. She also got extra pieces to make the other doors with the windows too. Mom has been waiting very patiently to have this bathroom redone. Actually 2 years. The fellow that was suppose to do it never showed up. He gave her an estimate they agreed upon and he never returned. Who knows. Anyway she snatched up the same guy that did my roof. It took him around 2 weeks to take the old subway tile off the walls and add tile to the floor and around the tub. She still needs to find a window treament and get a little darker rug. I think it turned out very well. This is her guest bathroom by the way.

I suggested the greenery. There's just something about having a plant in the bathroom.

We found these prints at the Home Goods Store in St. Louis. I really like them on this wall. Depending on the light, the paint color looks like a soft gold/yellow. Some of the pictures makes the paint look like a cream color.

She had to improvise with the mirror. We looked everywhere for a mirror and couldn't find one. Lo and Behold, just north of us in Kirksville, she ordered one through a furniture store much cheaper than anywhere else.

I'm not big on venetian blinds only because they bore me and I do not like to clean them. Although I suggested a wooden venetian blind to match her woodwork or a shutter to cover the window. Either one would look good there I think.

Here's what Reynaldo thought of the whole thing. He didn't get to see it, I just told him about it. Apparently he had other things on his mind.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

TIME & Recipe Wanted!

I forgot to set the clock forward last night. I woke up really early and listened to the rain until I finally drifted back off to sleep. Got up at 8, had breakfast for hubby by 9. Took a shower played around on the computer then POOF! I realized it was noon, NOT 11am like I thought. Where on earth does time go to?

About a month ago while I was visiting blogs, I found a recipe for Roasted Chicken with Vegetables. I have been trying to back track to figure out where I saw it. It was a whole chicken with potatoes and mushrooms and probably a few spices. If anyone has any idea what I am talking about can you please leave a comment or email me. I thought I found it on Abby Sweets blogroll. However, for the life of me, I cannot find it again. It really looked like something my family would like. I'd really appreciate it if anyone knows about it. Thanks so much!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh, Just Don't Tease Me!!

Today in Mid-Missouri it was a balmy over 70 degrees. A co-worker and I went for a little stroll at lunch time. It's suppose to be even nicer tomorrow. Hubby has made plans to leave work early to golf. It's closing in on me. I am soon to be a golf-widow. He's been chomping at the bit to try out his new clubs. Hopefully he'll win enough quarters to buy my supper tomorrow night. I hope this is the beginning of spring. I don't really appreciate being teased this time of year. However, holding my breath will not be an option. But I will keep my fingers crossed!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Okay, I Admit, I'm Shallow...

See this guy? Jason something another? I watched the Bachelor for the first season or two. And when Trista with the pink twinkie, or whatever, got hitched to the firefighter. I hate to admit it, I watched. Then I got sick of all the bachelor/bachelorette hoopla. The girls acting entirely too goofy and mean made me take a break for several years. Then I heard THIS something another's story. For a brief moment or two, I thought he was quite fetching. He has a story. Girls love stories. True or not...

After last night's show, I wanted to puke. I wanted to poke ink pens in my eyes and scream, "I want to watch golf circa 1974!" Hoping the hubby would come rescue me. Wiling desires of golf tournament reruns would surely catch his attention. Then I remembered, he can't hear too well. So I didn't poke my eyes out and admittedly, I did not turn the channel. It was like a deadly car accident in front of my eyes. Only this accident still contained living gonads.

What is wrong with people these days? I'm not sure if ole Molly will give him a chance or not. Not sure that I really care if she does. Some people get what they want in life. They just need to remember what they wanted exactly. Make sense?

So in the mean time I turn to ITunes searching for one of my favorites, Stevie Ray Vaughn. While listening to good ole Stevie I think about Bradley Cooper. I'm also thinking about calling George Brett and tell him I've given up. Time to throw in the towel. Hasta La Vista Baby. See ya. You're tooooo old for me now. Adios. I've got a new boyfriend I can't stop thinking about. He doesn't know I exist. He's more than just a state line away. I can't stalk him like I tried stalking George when I was in college. He can quote William Butler Yeats. He's got a higher IQ than I do. Did I already say he doesn't know I exist? He's ---just ---dreamy...


he's---just--- dreamy....

Had I the heaven's embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,

I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

William Butler Yeats
I think this turning 40 stuff has done something to my hormones. Do they have meds for this stuff????

Monday, March 2, 2009

Anyone Else Having A Problem?

I'm having a problem with viewing my blog after I visit my dashboard. Is anyone else's blog doing this? My sidebar shows up but not my postings. Sometimes I hate computers!!!

Almost A Year

Looking back on the year, I always think it's gone fast. Too fast. On March 18, 2009 I will be celebrating my 1st anniversary of blogging. I cannot believe it. When someone helped convince me this would be a great thing to do, I had no idea I would make it past the summer. I really want to make my 200th post on my first anniversary of blogging. I will give it my best shot and hopefully on the 18th of March, I will put a name out of a lucky St. Louis Cardinal Cap. This prize will be one of MY favorite things. Okay, maybe a few of my favorite things. Stay tuned for further hints...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

"Because if he likes you, trust me, he will ask you out!"
Sorry girls, I guess I was so caught up in Bradley Cooper I forgot to tell you about the movie. YES, it's very good. A very good chick flick. Unfortunately for some, they will see themselves in this movie. Fortunately for others, they will not...