Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Happiness is hearing a friend tell a story she knows only you would understand. Happiness is when that story is over, no matter how funny or horrible or how both, your friend knows you are gonna love her no matter what.

I have a wonderful friend I want to say "I love you" to and how much I appreciate your trust in me. That's the best gift ever!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tuesday night. A time of rest and relaxation because Hubby is golfing. Yep, golfing in the rain. It's okay by me. I've been really good today in trying, notice I said "trying", to eat healthy. So tonight I got out the pots and pans to treat myself to something I rarely do when Hubby is home. Steamed cauliflower. is good. My mind has been on cauliflower since Friday for some crazy reason. Hubby doesn't really eat veggies. I'm not sure what he was or wasn't subjected to growing up. Apparently he ate entirely too many veggies or none at all.

Anyway, he's gone and I could stink up the house with the aroma of steamed cauliflower. And I ate at least half of the cauliflower head. It was mighty, mighty worth it too!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

I found this picture of the view on the internet somewhere. Nothing irritates me like getting caught up in verbal nonsense of someone who is completely self absorbed. I don't even watch this show, but today it was on in the background while I was playing on the computer. I could hear her voice and it almost prompted me to call in to complain. Now I could've turned the channel, but I didn't. I chose to listen to her self righteous banter.

There should be a rule in life: Only two strong willed females should be together anywhere and NO MORE!!

Listening to opinions whether I agree or not is okay. Everyone is entitled. But to get attacked by Elisabeth Hasselbeck is ENOUGH! Who on earth ever told her that she's the only one that matters? How did she get famous anyway? Starving herself on an island for how much money can make you a celebrity? Wait, maybe it's because she's married to an awesome football player? Either way, I don't want to listen to her. I really don't.

We all have political views and I really did like Sarah Palin when she was running for office. But some ladies tend to change the rules for a woman in politics. EH was screaming for people to leave Sarah and her family alone. Okay, I agree some of that is too much. But when a person isn't strong enough to ignore or subtly acknowledge things when they've run afoul, may very well mean stress is a big issue. Knowing your life is public you expect those things right? Apparently some do not. If Sarah can't handle crazy acclaims against her family now, what will happen is she takes office, the red phone rings and someone calls her kid a nasty name all at the same time? What takes priority? If she can't handle the heat maybe she should get out of the kitchen. If it's time to push the that final button, I want someone who I know won't jump the gun and respond with emotion only.

I liked Sarah from the start. Her annoying voice and all. But she's losing me. I'm seeing her weaknesses linger out of control. I don't want to see that. I'd say most of America doesn't either. And Elisabeth Hasselbeck where were you when the news of George Bush's daughter leaked out about underage possession and all that partying? I think the Bush's handled those situations with much grace. Sarah should take note for future reference. It's difficult to live in a glass house, but I guess Elisabeth Hasselbeck has enough money to pay people to clean for her!

I'm very thankful I'm not forced to watch The View!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Oh No!

This week has been quite the week. Not too bad until Thursday. Thursday was just one of those crazy kinda days. As soon as we get home, it continues. Nothing really pressing, just completely annoying. You know how things go, I'm sure you do. Hubby and I had to run an errand and I wanted to pick up a new litter box for Reynaldo. He seemed to be using what he had as a sandbox instead of something to doodoo in...enough said. It didn't work.

On Friday morning I notice ReyRey cannot pee. He could barely poop. My mind was reeling. We threw him in the basement until we got home from work, for fear he'd pee on anything and everything. On any whim before we left, he'd squat anywhere, my favorite white shirt, my nightgown, the rug, you name it, he attempted. Nothing happened. So after work on Friday we realized he didn't use his facility in the basement nor did he eat or drink. After callin his name too darned many times, I feared he was dead. After a 10 minute search we find him cradled in the middle of two golf bags. He wouldn't move. He did meow, that was it.

So on Saturday morning I take this darn cat to the vet. Only after mom told me I had to. Hubby and I discussed just throwing his tail outside. She guilted me into it in case he would die. Okay, that was enough, I took him. He had no blockage, but he had a little fever. Doc thought something was going on and told me he HAD to be peeing somewhere. Really? I replied Reynaldo would be moving outside if this was one of THOSE things. But since the Doc was concerned about Rey's concerted effort at trying to pee, he opted for a big shot of antibiotics. I also got to bring some home too. He has to take it every morning and every night. He was quite the trouper through the car ride, the shot and even the thermometer stuck up his tail end. But when the Doc put him on the scale to be weighed Reynaldo had HAD it. He hissed and spat unlike I have ever seen him. In fact I have never really seen him do that until then.

I took him home. The girls were eager to greet him. They had probably been wondering where on earth would crazy Rey go in the car. After giving him a big scoop of his favorite canned food, I went to the grocery store. I'm a what if person. I tend to playthe What If game in my mind. All the time. So prior to arriving to the vet, I asked myself What If? What if he says he needs treatment costing 100 big ones. What if he needs dialysis? What if I have to medicate a cat for kidney disease? So after taking him home I play it again. What if I had to put him down would I get another darned cat? No, maybe. Hubby wouldn't care. What if he's my last cat ever?

Once I get home I'm unloading the trunk when I hear a little meow. Oh No, I thought. Reynaldo escaped. I must've let the door open or something. No I didn't do that. Hmmm, I turn around and spy this little kitty peering at me through a redbud branch.

She's meowing every time I say something to her. After a little coaxing, she cautiously walks over to me. I had just bought Rey a small box of cat food. I go to my car and get a little handful. This little black eye beauty ate like there is no tomorrow. She's larger than a kitten, but smaller than a normal size cat. After I run in the house to get a bowl of Rey's food and a bowl of water I present it to her. She's grateful. She even lets me scratch her ears. She's a calico and very cautious but loves to be petted and loved. Hoping to convince my mom or a friend to take her, I meet and greet her all day. The dogs bark, whimper and howl from the window upstairs. Rey is clueless that his little peeless body could be replaced in an instant. Hubby thinks if she continues to hang around, maybe she'll kill all our moles. I'm hoping I can find a happy home for her. Savannah? Are you reading this? Don't you love her? Erica, didn't you just tell me you were considering a kitty for Isaac? Even though the pic looks a little evil, she's a sweetie. Normally I shoo stray cats away. For some reason, I'm thinking of letting her stay. That is if Aunt Karen isn't an option

Oh, in case you are wondering. ReyRey is peeing again.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Name is Lisa I am a Facebook Addict

Neglecting my blog isn't something I intended to do. Admitting I am a Facebook Addict is something that embarrasses me completely. Never in a million years did I think I would get hooked on a silly computer site. I love it. My brain has turned to mush. Seriously.

One thing I don't understand is how and why people post their daily routine down to the hour. I don't really care who's doing what at 1:15pm, then taking a shower and then off to run errands, blah, blah, blah. But I read it for Pete's sake. Either I asked for those people to be my friend or they did me. Funny.

My friend Paul loves the theme song to Cheers. He loves the idea of walking into a place where everyone knows your name and is happy to see you. I love that Paul actually listened to the words of that song! Now I love it too. Facebook is my Cheers. Even if something completely irrelevant or stupid is written, someone is happy to see you've written something. Kinda cool.

The other cool thing is some of my blog friends have actually found me. Made me feel wanted. I searched for a blog friend myself and found her yesterday. A long lost cousin in Chicago finally got on board too. A group dedicated to George Brett. Come on, does it get any better? Maybe... if Bradley Cooper would come on into MY Cheers...

Monday, July 20, 2009

MLB Mascots

If these guys aren't a hoot then I don't know anything. Some of them really cracked me up last weekend. Some old lady got her rear end smacked several times by the Cincinnati Reds Guy. She loved it and so did the rest of us watching. These guys must have personality plus to tolerate the extreme heat and humidity and not to mention the fans. I missed the old San Diego Chicken. The Padres have a "real" Padre now. There are so many of them, I could not keep track of who belongs to what team. We have the best mascot. Fredbird keeps ahead of pack! Philly comes in a close second!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The 2009 All Star Game - St. Louis

Mark one off my Bucket List. 2009 has been a great year for us to make it to St. Louis for Opening Day, another Bucket List check off and now the 2009 All Star Game. Last fall when I found out this game was going to be in St. Louis I watched for tickets. Fortunately an angel was watching out for us and offered us Home Run Derby tickets. Luckily we were in the right place at the right time to get All Star Game tickets too. We are so very thankful and blessed we were able to experience this absolutely amazing event!!

Here are several photos of the goings on around Busch Stadium before and during the game. I have a few pics of the game, but thought you'd find these more interesting. Warning, if you are not a baseball fan, feel free to maneuver yourself away from this blog. We started game day with the Red Carpet Parade. All the players, vets and the Home Town Heroes rode on the red carpet in very nice vehicles. I'll save those pics for a later post. You'll see the Home Town Heroes a few pics down.

The above picture is of some of the press people before the game. Trust me, they were everywhere.

Soldiers from Ft. Leonard Wood. Most had just returned from Iraq. I thought they were there on special security. They were able to roam the field for a bit.

Official 2009 All Star Photos

Since President Obama was scheduled to throw out the first pitch, sharp shooters were posted atop the stadium. And everywhere else I presume.

Our official SRO seats. My camera overheated during the Red Carpet Parade and hubby had the bright idea to hurry up and get in line at the stadium. Gates opened at 3:15. He wanted to get into position under the press box so we would have an excellent view. That it was. Notice the first guy all decked in red. His name is Brian. He was quite fun. I stood beside him all evening and had many, many conversations with him. Doesn't he look like Joe Torre. Maybe his brother? I told hubby he had to be Joe's brother. Even an usher told him he looked like Joe Torre, but Brian didn't seem to like that. He was fun. I'll never forget him. When Molina got on base he high-fived me so hard I thought he fractured my right hand. No one has ever high-fived me that hard. He was so excited!

Highway 40 was closed down to accommodate the security of the President of the United States.

This is a smaller group getting into Busch that day. Everyone had to go through special security.

These guys arrived and moved some people out of SRO. We weren't sure what kind of weapons they had. Brian thought they were fancy potato guns. Later we learned they were streamer shooters. One old man couldn't take it. He had to ask.

Official sniffers.

One of my very favorite things about St. Louis. The Clydesdales. I hope InBev doesn't do away with them. Any Missourian knows these majestic animals are iconic to St. Louis. My heart races every time I see them.

The soldiers from Ft. Leonard Wood had the privilege of carrying the flag.

Introduction of the starting lineups.

One of my favorite shots of the day.

Home Town Heroes. 30 individuals from across the United States who give their own time to do wonderful things.

All living presidents spoke on the jumbotron.

Missouri's own Sheryl Crow. My SRO neighbor Brian went absolutely kookoo when she came out.

From this angle you can see why.

The Stealth Bomber. The pilot's sons were at the game holding up a sign stating their dad was the pilot. I love the Stealth. The Bat Mobile has nothing on the Stealth.

Living legends.

Stan Musial unable to make the walk got a special escort. And a special visit from President Obama.

The first pitch. He did good!

See this young fella? He's headed to Milton, Ohio for a Little League World Series this weekend. The team he is on is the state champions of Tennessee. That's his dad, all grins. He was quite proud telling us about his son and how his son hopes to be on a professional field some day.

The fans were amazing!


THE Cardinal

The President left the stadium.

This was just before my right hand got bruised from a monstrous high-five.

Hubby had just left to get a drink. This was when I went kookoo. Bradley Cooper was somewhere in the sections below us. I about melted when I saw him on the big screen. So I got his picture. My SRO neighbor Brian had no idea why I was going kookoo. "He's my Sheryl Crow!!!" "AH!", he replied.

Sara Evans sang during the 7th inning stretch. I'm not a fan, but she did a great job!!

My Very Favorite Fan!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Me and Cousin Joel

Howdy folks. We took a long weekend and headed to St. Louis to watch the All Star Game festivities. This is me and my cousin Joel right before the Home Run Derby. Joel has been double lucky in the past two weeks. First, he's on summer break from MU, that alone is a bonus. However, one evening after work he was messing around on the computer and thought he'd put his name in for the Michael Jackson Memorial Lottery. He's such a young pup, I'm not sure how much he even knows MJs music. Guess what, he won. Unfortunately he couldn't make the trip to Los Angeles, but just to know he won was awesome. Next, he gets to attend some of the All Star festivities too. He and his sister Abby went to the All Star Futures Game on Sunday evening after all the rain. They sat in center field when a Futures Star hit a home run. Joel caught it on the fly with his bare hand. They are sending him a certificate to be an Honorary Outfielder. He was even on ESPN. You can catch him on the ESPN website for Sunday's game. It was during the 3rd inning when Joel got in on the action!! I'll try to post the link later.
As for us, the weekend was hugely busy! We had an opportunity of a lifetime and could not pass it up. Brent thought we should go even if I had to sell my new car. It was worth it and we had an absolute blast. Thanks to family being in the area it made it that much more special. I'll post more later in the next couple of days. I have well over 300 photos to pilfer through. I'll also be catching up with everyone too. Happy to be home, but sooooo very, very tired!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Weekend in Pictures

Okay, so not the whole weekend, just a glimpse. We went to KC on Friday. It poured most of the day, so we didn't get to do what we intended. Soooo, what's two girls to do? Shop.

Thursday night we went out to Aunt Karen's to see her flowers. The rain has really taken a toll on her flowers. They were not quite the same as last year. She showed us a nest of bunnies beside her home. The nest was practically in the middle of the yard. This one tried to escape. Isn't he handsome?

One of her many, many roses. I thought this one was exceptionally pretty.

I planted 5 containers of tomatoes. Hubby picked them out and so far we are doing well. He planted some smaller than cherry tomatoes. I can't remember the name, but this is the first ripe one. He picked it 2 days after I took this picture. He's gonna have quite a few. Notice the surpise petunias that popped up to the left. I must of had those in that pot last year. I sure don't remember them!

We usually like to go to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals and attend Fair St. Louis over the fourth. This year hubby didn't really want to go since the Cards were out of town. This I did not understand. Why on earth would they schedule the Cards to be out of town during this time. It kinda defunct our tradition.

So this year, he grille me and mom steaks. The we hung around with little to do because of the rain. We waited just long enough before they started the big firework show south of town. We pulled up to see the last 10 minutes. I got a couple of pics. The last one is my favorite. It makes me feel like I'm floating in space. The 4th of July always makes me a little sentimental. It was my dad's favorite holiday. We used to celebrate really, really big when I was growing up.

While I was at Aunt Karen's on Thursday I found a 4 leaf clover in her yard and I gave it to her. Tonight hubby and I were outside and found these. Actually he spotted at least one of them a couple of weeks ago. We hoped they'd get bigger but they hadn't. He suggested we pick them before we lost them.

I added them to my cookbook collection. You'll have to check my number on my sidebar to see what my new total count says.
Hopefully I'll be a better blogger this week and have something to blog about. I see things on the horizon, just not immediately. Don't give up on me. I'm still here and I'm still visiting all my favorite places.
Have a great week everyone!!