Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Day Baskets? NOT!!!

I remember when I was very young, my mom explained to me the idea of May Day and the surprise of a pretty little nosegay. The idea was to pick a small bouquet and leave it as a surprise for my grandma and aunt. "Are you kidding?" I thought to myself. I love flowers, will always love flowers. And if I am going to pick beautiful flowers I wanted FULL responsibility. They would not and I am pretty sure were not left anonymously. I love the idea of May Baskets with surprise flowers. It could be full of dandelions or violets or clover. Doesn't matter, I just love flowers. My hubby does not and will not understand the concept of flowers. I melt when the ladies at work get flowers from their husbands or loved ones. I melt in green, grimey, jealousy. At least I'm not ashamed to admit it, my husband is a flower loser. Hi! My name is Lisa and my husband is a flower loser. I want to get him in a support group of sorts, just can't find them in this rural area. So, today in honor of the flower loser husband, I will celebrate May Day with all you fine ladies that deal with this horrible affliction yourselves. Let's pick ourselves some peonies, lilacs, clover or dandelions and have a stiff, frosty, strawberry daiquiri and chant the mantra, "By Golly I Deserve Some Flowers!!!"

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lemony Layer Dessert

It's time for The House in the Roses' Dessert Carnival. Since no tickets are needed for todays rides, hop aboard and be prepared to be tempted by some tasty treats!! I can't wait to see all the tantalizing carnival attractions today. If you want to see more, take your cotton candy and get in line at The House in the Roses!! Have fun, oh, don't eat too much!!!

It's perfect for summer. If you like lemon this may do the trick. It's cool, light and sweet! Plus you can make it sugar-free too!

Lemon Layer Dessert

1 cup all-purpose flour

1 stick butter or margarine

1/2 cup chopped pecans

2 T. granulated sugar

1 (8oz) pkg. cream cheese

1 (8oz) Cool Whip

1 Cup powdered sugar

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 (6oz) pkg. lemon instant pudding mix

2 Cups milk minus 2 Tablespoons

Melt butter; add flour, nuts and sugar. Press into a 9x13x2 inch baking pan. Bake at 350 Degrees for 15 minutes. Let cool.

Mix together cream cheese, 1 cup Cool Whip, powdered sugar, and vanilla. Spoon over cooled crust.

Make the pudding according to package directions. Spread over cream cheese. Top with remaining Cool Whip. If you have a few extra pecan pieces, sprinkle over top of Cool Whip.

**I make mine sugar-free using Splenda, sugar-free pudding, and sugar-free Cool Whip. However, I also like to taste the pudding and use 2 pkgs instead of 1. If you decide to do this, just be sure to have enough milk on hand.

***Also, you can use chocolate, butterscotch, whatever tickles your taste buds.

Don't forget to head on over to Cielo's The House in the Roses, see ya there!

Monday, April 28, 2008


I'm taking a break. It's 2:27pm Missouri time, I'm already pooped. I'm also a little concerned about Kia. She just doesn't seem to feel very good. Does she have the canine flu or did she steal something she shouldn't have off of my countertop? Not sure. Cleaning the floor has been quite a job. The bedroom carpet looks great. I'm still working on a stain in the livingroom. Kia could be wiped out because of all the noise and worry.

So while I am taking a break, I'm checking to see if an online store still has those dishes I've had my eye on. Sure enough! Here they are, I love them!!!

Typically not the colors I'm drawn to, but these are so pretty. I'd like to make just one meal to serve on them. Would the company go for that? There would be a lot of shipping and handling huh? Then there are these on ebay. I have always loved these:

Aren't these gorgeous too? Probably more my style? Dunno, I may need both!!!!!

The Pooper Puker Picker Upper

This is me in a bit. I have to go get a carpet shampooer. Kia got sick in the night and pooped and puked in splotches on my livingroom carpet. This carpet isn't even a year old yet. Oh well, it could be worse right? I just tried calling my boss, I'll be late or have to take a whole personal day. If I'm going to do it I might as well do it right huh? My bedroom carpet needs shampooed anyway, along with my kitchen. Looks like a busy day ahead. My hubby takes personal days to golf, this just doesn't seem fair. Where's the love? I'd really rather be working.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Some of My Favorite Things

Oprah has a show on some of her favorite things. Everyone has them. There are just some things we prefer not to go without. Here are just a few of mine:

I'll start with one of my favorite bowls. It's a Ruby Red serving bowl. I love it. It belonged to my maternal grandmother. Red was her favorite color, it must be hereditary! I only wish I had a whole set of them. That way, I could have a beautiful table for my dinner guests. Today I made a potato salad using my mom's recipe. It's the only potato salad that's worth eating. My hubby will disagree. In his opinion, NO potato salad is the BEST potato salad.

A few years ago my mom and I went to a Christmas Craft Show at one of our local schools. I saw this and melted. She kindly purchased this for me as a Christmas gift. I love it. The lady who painted it said she was running out of old windows to paint. I'm forever happy we found this one.

This is a Partylite Global Fusion Candle Votive. I splurged, it has to be one of my favorite things. I also splurged on another one on the other side of the berries and stars you see to your left. They are beautiful all lit up.

A Circle E Candle is a MUST for this household. I love the Orange Pekoe Tea. This candle is almost gone. I'll have to remind my hubby he owes me one as a birthday gift. Maybe I can trick him into buying me another one. Very well worth it!!!

During this time of year and whenever possible, my hubby likes to grill outside. These seasonings are our favorites. McCormick's Steakhouse Grinder, Garlic & Sea Salt and maybe a little extra garlic powder and or sea salt is perfect for our steaks outside. We finally found seasonings we both really like. It's a menagerie of spices, but worth it. I also added the McCormick's Pizza Seasoning. Perfect for homemade pizza that my hubby HAS to have at least once a month. His absolute favorite!
EVOO and a cute cannister full of my favorite must haves! The black Mix & Chop Utensil came from the Pampered Chef. One of those instances where I felt like I had to order something, so I bought this. If you don't have one, get one. I love it. It helps mix and chop seasonings and meats to a much finer degree. I had to get one for my mom and a friend. I have a couple of other people I'm adding to my list too. I love wooden spoons and spatulas. Oh, and chickens and roosters too!
Don't laugh!! This is a dietary staple for me. Just ask my hubby. I go into panic mode if my frig doesn't have any. Vlasic Hamburger Dill Chips. The best pickles for any hamburger or anything, including me, that requires a dill pickle. When I was little I would drink the pickle juice from the jar and mom would freak! I love dill pickles. Klaussen makes a great one too. But this way I get more bang for the buck with this huge jar.
Diet Mt. Dew Code Red, Diet 7UP and Diet Coke. Depends on my mood, but one of these will do the trick.
My mother-in-law Katie gave this desk to me a couple of years ago. She wanted someone to take care of it as her late husband made it when he was very young. It's perfect for me and right up my alley. I didn't have a neat chair to put with it, but found an old rocker I purchased at an auction in 1996. The old woman who had passed loved to sew. I wonder if she sat in this rocker and sewed?

Next is my fireplace. We don't use it much. It doesn't have a chimney liner. Okay by me. I just like to decorate it. The tile in front of it looks pretty funky in this picture, but I don't think it's quite that bad in person. Later this spring I'm going to clean the inside out and paint the wood burning crate black. I haven't seen another one like this. The fireplace had doors, but they were removed last summer in order to get some new ones. Then I discovered I liked it much better without the doors. So now I have to clean it. Yuck. There are other favorites in this picture too. The dark brown crock, the realtor gave it to me when I purchased this home. The child's chair, I found it in Arrow Rock at a little festival they were having years ago. And last but not least is the old tool box. I really love old tool boxes. Mom and I saw several last weekend and I wanted them all. I got this one at the White Cloud Flea Market about 8 years ago. I fill it full of berries and evergreen stems at Christmas.
I love these birds. When I was younger I saw these in my friends' homes and thought my mom needed some too. I never got them for her, didnt' know where to find them. Then in college I saw them in a Home Interior Catalog. I didn't want to spend any money on them then. They weren't that important. However, I found these at a garage sale a couple of years ago. I don't know if they are actual Home Interior Birds but it doesn't matter. I only paid 50 cents for them.

A couple of weeks ago I found these pillow covers at the $1 Shop. The manager of the store said they came from Target originally. Fortunately, I found four of them, only $4 for pillows that were ready to hit the trash can.
For all four legged friends and family who enter our home. It's at fur-friendly-eye-level. As soon as our furkids shut the door, they can't miss this sign.
In honor of my hubby, who was golfing during all of this, here is his favorite thing in the whole house. His TV. Ironically, one of my favorite movies was playing, "Sixteen Candles".
Kia's purple couch. This is her second couch, the first one is a hand me down to Annie P. I just washed it this morning and put it back together (NIGHTMARE) then she plopped down on it like she'd been waiting for me to finish.
Proud, quite proud I say!! I found this little nightstand for only $20. If there had only been another one.

Yes, I know this is a strange picture and difficult to capture without Annie's tail, nose or face getting in the way. I love these cheapy slippers. They are a little too big. And yes I really do have a heal, it's just turned in while I'm standing on my head taking this picture.Finally, are you bored yet? I'm ready for this. My bed and my pillow. For most of my years I'd do anything not to be home. I loved to travel whether it be work or recreational. I loved going places. Now, if I go anywhere, I want to be close enough to come home to my bed and my own pillow. I love my bed and my pillow(s). Oh, I love old pillow cases. They don't really make them like they used to. I find them at sales, use them whether they match or not. This one is one of my favorites.

These things are only a few of my favorite things. Unfortunately for me, I get too overwhelmed and have a lot of favorite things.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Cool Evening

I just snapped this picture a few minutes ago. There's something about the early evening, just before dark that I love. I love the smells, the sights, the sounds. A light breeze was blowing the sound of crickets, frogs and a little rumble of thunder through the night air. My camera didn't want to cooperate with the various lights as I tried to get a picture of the street. We've had enough rain to last a while, but the smell and sound of rain is so relaxing. I wish I could bottle it all and save it for later.
This time of evening makes me think about when I was a little girl. We had fairy rings on the lawn outside of our home. I'm sure you've seen those dark green circles of grass with mushrooms popping up here and there throughout the ring. I remember my dad telling me that fairies would come out at night, when no one was around and dance. They danced in circles in the ring. I was charmed, my imagination ran wild. I could just vision the fairies in their twinkling costumes dancing into the night. There was a fairy ring where I work and I shared this story with a co-worker, she didn't get it. I think that is so sad. Everyone should have fairies dancing in rings sometime, somewhere in their life. As I sit here looking out my window, it's dark, it's cool, the breeze is illuminating. I just know, somewhere, fairies are preparing for their next soiree...

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Cheap Salad Bowl

Take a look at this bowl. Doesn't look like much does it? Don't get me wrong, I love, I mean I LOVE pretty dishes. I have a few old bowls that should be put up for good. But I have no one to leave them to and I think the ladies who used to serve with them, would love for me to continue their legacy. I know you'll disagree, but I think some of you might disagree about this bowl too. It's my new salad bowl.

I know you are probably thinking this gal is tacky. Here's why I'm not. My great aunt had a real wooden bowl she used to serve salad in at most of her meals. When I was little, the bowl, for some strange reason, mesmerized me. My mom didn't have wooden bowls. My grandma didn't serve with wooden bowls. I thought it was just pretty cool. I thought she must be the only person on earth to have a wooden salad bowl. Silly I know, but I was young and didn't have a clue about serving dishes. When she passed on, I wanted to get that salad bowl at her estate auction. It was in a box of other dishes. Well, guess who was out flittering around when that box went for bid. You got it. The great niece who loved that bowl. Oh well. There are so many other things in life to think about, so I kinda forgot about that bowl. That is until I see one like it when I'm out nosing around flea markets or junk shops. My mom found this bowl at Walgreens. Nothing like Aunt Sadie's but it's cute. Just look what it looks like filled with garden goodies:

However, try to picture it not blurry. Maybe the next one will be better:

Well, not really, but you get the idea. I'm working on my photog skills. I'll blame the camera for now. Anyway, I love how salad just appears more appealing to me in this bowl. Mom says I just need to fix salad from now on, they taste better when I make them. I think, for some really weird reason, salad just tastes better when someone else makes them. Why is that? Or, could it be this tacky little bowl?

(Next time I'll make sure the pictures aren't blurry before I save them!)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Sunday of Blooms

We took a look around a local hardware store to find they had a new shipment of flowers, plants and trees. I really like this crooked mulberry tree. At least I believe that is what it is, a Chinese or Japanese Mulberry?
I absolutely LOVE these beauties. They are Martha Washington Geraniums. She would be so proud. I want them, but they need a little shade. So I will admire them from afar.
These are an all time favorite. I threaten every year to buy a couple to plant at the back of my house. I really may just do that this year. Only I think I want the red ones.

I found this one rather interesting. I wish I would have looked at it's name. It reminds me of one of those kaleidoscope type images. Wouldn't this be pretty in yellow? Then it would remind me of the sun. Would you look at this guy. I told him he needed to keep his eye on the road. He might get a ticket, he's not wearing his seatbelt! Apparently his mom was shopping for flowers, so maybe he took it off when he turned off the engine?

My daffodils finally bloomed on Friday. I snapped this after we returned home this afternoon, not thinking the picture would look like this. I love it.

Bear with Me

Our computer crashed the other night so we HAD to get a new one. I'm still trying to figure stuff out. Hopefully I'll have everything lined out for a post this evening!! Have a good day.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Special Place for a Dessert Carnival

A very special place for a Dessert Carnival is going to be held at The House in the Roses. I think this is a great idea! I hope to come up with something pretty and creative by then, just not sure I can. I know I can come up with something tasty, but not pretty or creative, lol. If you are interested in taking part in this taste bud tantalizing carnival click on over to The House in the Roses. I'll be looking forward to all the delectable desserts!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feelin Kinda Grouchy

I'm not sure what it is, the flu or just a crummy bit of an attitude or both. I haven't felt very well the past 2 days which may play a big role in my grouchiness. Whenever I feel grouchy, I warn people, "I'm grouchy today". They usually laugh and it tends to take the edge off of me. Kinda weird huh? But I'm feelin kinda grouchy today. And I haven't told a soul. I figure they can figure it out for once, but I'm not sure. Do you ever feel that way? Sometimes I just want to tell people "I really do not care", but that makes me feel bad. So I say it in secret. They don't know, they don't need to know. I'd like to turn on the news, whether it be the radio or the television and just hear happy things. Years ago I used to tape Oprah everyday, then on weekends I'd watch all 5 episodes providing they were feel good shows. And I would be happy. She used to do "happy" shows. Whatever happened to those? Since I don't have TIVO do I just miss those? Maybe. Dunno. Not sure I'm convinced. This world really is a jungle isn't it? So what do you do when you hear the jungle calling? I know what I do, I grab my IPod and tell myself, in 5 years I won't even remember feeling this way. So, tonight, with my IPod in tow, feelin kinda grouchy, I looked through some pictures of Cancun. ( **Please note these pictures are mine and should not be used by anyone other than me!! Is that official enough?)

The one you see above was taken almost 6 years ago. It was a pristine moment. Extremely early in the morning Cancun time. Trust me, there are not many people up this early in Cancun. A dear friend of mine went with me for a 7 day excursion. We both love the water, the beach and shopping. I want to go back, maybe to the Mayan Riviera or is it Mexican Riviera? I shoulda checked before I posted this huh? I'd like for my mom to see just how beautiful the Caribbean looks. I was in heaven when we landed and took the bus ride to the hotel. My friend has travelled the world and has seen many beautiful places. Hawaii, by far, is her favorite. "But", she said, the waters of the Caribbean come awful close. So if my mom won't take a plane ride to Hawaii, then maybe one of these days I can convince her or my husband to go to the Caribbean.

A trip to the Mayan Ruins was a must for us. My friend was a history teacher, and I just loved the essence of being there. Picturing what it would have been like to live back in those times. The picture above is of an old farmer's market. They would buy and sell their needfuls here.

And this. THIS was a challenge. I told my friend we HAD to climb up the pyramid. We HAD to. Guess who the first chicken was? Yep you got that right. You can't really tell it from the picture, but this pyramid is steep. STEEP I say. You can see me in the dark shorts, white top, waving at you as if I'm on the top step. And quite proud. I believe I was on the 15th step. At the time I counted, I was chicken. That was high enough!!

You have to admit, this pyramid is a wonder. How did those Mayans pull this off? By the way, the name of this pyramid is the Chichen Itsa. It was truly amazing. I believe it is undergoing some major renovation right now. I'm proud we got to see it when we did. The tour guide kept telling us "NO! It's not chicken pizza!" "Don't go back to the USA telling everyone you went to see a chicken pizza in beautiful Mexico!!!" He was cute.

Now this my friends, is a game of chance. This is a stadium where the Mayans played to win. The acoustics in this stadium is outstanding. You can hear from one end to the other just at a normal conversation level. At the far end is where the announcer kinda guy would be among others. See those little loops at the top of each wall? The right side can be seen better than the left. Mayans had to get a ball just big enough to get through the loop, through the loop. The winner won the ultimate. The ultimate sacrifice to the Mayan Gods. Isn't that something? They wanted to win this game. Not me, I'd be heading out the end of the arena. I'd make darn sure I didn't hit that hole!!! But this was their belief, it was the best thing that could happen to them. I hope no one thinks I am making fun of the Mayan culture. This is not so, it was an educational experience just to be there and it was amazing to walk on stadium ground where they used to play the game for their eternal life.

This little rainy island is Isla Mujeres. We had the best food and quite an entertaining trip here. It was a 45 minute boat ride from Cancun. We snorkeled, shopped, petted a shark and ate. Our tour guide seemed to think he was the cat's meow. And must've been, I saw a couple of ladies swooning at him when we walked down the streets. I think he'd been there lots, plus he disappeared for quite some time during lunch. Everytime we would split up he'd say, "we need to be back here at this exact time". "REMEMBER, we NEEEEED to be BAAACK HEEERE at THIIIIS EXAAACT TIME, if you get on the WROOOONG BOAT you may go to COOOBAAA, ahhhaaaahaaa. You DON'T want to go to COOOOOBAAA, ahhhaaaahaaa, do YOU?" Those words often still ring in my ears. We didn't want to go to COOOOOBAAAA, ahhhhaaahaa!!!!

This is my favorite picture of the whole trip. My friend was having problems with her eyes. She has a condition where it is very difficult for her to keep her eyes open. Back then, the condition was fairly mild. I asked her to get a picture of me in the ocean. Little did I know at the time she took this, a wave with it's peak, was coming up behind me. She couldn't have done this better if I paid her!! I hope you enjoyed my trip to Cancun.

Ssshhh...I think I hear the crashing of the waves sending my grouchiness away....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Images of Last Summer

Due to the drastic changes in this darned ole Missouri weather, I have been perusing the photos of last summer. It sure seems like this winter will never, ever end. We are expecting snow flurries this weekend. My patience is idling in anticipation of flowers, floaties on the lake, long walks with my IPod pal, and just being outside.

Colorful lilies, Paris in Vegas, Kia playing in her pool, the mutsy girls posing for a pic and my great grandma's chickens are some of my favorite things from last summer. Oh, can't forget the hubby, you have yet to meet him but you will. A hint of what's to come flanked in his camo shorts. And just to let you know, he's really not headless! Hurry up summer, I'm ready for ya!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Finally, it must be spring. Here are some pictures I took at mom's this morning. The crocus' and daffodil's are just now blooming here. I thought the bright purple flowers looked quite refreshing don't you agree?

This little guy seems to be enjoying them too. My dad loved gnomes. Mom and I try to find cute ones just as reminders that "dad would've liked this".

Notice all the acorns scattered. Mom has 2 big oak trees in her backyard. Squirrels are in paradise here.

Here's one little bright yellow. The other one looks like she just pooped out. The yellow and the purple are very pretty together.

This little lady is in charge of keeping the summer flowers around the birdbath. I love her. Mom was lucky she saw her first!! Mom worked very hard last summer planting various goodies around her birdbath. So this year it's exciting to see how it all turns out. The little garden keeper is sure to stay busy for the next few months.

This is Lacey, Lacey Littlefeet to be exact. She's about 12 years old and great company for my mom. She's a mixed breed. Dad named her Lacey because of her markings. I added Littlefeet because she had little feet compared to my old Boxer's big feet. She's getting old but still has a little spunk left in her. She just can't go for those long beloved walks anymore. And we have to sneak out of the house to go on one or else she barks the whole time we are gone. We tried that last summer. The poor neighbors.