Sunday, May 10, 2009

We've Noticed...

Since McDonald's began serving it's Sweet Tea (hubby pronounces this swaayt tay, no kidding, I tease him about this, then I crack up, then he orders it like he has a flagpole up his butt, no kidding really) my hubby has drank a ton. There must be something to it because I've heard all kinds of people compliment this swaayt tay. I've taken a sip from hubby's to see what the buzz was about and it tasted like syrup to me. I understand that's how they drink it in the south. If our local Mickey D's quits serving swaayt tay, I'm sending the hubby south. It will be a great place to vacation and visit him!!

Anyway, the reason for this post is because of the swaayt tay. Hubby has to have it on the way through town, out of town, after he mows or does any kind of yard work or simply because he just has to HAVE one. As we were driving thru McDonald's the other day I told hubby about my observation of the recession and McDonald's. I've noticed older folks working the drive thru more and more lately. Yes it's THAT much swaayt tay! They are awesome. I told hubby that, and he just happened to agree with me for once. These people who are happy to have a job are incredibly nice AND polite. As a paying patrol for many, many swaayt tays loves this!! I'm almost inclined to write a letter. The younger teens and early-mid-late twenties people are horrible. Really, mostly horrible. Communication and smarts seem to be a real problem with them. Either that or they just don't care. I would imagine it's a combination of both.

I was deep in thought driving thru one day getting a swaayt tay for hubs when an older smiling black man all of a sudden quit smiling at me. He started to give me hubs' swaayt tay, but pulled it back thru the window. Thinking to myself, "what the heck?" He says to me, "I'm afraid to stick my arm in your window, you look like you might bite me." I laughed. Deep in thought of things I can no longer remember, I'm sure I looked peeved. (If you are a smiler like me, people just assume I'm peeved if I'm not smiling.) Which really isn't the case. Anyway, I asked him, "what do you taste like?" and giggled. "That's more like it" he responds and hands me hubs' tay.

In the months of getting swaayt tay, not one young person has said anything other than, "that'll be $2.16. Usually no thank you or please, just $2.16. There is an older lady with tattoos who is very friendly too. I really like her a lot. She has the sweetest voice! Then I see the tattoo on her hand when she hands me swaayt tay. Something tells me she's naughty and nice. Something else tells me she's from a generation that was taught about manners and sincerity. Paying customers appreciate that!!!

I know the recession has been tough on a lot of people. But for those of you getting waited on by the older generation struggling to make ends meet, keep their job and they are really, really working, be grateful and thankful for them. The younger generation needs to go thru Cranberry Flats' Boot Camp!!


Terri and Bob said...

I almost didn't read this because I don't drink tea... but I kept reading and I am so glad I did! You are soooo right. My mom's SS doesn't cover her bills so she still works at 71. Good grief.

School is out May 21 and it couldn't come any sooner. I am so ready!

Becky K. said...

This is so true!

My friend used to manage a store full of teenagers and said they were worse than preschoolers.

I love the older generation...while sorry that some are forced back into working perhaps they can teach the young ones a thing or two while they are there.

justabeachkat said...

So true!

Also true about us southerners loving our sweet tea.


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

You hit the nail right on the head!

Never tasted the sweet tea but I don't think I'd like it...sounds to sweet for me:)

CatHerder said...


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

This is a great post,Lisa!

There is an older woman who works in the McD's in our town. She is so much fun! You should hear her selling those hot apple pies. Then, when you get to the's even more fun. J is usually driving and he always engages with whomever he meets. All those years of working for a public utility, I guess...and Mrs F did raise boys with a certain charm.
In contrast, we stopped at Sonic for ice cream, a couple of weeks ago....our little carhop was absolutely terrified of the big black dog, who accompanies us, whenever ice cream is in the plan. No matter how jovially we told her, the dog is fine, she backed away with wide eyes, never cracking a smile. In fact, she wasn't smiling when she came out the door and approached the truck. Molly was dismayed...she's used to folks who fawn all over her. Perhaps it was our fault, I don't know. Molly was in the back seat of the truck, with big ol' J between her and the window. I gave the girl the benefit of the doubt, believing she was new. Surely she's encountered other big black dogs, looking for ice cream, in her line of work!!

PS:...I like a little lemon with my Swaayt tay. These days, I only have it when at McD's. I usually have tay with lemon only.

Merrie. said...

Thanks Lisa for your comment on my blog; I am glad I came over to comment as my daughter is here today and she is a shift manager for McD's; she know that I hate the little boogers that she has there at work; she does not tolerate any of the craziness and the craziness I have seen; but I told her the other day exactly what you are saying here; there are many older folks out there that have common sense and manners and you CAN hire them and they won't act up on you. You would not believe the stuff these kids try to pull; and darn near every one of them of late is intent on getting pregnant at 18 and having a baby they cannot afford; with no man in the picture, then they want "special treatment " for the entire nine months; Every other staff member is expected to pick up their slack! Good grief! She does not tolerate it, but other managers do! She wants to copy your postr and take it in to show the owners as she agrees with you! I love me some swaayt tay; although I haven't yet tasted McD's! I make mine at home;but shoot they must be puttin' some addicitve solution in it; the poor man seems to be addicted; he is gonna have to go to TA; Tea addicts anonymous!!LOL: Merrie

Anonymous said...