Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Weekend Pt. 2 - Kimmswick

The Blue Owl Restaurant
as seen on Road Tasted

On Sunday we had reservations at the Blue Owl Restaurant in Kimmswick, Missouri. This restaurant was featured on Road Tasted with Paula Deen's good lookin' sons. Later the owner of this fabulous restaurant was invited to Paula's Party to show how she makes her amazing apple pies. Fortunately I got to see the episode of Paula's Party. Her pies are amazing!! You'll see in a bit...

Take a look at the restaurant. Homey and quaint. Next, take a look at those Levee High Apple Pies. No kiddin, according to the horse's mouth, these apple pies have 17 apples a piece in them. The one you see on the left is a Caramel Apple Pie. The right is just a plain ole Apple Pie. Levee High mind you.

As I said, I'm redundant remember, the restaurant is cozy, just like home. We sat at a round table similar to this one. There were 8 of us enjoying this tasty treat.

Cousin Emily is looking over her roast beef sandwich.

I didn't get pictures of any one's lunch. Hubby had a open face roast beef sandwich with potatoes. Other's had chicken salad, turkey sandwich, roast beef. One of the specials was fried chicken. I wish I had gotten that, the turkey sandwich was calling my name. If we are able to go back, I'll try the chicken. Can't beat country fried chicken!! After the main meal we HAD to try dessert. They have a bakery where we could check, in person, our selection. Too many to remember from the menu. So to see them in person made it a little, little bit easier.

Get the idea?

We were still celebrating mom's 60th birthday. She chose a Strawberry Shortcake Pie. Candle and all...

I got a mini, seemed like a large mini, but mini sugar free Banana Cream Pie. I took off the white stuff (they put that on sugar free stuff for decoration, believe me, it has NO flavor) and the pie was very banana-eee.

Hubby had a White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie. I couldn't believe he ate it all. He never does that ever. Especially after a huge helping of roast beef.

Cousin Abby chose a Strawberry Pie. She's the strawberry girl!!

Aunt Paula chose Chocolate Cream Pie.

Cousin Joel had the Levee High Apple Pie. No Ala Mode for this guy. Look at the apples in this piece. Isn't that amazing? His 6'4" frame was filled with apples. Filled I tell should be noted Joel and Hubby were missing the Cardinal game for all of this...they were such good sports. Uncle Dave had business to attend. He missed out, after all these stories, he won't miss next time!

Cousin Emily doubled up. She had Cherry Pie and a chocolate covered strawberry. She deserved it after placing 1st in the High Jump the day before. She's headed to state on Saturday and missing her graduation. Wish her the best!! (She's 6'1", only I tell people she's 6'2" cause you know how one inch makes ALL the difference!)

Aunt Debbie had Lemon Pie. It was VERY lemon-eee!! Very!!! And, she's the short one of the family!! Sorry Aunt Deb, just had to give everyone the visual!
While waiting on everyone to finish their after lunch/dessert business, we mingled outside. Next time, I'd love to eat out on the porch. Especially on a fall day, eating Mile High Apple Pie, what could be better than that?

Isn't the porch inviting?

This was our trip to the famous part of Kimmswick. Tomorrow I will post a few more pictures of this visit. Anyone who visits St. Louis should take the extra 30 minutes south of St. Louis to visit Kimmiswick and this fantastic restaurant!! And, you MUST partake in the dessert!!!


Becky K. said...

Those tall apple pies are crazy!


All of the desserts looked great but I would have had a hard time tearing myself away from that porch!

Looks like fun!

CatHerder said...

AWESOME PICS! I want one of those mile high apple pies! :-)

Terri and Bob said...

I love this place! It has been YEARS since I have been there. It looks like you all had a great time.

I have been busy getting summer school off the ground, but now all has calmed down for a bit. Hope to catch up!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

We've had mile high pie! Haven't been to Kimmswick in years! I think it's time we returned!

Helen said...

Including desserts, all of your photos are great. Your mom is a doll!

Ashley ~ said...

Those pies LOOK SO GOOD*! I've never even heard of white chocolate banana cream pie, but I assure you, I'd sure like to give that one a try*! YUM*! _Ashley ~

Brenda Eason said...

I don't know how I missed this post. It must have been when I was feeling so bad. I know what i would do here. Go straight for dessert. Looks so yummy.

Becca Watson said...

Sounds like a fun and yummy day! And those pies.. my oh my thats a lot of apple pie!!