Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Again

Remember this gal? I saw her this morning in the mirror at work. I waved. She waved back. She was making this face when I saw her too. I think that's why I recognized her. She did have a funky wave to her hair she really must work on.
Xena woke up looking like this too. Even though she wasn't running late, she felt like she was running late. 20 things had to be done before trekking off to work. 20 things were done like a flash of lightning while Warrior Man sat on the couch with his mouth open watching TV. Warrior Man finally went out to wait for her in the truck. While he was waiting patiently, Xena put a brisket in the crock pot with ingredients for a tasty meal after work. Xena then took out the trash that had been sitting there for 2 days. Wondering the whole time why in the heck was she fixing brisket?? Upon throwing the trash in the garage, then sliding into the truck she received the following question from Warrior Man, "why are YOU so grouchy for?" "Why did you put for at the end of your question? Couldn't you have left it off?" Xena replied. All of this before her face froze as in the picture above. Warrior Man looked confused and asked, "huh?" (As I recall of the princess warrior, she may have the right idea about men. Not sure I could handle that, but she may be on to something. But we did not discuss this in the bathroom today.)
Xena's face was froze most of the 8 hours at work. She did blink her eyes and hesitate to sarcastically answer dumb questions from dumb criminals. Xena did good considering she dropped papers, dropped the telephone receiver, was mobbed with dumb questions about absolutely nothing important. Occasionally she would spy Warrior Man in the hallways probably still wondering why she was so grouchy. After rewriting a report, calling the insurance lady and not caring to see the same needy freak for the 14th time, Xena was ready for quitting time. Anxious to sense the aroma of that weird thing called brisket, Xena was ready for the ride home.
Warrior Man supervised the furkids while Xena headed upstairs expecting the spicey, aromatic scent of a thing called brisket. Upon removing the lid to the crockpot, she found raw meat. The crockpot didn't work today. Xena remembered checking to see if it was heating properly while Warrior Man sat in his truck patiently waiting on her. Her blood began to boil as she picked up the crock to throw the piece of dead carcass in the woods. The hungry animals will love her tonight she thought. Thinking she needed some fresh air, a long walk was taken. Xena enjoyed the 2 mile view of concrete over cloudy water. Her IPod got stuck on the way back. It froze in the middle of "I Like That". The walk ended in a meditation of silence. Chanting the mantra, "it's gonna be alright" replaced the funky tune by Houston. It was good, it had to be.
Arriving home to find Warrior Man positioned on his man couch, Xena decided to leave him be. Let him fix his own manly meal and she would hers. Xena searched for fresh greens at the concrete market place. It was all brown. No joke. All brown. Giving up, she went to relax, attempting to continue the meditation. A few minutes of silent meditation in the metal bullet tanner should do it.
It did just that until she got back in the car. She backed out of the parking space, narrowing missing another parked car behind her by 2 inches. Xena decided to call it a day.


Becky K. said...

I do hope tomorrow is better!

How frustrating to find meat gone bad.

Becca Watson said...

Hope you have a happier tomorrow!

Domestic Designer said...

What a day Xena had! Hope tomorrow is better.

Brenda Eason said...

Lisa thanks for your sweet prayers. You are a true doll.

CatHerder said...

omg what a great post...i have those days myself...although im more like Joxer :-)

Terri and Bob said...

I swallowed my tongue laughing. Did you know you can do that? I ended up choking and spitting on stuff.

I bet today you are like Snow White singing to the birds. That will really confuse Warrior Man.

Today will be all sunshine and roses!

Lisa said...

There is a reason we sleep each night.Can you imagine if a day lasted longer than it does? So, how was today?