Monday, May 18, 2009

A Busy Monday

We had a nice relaxing, working Monday. We got a ton of mulch to add to our flower beds and landscaping. Looks so much better.
Reynaldo could see us from the screen door. He wanted out, but he didn't want out.

Then he got a little crazy when he realized Hubby was watching him. Good thing he has no claws.
He was in a mad dash to get out. So guess what, Hubby packs him out like a baby.

He wasn't sure what to think and didn't appreciate the smell of mulch.

After washing his mulch stained truck, Hubby added this new gadget. Looks pretty sharp if I do say so myself. I turned around and he had a little audience watching intently...

I played with this next picture to make it just right. I love it. They love the Cardinals too, oh yes they do...


For those of you who encouraged me to write that letter. I gave it to the editor of our local newspaper on Friday. Today she called and told me it was too long and I was redundant. I was 105 words over. Needed to be 300 or less. She didn't tell me that on Friday. The only thing she had to say on Friday was, "Did you write this all by yourself?" I think I may post it here. Then maybe I will feel better. I'm considering having it printed in Moberly's paper. Who knows, maybe they have the same rule. Funny though, when I think about other letters I can remember a few that were quite long. I had a feeling something like this would happen.


Terri and Bob said...

Yeah, its all about selling papers...

I love the photo of the dogs. I can see that as a huge picture over your fireplace mantle.

Domestic Designer said...

I am not really surprised, but how unfortunate. Love the pictures! Your mulch looks great!

tam said...

Your garden looks great! nd the cat is so funny-I love how his character shine through in the photos. And those dogs watching was so cute!
I will have to do some catching up and read what I missed on your blog about the whole letter thing.
Hope you are having an awesome week sister~Tam:D