Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Recipe Book of Clover

This morning on his way to his truck, my hubby found another one. A four leaf clover. He yelled at me, "come here look at this one, pick it". I replied, "wait til we get home". Hoping I would not forget. I almost did. I went for a walk and remembered it before I left. I picked the clover and looked a bit longer. Found one more about a foot away standing there all by itself. Two in one day, we've done well. Actually we haven't even started the hunt too much yet.

About one year before my hubby and I got married, we learned to spot these lucky gems. Luck? I'm not really sure about that, but we find it quite amusing anyway. We worked with a young girl who found them all of the time. I had tried my whole life to find one and never had. She claimed, "once you find one the others will be easier to spot". "Ha, to you maybe," I said. Lori was right. Within the next week or two I made it a point to look in the front yard and actually found more than one. I was ecstatic. Excitedly I showed my hubby. The hunt was on. I think I could really describe it as a bit more of a competition. He started spotting them much quicker than I could.

The hunt has lasted for approximately four years. I really technically count just three. We started this hunt in 2004. Got married in June of 2005. Hubby had a heart attack about a year later and series of family events soon following kept us too busy to even think about four leaf clovers. However, 2007 brought several. Now, all in the same day beginning the summer of 2008, we have found two. And, I'm tickled. The hubby golfs, golfs a lot. Last year he found several on the golf course. Naturally the competitive side of me was screaming. I spent a little time outside searching. I did come up with a couple but not as big as his. Doesn't matter.

My cousin Amy gave me a recipe book several years ago. I keep all of the four leaf clovers that we find in that book. I believe I counted 21 four leaf clovers tonight. That doesn't include the one I sent to a dear friend who absolutely loves St. Patricks Day. I took a picture of the clovers. Some of them only look like they have three leaves or two, but they are either folded over, or the leaves became unattached.

It sounds like a silly hobby I know. But it's something that's fun to do. My hubby and I aren't really superstitious. In June, 2005, we arrived downtown Las Vegas to begin our wedding/honeymoon week. On the second day, we walked to the courthouse to get our marriage license. We passed a little booth set up toward the end of the canopy covering the downtown strip. The booth had nothing but little four leaf clover jewelry. I told my future hubby I had to get a bracelet to commemorate our wedding celebration. The clovers were real, but encased in plastic with sterling silver or gold chains, earrings, rings, necklaces, etc... I thought it could be a sign...


Gayla said...

Oh, what a lovely post. As the recipient of the clover, I am so honored. I have it tucked away in the cute card at home. I think you are right about finding more and more once you start. My Gramma was "ace" at finding them and sent them to me in California when I lived there in 1978 a bit... After being married a while, idvorced a long while and in visiting with my ex husband, I saw him open his billfold and thumb through some old photos and cards to reveal a very old four leaf clover sent to him in Japan by my grandmother.... What did my heart do with that? Hugs and congratulations for being wise and vibrant and loving with your hubby... I love you.

Susie Q said...

How wonderful!! Grace has found 3 four leaf clovers and they are inside one of my recipe books! : )

With the first, she made a *wish* for an American Girl doll...miraculously, one appeared on our doorstep a few days later. To this day, she still believes in wishes coming true! I long for her to hold on to that innocence awhile longer!