Monday, June 2, 2008

What's Your Dream Vacation?

My hubby and I play this game a lot, especially when travelling in the car together. What would you do if money was no object? My answer is always the same: TRAVEL to places I long to go. His is to have toys, lots of toys and to see LOTs of Cardinal ballgames. It's that time of year when people start their summer vacations. Instead of asking "where are you going this summer?" My question is "If money were no object, where would you go on vacation?" I have three places I would love to travel.
The first being Italy. I would love to travel throughout the whole entire country. I would take weeks, months, whatever it takes to see it all. There is so much history, charm and fresh air about Italy, I almost melt wanting to be there. Florence, Rome, Pisa, Capri, Tuscany and many more. The rolling hillsides, the olive trees, the poppies, the fresh pasta, the art and the naps in the afternoon make me think I was born in the wrong place. Movies like Under the Tuscan Sun embellish romanticism swooning me to believe I could really be like Frances. I could fly by the seat of my pants, purchase a
home in unknown land and make it mine. I could see myself sitting in this pretty atrium.

Now to my second choice, Greece. When I was in the eighth grade, our english teacher introduced Greek Mythology. I have to be honest, I hate to read it. But I love to hear the stories told from the perspective of the storyteller. I was mesmerized, imagining the Greek Gods taking charge. Curiosity pulled me to look up the country in the encyclopedia (remember those?). I thought the island was absolutely beautiful.

The starch white homes and building sitting against the blue sea. They mysterious Parthenon sits regally atop the Acropolis of Athens. An ultimate tribute to Athena.

The beaches of Skiathos look heavenly. I would love to lay on the white, sandy beaches. The Greek Gods could muse me for the afternoon.

Last, but definitely not least, my choice is Hawaii.

Need I say more?

So if money were no object where would you go on vacation? Remember, money and time is all you have? Sweet summer dreams...


justabeachkat said...

I've been to Italy and Hawaii. I'd love, love, love to go back to Italy...again and again and again. Greece is another place I'd love to visit. I enjoyed Hawaii, but I don't care to go back. I'd love to go to Ireland.


Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetie. I think I just got back from my dream vacation which was to see my son.

CIELO said...

Italy is one of the prettiest places in the world... not only for its natural beauty, but for its history too. I'd love to go again....


Donna said...

I'd love to go back to Switzerland...beautiful!! Happy night sweetie!! Thanks for your sweet comment!!!hughugs

Brown English Muffin said...

OMG can we just go on vacation together!! I want to get to Tuscany so badly I can taste it!!!

Anyd Big C was stationed in Greece a long time ago and I would love to go back with him so he could show me places he's visited.

April said...

Paris! and Hawaii, but then, I would like to do a whale watching thing in Alaska....Italy sounds great too...

Gayla said...

Good idea... Of course, Ireland... but not on vacation. I would want to move into a cottage by the sea with some kind of work to do there... and someone to help me cut wood or whatever... I know... most of Ireland is not like that, but I envision and dream and hope that there is still some area there with primitive cottages and beautiful seascapes to visit....??? And I'd love to go to some of Paris, to Italy of course... I read a beautiful comment once that goes, "I'd gladly spend my life traveling if I had another one to live at home." My dream vacation would be to my own little house this year with my own little cats and my "boys" coming in for lasagna and brownies like they used to. I so hope I appreciated that when I had it. My brain is so cracked I can't remember if I did or not.

PAT said...

Hi Lisa!

My dream vacation would be the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We've only visited in passing. I'd love to spend time exploring this beautiful place!

Or Door County Wisconsin. We spent a few days at a B&B in Fish Creek a few years ago. It was beautiful and we'd both love to return.


Susie Q said...

Now, is this a dream? How about a round the world cruise?? *smile*
But, if not that, I could so go with you on that trip. I have such a desire to see Italy and Greece. Ireland, France...and most places in between. : )
My Mom went to Italy and Greece on a cruise, when she was 77. It all wore her out but what amazing things she saw!! Began in Rome and ended in Venice and all over Italy and Greece in between. One of her favorites was Santorini....: )

I love dreaming about traveling...*sigh*'