Sunday, May 4, 2008

Carole's Country Store

On Friday I received a DVD from Carole at Carole's Country Store Blog. I visit her once a day to see if she's posted. I have learned a lot from her. Carole's pictures are great. I'm a little jealous of Carole. Remember the post about me making the trip to St. Charles and the my-heart-is-skipping-beats-in-my-knees-store? Carole lives in a home similar to the one in St. Charles. I would love to travel to see her in all her colonial, early american splendor. I'm jealous she's just a footstep away from being able to see sites that we read about in our history books. You can read all about her in her blog Carole's Country Store.

In honor of spring, Carole is offering $10 off of a $50 or more purchase from I think you should go ahead and take a peek. She was kind enough to offer a DVD she made to the first 3 people to email her. Guess what, I was second. I wasn't sure what the video entailed, but I will tell you this. It REALLY makes me want to open a shop somewhere on the east coast. The pictures are phenomenal and the music is tranquil. There is 75 minutes of early american impressions, expressions, art, and anything else you can think of. A DVD very well done and perfect for playing in a shoppe. Thank you Carole, you made my reasoning for blogging even better!!


CARole said...

Hi Lisa. I wanted to stop by and thank you so much for writing about my DVD and my website. You are very kind for doing that. I am happy to know that you enjoyed the DVD and hope others will try it too. It's been a pleasure making this DVD for all of those that love antiques, old houses, and beautiful music. The sale in my store will start in a couple of days, so please stop by.
Take good care.

CIELO said...

Hi Lisa... just stopping by to say hello....

Have a nice day and rest of week.


Anonymous said...

I hate to see a woman dressed and look down and see nasty feet too. Uggg makes me wonder what is under the clothes hehe.

PAT said...

Thanks so much, Lisa for reminding my about Carole's store. It's been awhile since I visited!

I think J and I need to plan a little trip to Columbia, one of these days. It's been awhile since we "shopped around" there.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the farm. Im a pretty glitzy woman lol. Hubby says I'll never give that up. I guess I better fin some old sneakers for the two days there,but you better bet I will come in an bath and get all dolled up to hit the town hehe.