Sunday, May 18, 2008

Before and After, I am soooo sorry

Yesterday was full of activity for us. We hit a few garage sales, worked on the yard, bought flowers, planted flowers, and provided Annie with a day at the spa.

Well, kinda...

After planting my last flower, I thought I'd go in for a little R&R before getting ready to take mom to dinner. Then it hit me. I could give Annie a haircut. I've been waiting patiently to do so. It's been too cold and my hubby didn't want her to be too clipped before the weather got warmer. Sooo, I scratched her belly tricking her into letting me trim her nails. She did great. Really great. And since she was hot, I knew she'd love getting her haircut.

Annie loves to get her haircut. Her hair is so thick. It really isn't that long, but it has to be very HOT for her in the summer. She's never even flinched when I've gotten the clippers out.


Here she is in all her thickness. Enjoying a bone the hubby got for earlier in the day. You can't really tell by the picture. She has really curly thick hair around her neck. It seems to get thicker and thicker every year. Her hairy little tail curls up over her back. Or it did. I think Kia played to hard with her last weekend and uncurled it. It's been curled now for almost 5 years. Now it doesn't seem to want to curl and she doesn't want anyone around it.


This is Annie after. She's about 5 puppy pounds lighter. And she's a naked mess. I didn't use the right number on her and she's almost skinned. I felt horrible. But she loved it. She ran around so happy and playful after the trim, errr, scalping. The hubby walked outside to see what was going on, turned a little pale and went back inside without saying a word. Later he told me I should've shaved her face too. I didn't do her tail for fear she may have a wound or something on it. But here she is, she's my Annie P. I'm sorry Anne. At least you are happy and healthy. Just a little naked perhaps, but happy and healthy.

Annie, I promise you in July or August when it's time for a trim:

I will NOT be in a hurry.

I WILL make sure the proper length of comb is on the clippers.

I will NOT laugh at you if I make a mistake.

I will NOT let your dad see you until we are finished.

And, until your hair grows out, I will NOT allow you to be the puppy butt of bad jokes without a good fight.

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Susie Q said...

Annie? I still think you are really beautiful!! And Kipper agrees!!