Sunday, May 25, 2008

Missouri Veteran's Cemetery at Jacksonville

Today we drove out to the Missouri Veteran's Cemetery in Jacksonville. The day was really muggy, hot and very cloudy. The grounds here are beautiful. This cemetery is still new. It had it's first interment in November, 2003. It it is situated on 117 acres. There are 40,000 burial sites and the Columbarium has 800 niches for cremations.

Near the center of the photo, near the flag, you can see the existing gravesites of military members and their spouses and possibly their young children. So far, this serves as the final resting place for approximately 300 individuals.

This is the Commital Shelter for interment services. There are three walls of Columbarium niches.
Numerous small American Flags sit below the niches of Missouri Veterans.

The rolling hills are so very peaceful. I only saw one little squirrel during our time here this afternoon. Winding our way around the acreage, we could see the 10 acre lake. It has a floating fountain in the center. There is also a Carillon Tower, you can see to the right of the picture. It plays a different hymn every hour. While we were there today, bells chimed. There is a bridge spanning the west end of the lake. The walking path can take you across the lake to the commital shelter.This was taken on the path after we crossed the lake. You can see more rolling hills, the commital shelter and Columbarium as well as the flags waving majestically in the wind.Something about the United States Flag waving strong and magnificent really makes me feel proud. Please be careful on your Memorial Day travels and do remember you loved ones.


Anonymous said...

Very nice trip and such a pretty area.

PAT said...

Beautiful post, Lisa!


justabeachkat said...

Great post! I'm so proud to be an American.


CIELO said...

I am so thankful to those men and woman who sacrified it all so that we could live in this amazing country and enjoy our freedom! God bless them all...

Lovely day


Donna said...

Wonderful pictures!! Beautiful!

Brown English Muffin said...

wow that cemetery is breath taking...touching post tfs