Monday, May 19, 2008

Lips, do they really fade?

I used to work with a wonderful Italian lady who told me a funny story. At the time, I thought it was a funny story anyway. She received a phone call from a friend living in Germany. They spoke for quite some time because there was a lot of catching up to do. Trish said her friend just asked her out of the blue, "so, has you lips started fading yet?" Trish said, "WHAT, are you talking about?" The friend went on to explain that "older" age had caused her lips to fade. Trish couldn't believe it. She told me she was flabbergasted that could really happen. But Trish found out, that could really, REALLY happen. Trish goes no where without lipstick now. This was at least 3-4 years ago when Trish told me this story. I loved it, thought it was a hoot. Not now, guess why...MY LIPS ARE FADING!!!!!

Trish if you are reading this, I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!! My lips are no longer mine. They are alien. I am on a treck to see where they went or who might be wearing them now. Instead I'm left with dull, flesh toned, lined, dull, oh I can't even describe them...
Alien or not, I must thank you Trish, at least this did not come as a surprise to me as it did to you. The alien did sneak up on me a little quicker than expected.
To our lips, what they once were: young, lineless, full and tasty. To what they are: testing the trials of time, good, bad, indifferent. To what they will be: lined, knowledgable, full of secrets and who knows what else.

I must go now, I have an alien to find...


Rue said...

Hi Lisa :)

My lips are going to fade? It's not bad enough that body parts will fall, but now lip fading?! I don't like this aging thing one bit! LOL

I think the farmhouse would be cute at Christmas too :)

Have a great night,

justabeachkat said...

And I thought I was the only one!!!


shaybert said...

I just read your comment on my blog. Thank you for visiting. And maybe it's thru GI or other blogs? Yes MO. And in the words of Larry the Cucumber, "I love my lips", yes, mine are fading too!
Blessings, Shay