Saturday, May 3, 2008

Journey to the MarketPlace

Hello everyone. Mom and I made a journey to the MarketPlace in Columbia today. Neither one of us have been there for ages. We couldn't get over how much stuff was tucked away inside this store. It was fun to get away and just browse through all the goodies.

There was a nice little nursery on the South side of the building so we went there first. Then we went into the side door where we were greeted by Roxie. Bless her heart. She was laying on a rug asleep in front of her owner's booth. The owner told us Roxie is 21 years old. Can you imagine? Roxie is blind and losing her hearing. I asked her owner if I could take her picture, "of course" she replied. She was quite proud to tell everyone Roxie's age. There were lots of hats and vintage dresses. Mom loved looking at the old clothes. I LOVE this High Boy Dresser. I really wanted to take it home in the worst way!! I love Quartersawn wood. There were plenty of shelves. This one has a twin. I could very easily brought those home. Along with this picture. This fram and the picture itself absolutely beautiful. I have the perfect place for it, I really do!!Dishes, there were plenty of dishes. Mom and I both have a huge fetish for pretty dishes. This set I loved. Tiny pink roses shaped into a flower or star. They are gorgeous.Although these are not old, they are definitely eye candy to us. We both ooed and awed over these pretties.As well as these. Very pretty, so was rooster in the middle. He's proud. I love roosters and chickens.This guy had the scenic view standing atop a huge cabinet. I think he was checking out the babes down below. Hopefully he didn't spot these two:A little out of the ordinary, but they were hanging out with all the other fowl in the area. Notice the big chick in the background. I think they were her bodyguards, they just didn't quite fit in...Some more comic relief. Mom got really tickled over this little fella. I think he reminded her of someone she knows.Something about this whole area just made me want to sit down a spell and have a class of iced tea. I loved everything about this booth.

It's been a long time since we've been to this store and it was a real treat for us today. Maybe next time we won't wait so long to go back. I could've taken a ton more pictures, but I got too busy browsing, I forgot about the camera. We did a little shopping at the mall and Hobby Lobby. I wanted to go through Shelter Gardens, but they were having a wedding. Maybe next time. So instead we went to the Lowe's and Home Depot to check out their nursery blooms. Well, I'm pooped. We had a fun, long afternoon. Time to hit the hay!!

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