Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Leonard & Brenda

Leonard and Brenda Lowry made the front page of our local paper today. I've known Brenda since I was 16. She cut my hair for many years, and through those years we became good friends. I miss that she no longer cuts hair, but her life, in so many ways, has turned for the better. Leonard and Brenda on their wedding day.

You see, her husband Leonard of 3 years in April, was diagnosed with cancer right before Christmas in December, 2007. He went to his chiropractor, who very fortunately, took an x-ray. The x-ray went just far enough the doctor could see something suspicous. He told Leonard to see his family doctor. The wheels kept turning from that moment on. Literally. He was directed to a surgeon who ordered a PET scan. Leonard was diagnosed with stage III inoperable lung cancer. The cancer had spread to his lymph nodes, around his heart and his windpipe. He began chemo and radiation treatments. His throat was sore, very sore. He took medicines to numb the pain to eat. He was able to drink lots of milkshakes, not much more. All of the medicines over a 3 month period did not cause Leonard to lose weight or even really get sick. Brenda told me he slept a lot. She was very protective of that. She let him sleep, monitoring phone calls and visits so he could rest.
Leonard and Brenda after his diagnosis in December.

In March they were told the treatments were not working and another PET scan found another tumor in the opposite lung. His life expectancy was shortened from approximately November of this year, to just weeks or possibly days. Brenda was beside herself. Leonard seemed to take it in stride. Mom and I saw them at a local restaurant one evening. Just looking at Leonard you would never, ever know he was sick. Leonard has a beautiful smile. That's all I could focus on when I spoke to him. His spirit was very alive. And that's exactly what his smile was saying to everyone who took the time to visit with him. It was truly unbelievable.

On April 11th the doctors told Leonard his left lung was full of cancer. Another examination found a new growth on his lower spine. Leonard and Brenda went home to tell their families. That's an hour long drive to home. They also visited a funeral home to make final arrangements. He picked out his casket. The very next day Leonard became sick. He had a tremendous headache and was ready to go. He was ready to go. A quick phone call to the hospital and a room was waiting on him when he got there. IVs were inserted and more tests were done. There were lots of prayers being said during this weekend.

The following 2 paragraphs are from the paper:
"On Monday, April 14, tests results from a bronchoscope showed Leonard's lungs were full of pneumonia and infection. On April 15, an MRI on Leonard's back came back negative. The spot on his spine was gone. On April 17, the oncologists came into the room saying a team of oncologists had reviewed the PET, CAT, MRI and bronchoscope tests results and declared Leonard was cancer free. All of it, including the original cancer in his lymph nodes and right lung."

“In a six-day time period, I had gone from days maybe weeks to live to completely cured,” Leonard said.“We looked at each other...laughed...cried...,” they said. “Should we call somebody? Who do we call first?”“All the doctor could say while he was pointing up with his finger, is ‘it was the the Man upstairs.'”

That's right, on April 17th, Leonard was declared cancer free. No new signs, no old signs of any cancer whatsoever. Amazing. Simply amazing. There's only one answer in my opinion. Divine intervention. The Good Lord was not ready for Leonard. Somewhere, somehow and at some time this will all be answered. Leonard has a strong spiritual upbringing and knows this could not have happened without Him. That's the only answer we need to know. We are happy to have you Leonard. May you celebrate "another" retirement, birthday, great bowling scores, more grandchildren and all other surprises that are in store for you.


PAT said...

What an absolutely inspirational testamony to the power of prayer. My very best to Leonard and Brenda and their family!

Thanks so much for the great post, Lisa!

Brown English Muffin said...

I always wonder what we did as a world to deserve cancer....not that we deserve it at all but it has to be a punishment for many wrong doings we've done as a nation and all the messing around we've done with nature.

I am so happy for gods intervention in this one...divine!!

Donna said...

What a beautiful lesson in life...absolute faith. Wonderful story! Wonderful blog! I'll be back!hughugs

Cathy Cobblestone said...

What an incredible story - I cried. We should never underestimate the power of God for He is an AWESOME God!!!!

Thank you for this post - it has uplifted me when I really needed it.

Blessings to you and your friends! Cathy

April said...

Praise the Good Lord!! I had cold chills reading this story!

Susie Q said...

What a blessing and what a perfect testimony to the glory of God! My love to this incredible couple!