Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Friend Maggie

Hey everybody, it's me, Annie P. Mom said since Kipper over at Rabbit Run Cottage gets to work on his mom's blog, I can too. The difference is, Kipper gets paid in ice cream or yogurt. I look so serious here because this is my first real assignment and I'm nervous. Oh well. Just please don't make fun of my unfurried nakedness. Mom said she wouldn't let anyone laugh at me. I know my head looks gigantic-huge, but it's the heart that matters.

Which leads me to my topic to post. My friend Maggie. I've not known Maggie long, but she is one cool canine. She's a cocker spaniel. Isn't she a hottie? She's been to the spa recently too. Only she's not naked like me. She must've paid a few more bones, cause her cut looks a lot better than mine!! Mags knows ya can't get nothin' for free! She loves to play with her toys and play with her mom and daddy. A little tenderhearted gal who loves to nap and feast on treats. She tells me it's important to stay out of the sun, drink lots of water and live a little on the edge.

Maggie likes to take walks on the wild side. The other girl and me find that fascinating. We are chicken dogs. Not Maggie. She's a full fledged member of the Doggie DoLittle Motorcycle Club. When mom was telling me and Kia about it we were wide eyed and bushy tailed, to say the least. Maggie is seven years old. Not to offend ole Mags, but she's not a spade pup anymore! Just the same, she's walkin' on the wild side. Walkin' on the wild side, while the other girl and me fight, nap, pee, fight, eat, pee, fight, you get the idea. Pee...

Mags is plannin' trips on her hog. Umm, bike, she gets offended if you call it a hog. She says it's not a Harley, it's better. Not sure what that means, but it goes fast. You see, Mags' daddy decided it was high time to get her out before her retirement years. She's runnin' full throttle at middle age dog years on a fancy motorcycle. You gotta see for yourself:

This is Mags' transportation on the wild side. Can you believe it? Mom said when she first heard about it, she thought it was too redneck. ? I don't get that??? But the more she heard from Mags' dad, the more fun she thought it would be. I'm telling you Mags has the life. See her little doggie seat on top of the trailer? Mags gets to ride in that on road trips. She rides backwards because it's just better that way. What's good is she won't have to pull a muscle pulling her head out of the wind to wet her gums. (You know that's a problem for us.) My mom was concerned her dad wouldn't strap ole Mags down enough to keep her safe. So she inspected the ride herself. Ha, what would mom know about that? Dunno, anyway, Mags is ridin' in style with her mom and dad. I think what's even more cool is that her mom has her own bike. Mags' says the embarrassing part is, her mom rides on a bike behind the trailer. Mags just doesn't like that. Every once in a while she gives a shout out if her mom gets too close. Mags is afraid her mom will ruin her reputation as a tuff girl. My mom says Mags' mom is just being safe. Or so she thinks. Sounds to me that Mags' mom is too busy watching everyone point their fingers at Mags as they go by. How's that safe?

Mags is lookin for others to join the Doggie DoLittle Motorcycle Club. There are rules to follow, dues to pay, and potty breaks to take. The other girl and me are thinkin our dad needs to look into this. Not sure I wanna ride in a carrier with that other girl and her long tail, but I'd try. If anyone knows someone who's lookin' for a doggie good time. Let me know. I'll pass word to Mags.


PAT said...

Cute post!


Susie Q said...

Hey there! Kipper here and I think you did a pretty amazing job at this blogging thing. I am so sorry you didn't get any 'scream for doing it but hey. You have that really cool lady to be your pal. Maggie is a cutie for sure.
'Course, I think YOU are pretty good lookin' too right?
I have not tried to ride on any motor bikes...I actually try to *kill* them if I see 'em. My mom says it is because some bad people
were riding one and it was them who threw me (In a box) out in front of the shelter and then roared away on that cycle. Since then, I have hated 'em. But I bet they are pretty cool to ride. I'd be a chicken dog about it too though.

You did great writing this. I hope you will write some more too. If you ever come near us, I would love to take you to Ritter's for 'scream. 'Kay?