Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May Day Baskets? NOT!!!

I remember when I was very young, my mom explained to me the idea of May Day and the surprise of a pretty little nosegay. The idea was to pick a small bouquet and leave it as a surprise for my grandma and aunt. "Are you kidding?" I thought to myself. I love flowers, will always love flowers. And if I am going to pick beautiful flowers I wanted FULL responsibility. They would not and I am pretty sure were not left anonymously. I love the idea of May Baskets with surprise flowers. It could be full of dandelions or violets or clover. Doesn't matter, I just love flowers. My hubby does not and will not understand the concept of flowers. I melt when the ladies at work get flowers from their husbands or loved ones. I melt in green, grimey, jealousy. At least I'm not ashamed to admit it, my husband is a flower loser. Hi! My name is Lisa and my husband is a flower loser. I want to get him in a support group of sorts, just can't find them in this rural area. So, today in honor of the flower loser husband, I will celebrate May Day with all you fine ladies that deal with this horrible affliction yourselves. Let's pick ourselves some peonies, lilacs, clover or dandelions and have a stiff, frosty, strawberry daiquiri and chant the mantra, "By Golly I Deserve Some Flowers!!!"


Kristen said...

We celebrate May Day with candy... but a neighbor of mine came over today with a basket full of beautiful flowers hung on our door. Yeah - it takes a woman to think that way! My husband had no clue about the flower tradition for this holiday!

Gayla said...

I have always wanted to do May baskets all over for my friends... but alas! I barely got myself to school today... I did leave a little wax dipped potpourri bear sitting outside my mom's door to say happy May Day.... He looked forlorn among the gravel and grasses... Love your blog!

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

Sorry...I can't join the club. My hubby rarely but he does,bring me flowers. In fact I got roses this week and a spring bouquet last week.
He was on a role....HMMMM, must be guilty of taking me for granted LOL
Have a great weekend!