Monday, July 21, 2008

My Favorite Things Game by Susie Q.

I've been tagged. At first I thought there was another Lisa, but I think she's talking about me. So be prepared to be bored again. You ladies must really love this stuff huh? LOL. I know I do. It's the little things in life that are important isn't that right Susie Q?

It's Susie Q's Game, she made the rules.... here it goes...

There can only be ONE, count it, ONE answer for each question. have to pick one!
I myself am very bad at this but let's try it! We will keep it all simple...just one little answer to "My favorite _______ is:" Uh huh. That's it! ('cept I had to add a few extras)
I like to think of this game as an exercise in focusing on those sweet things that make us extra happy. We all need *happy* right? Even on a real downer of a day, there has to be *something* that could bring a smile to your pretty face. YOu know...your favorite things! At the very least, we might find out a new tidbit or two about our friends!

~Susie Q's "My Favorite Things" Game~

Sport: Watching my hubby get out of the shower. With 2 dogs and a kitten, this can be challenging and quite entertaining!! If this doesn't count as a sport, baseball!
Game: Triple Yahtzee
Color: Red
Movie: The Illusionist (the one with Ed Norton)
Broadway play I have seen: I'm so sad, I've never seen one.
Broadway Musical I have seen: Ditto again, but if a movie counts, it would have to be Phantom of the Opera
Song: Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton
American city I have visited: Chicago
Foreign city I have visited: Cancun, Mexico
Book: twilight, as if you couldn't guess that answer right now!
Children's Book: Little House on the Prairie, I used to get lost in these books!!
Classic television show: Leave it to Beaver, I think I still have a crush on Wally!
Recent television show: Don't Forget the Lyrics
Actor: Tom Hanks
Actress: Sandra Bullock
Perfume: Miami Glow, by J.LO. Why doesn't she make this anymore? I'm almost out!!
Food: boiled spiced shrimp
Dessert: My Aunt Helen's Sugarfree Peach Cobbler
Chain Restaurant: Red Lobster
Local Restaurant: Los Jimadores
Car: That sporty 2 door Lexus, don't know the name.
Condiment: Dill pickles, LOTS of dill pickles
Kitchen Appliance: stove/oven
Home Appliance: Does computer count?
Beauty Product: Mascara - That's DITTO for me, I don't leave home without it!!
Piece of clothing: nightshirt
HGTV Show: Design Star, oh, it's hard to pick just one, oh Susie :(
Food Network show: Ace of Cakes
Author: Dr. Suess
Male Songwriter: Andew Lloyd Webber
Female Songwriter: I have to think on this one...
Holiday: Thanksgiving
Ballet I have seen: N/A
Disney character: Tigger
Flower: Casablanca Lily, see 2 posts below...
Alcoholic drink: Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri
Non-Alcoholic drink: Iced Tea with key lime!
Magazine: Quick and Simple
Animated movie: Shrek
Television network miniseries: The North and the South???? I'm not too good at following more than one show in a series.
Season: SUMMER
Male vocalist: Kenny Chesney
Female vocalist: Stevie Nicks, just to have her voice for one night!!
Day of the week: Friday
Household Chore: organizing the kitchen, which I can't seem to do enough lately
Ice Cream: Bunny Tracks
Candy: Milky Way
Artist: William Holbrook Beard
Quotation: "...sing as if no is listening, dance as if no one is watching, love like you've never been hurt, live each day as if it were you last..."

Now, how about YOU playing too?
For the first 5, I challenge:Farm Chicks Kitchen, Cranberry Crossings, 3guysagirlandaprimplace,
Brown English Muffin, and you get to pick the fifth!! Anyone else who wants to play, jump right in. I look forward to seeing your lists of favorites!!


Kindra said...

That was fun! Your favorite sport sound very interesting. :) And I love Design Star too! I'm rooting for Jennifer! I was hoping her or Stephanie would win. Jennifer seems to like to "age" things, so that's probably why I like her. :) Thanks so much for tagging me. I'll try to get this on the blog this week.

CIELO said...

Just hopping by to say hello! :)


PAT said...

Loved the list, Lisa! I have been challenged by Andi, but haven't done it yet!


justabeachkat said...

Fun, fun, fun! I'll work on my list!


Farmchick said...

Thanks for tagging me..I just wanted to let you know I didn't forget nor am I ignoring you..I just have not had time yet due to the livestock shows at the fair. I will do it as soon as I can!

Susie Q said...

Your first answer was hilarious! : )
I love that you did this game...
and I loved your answers!