Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Saturday

Don't cha just love Maxine. If we could really have one day a year to let everyone know just how we feel...

Thank you Farmchick for awarding me once again. I feel honored to be awarded by someone who has quite a terrific blog herself. Thank you again.

I must say to everyone, I have been blogging since March and I cannot believe all the wonderful people out there. I love to read about your lives and see how talented everyone is. I am so amazed by your creativity and imagination. You gals are what makes life so worthwhile. I can't wait to see daily posts to find out how things are going, who's created what, who's cooking what, and where I can get some fantastic ideas for my own life. All of you guys are the best!!!!

Now I'm off to hopefully finish a book a friend at work gave me to read. "twilight" is fantastic. I'm over half way finished and am chomping at the bit to get there. Vampire stories are not my cup of tea, but this one is quite the read. I understand the movie is coming out in December, I usually don't want to see movies after I've read a book, but I may have to on this one.

Have a great rest-of-the-weekend everybody!!


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I agree about all the talented, wonderful bloggers out there! It makes my day to connect wiht these new friends. :)
Your book sounds interesting. When I was a kid, vampires fascinated me and I had to see every vampire movie! Not so much now, but still intriguing.

Liz said...

I love Maxine...and yes, sometimes, don't you just wish you could be her for a day?!

PAT said...

Yes, Maxine is full of wisdom.

I told J what you said about a B&B. He had a good chuckle. O to be younger with lots of energy. It would have been fun!

Have a great week!


Audrey said...

That cartoon is wonderful. I think all of us have had days where someone has music on so loud we just want to scream. I often buy Maxine greeting cards, she is jut too funny.