Sunday, July 6, 2008

131st. St. Louis Veiled Prophet Parade

The Veiled Prophet Parade began at approximately 10am. Since we were towards the tail end of the parade, it was more like 10:30, but worth the wait. Just don't ask my hubby that question, you may get a different answer.
These guys began by passing out a small US flag to everyone. Talk about a lot of flags.

The hubby patiently waiting. I know he was wondering about breakfast. He didn't get any because we were out way to late the night before and slept in as much as we could.
Even I got a little bored so I took a picture of my Nikes. Patriotic at that. The hubby gave them to me for my birthday last year. I rarely wear them, but I do love them. I check the mileage on my shoes, when they reach a certain mileage, I retire them for yard work. I love these so much, I don't really put miles on them. I use them to just to wear not to exercise. I didn't even think about them being patriotic until I took this picture.
For some dumb reason I didn't get a picture of all the police in the parade. Their fearless leader, the Police Chief of the St. Louis Metro Police Department was the Honorary Grand Marshall of the Parade. The Department was also celebrating their 200th anniversary. There were tons and tons of police, special forces and firepeople in this parade.
Official "Pooper Scoopers". They followed the St. Louis Mounted Police. They got a very big round of applause.

Okay I lied. Not meaning to. But I did get a picture of the canine unit. Probably because the hubby told me to since he is a German Shepard freak.
There were many beautiful floats. You can see the Veiled Prophet sitting in his carriage with his queen. Only a few select people know his identity. I love the mystery of that, even though it doesn't mean much to me. I love the romance of the mystery.
The Prophet's Court.
More beautiful floats.
This was one of my favorites. I thought to myself, "if my hubby goes anywhere besides Heaven, this will be his assignment for life. Passing out flowers to people everywhere." He'd love that. Ha. It was a cool float. There were several flower peddlers passing out blooms to lots and lots of people.

A vintage Mickey. Hey, he was there!!
Men in Black made an appearance. They showered the crowd with water. See the half naked fella on the front row. They came after him twice. I think they thought he was an alient. He acted like one before the parade started.
A Missouri parade must have BIGFOOT.
Balloons. Big Balloons.
I love how this giraffe is sitting. Cracks me up everytime I look at him.
I love this green car. I told the hubby I want one for my 4oth birthday next year.
Spiders or whatever from Harry Potter. He was cuter than the actual float. I think the cop was calling for back up.
Every parade must have a queen. This one happened to have numerous...
bands too! I didn't catch where this one was from, but it was one of the biggest bands in attendance.

Nuthin but a hound dog...
The Liberty Bell. I was a little disappointed because the Clydesdales were not in the parade. I told the hubby they would be and this may be the last chance we see them if Budweiser gets sold out. I told him we had to make a special trip to Grant's Farm to see them. He gave me the big eye. Needless to say we didn't make it to Grant's Farm on the 4th so I hope they aren't heading over seas very soon. Hopefully never!!!

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Rue said...

Good morning Lisa :)

Great parade! You'll probably laugh when you see ours LOL I love it, but it is very "small town" ;)

I hope the Budweiser Clydesdale's don't move either.