Monday, July 14, 2008

8 Things MeMe

My friend, Cathy, at Cobblestone Farms tagged me for this "8 Things MeMe" She's getting me back for tagging her and I don't blame her. Except I do think she is much more interesting than I. But, I'll give it a try.

So here are a few things about me!

8 Things I say alot:
*"What?" This mainly occurs when my caseworkers ask me if they can have a day off or leave early. I disappoint them if I don't respond with this.
*"What do you want for supper tonight hubby?"
*"Are you kiddin' me?"
*"I'm really am going to lose 10 pounds."
*"I'm bored."
*"Man, that guy needs to brush his teeth", referring to offenders who talk to us throughout the day.
*"Have the dogs been fed?"
*"What's going on?"

8 books I have Read Lately: ( only I need to change it to: or intend to read)
*twilight - I just started this, not my kinda read, but I'm liking it so far.
*At Home in Mitford
*Playing for Pizza
*The Mermaid Chair - the book was much better than the movie of course!
*90 Minutes in Heaven - I'm still working on it.
*We Are All Welcome Here
*Marley and Me
*Jim the Wonder Dog - at the hubby's request, yes I intend to read it dear hubby, just not now.

8 movies I've seen 8 times:
*Sixteen Candles, I really love this movie
*Hope Floats, I love the music
*Fools Rush In, too cute
*The Illusionist, I love Ed Norton, there's just something about him
*The Christmas Story, the Chinese Waiters singing FaLaLaLa, cracks me up everytime
*Dirty Dancing
*When Harry Met Sally, my very favorite Meg Ryan movie!
*When a Man Loves a Woman, I show this to a group I do, it encompasses so many issues in life

8 Things I Am Working On:
*As always, cleaning my house.
*My attitude, it needs to be better.
*Being a better wife and daughter.
*The new landscaping in the front, I don't want anything to die or drown.
*An idea for a children's book, I'm too lazy to get it off the ground, but would really love to.
*My goal of reading 3 books this summer. I'm off to a late start.
*Drinking more water.
*Walking more miles.

8 People I Invite To Do This: I'm afraid I'll lose my blogging friends if I keep tagging people, but I invite everyone to be tagged. It's always fun to learn the little things about people. Thanks Cathy!!


Antique or Not said...

...and now you've been nominated for an award!

Go to my blog and you will see the Blog Award in my sidebar that I am passing to you. Just copy the logo and display on your site and pass onto 7 more deserving bloggers. You must post their links on your blog if you pass the award to them.



Rue said...

Great meme :) You are so fuuny!


April said...

It was nice to learn a little more about you! LOL! I love the song playing on your blog!