Monday, July 7, 2008

The Game We Almost Didn't Get to See.

What my hubby had been waiting for, for days or even weeks. It really didn't rain until game time Thursday evening. We got to the stadium incredibly early because the hubby claimed he's never gotten to see batting practice. I attempted to correct him, recalling the times we had seen batting practice, but he said and I quote, "you're wrong". Whatever, I know my memory serves me correctly. Not that I minded. I know the routine, it doesn't bother me to watch batting practice. But since we got there at least 3-4 hours early, we strolled around the Arch and looked in the museum and watched the river. It was a nice day considering the weather. I'll post more about the Arch later. Here's the stadium at arrival time.

At the time, the scoreboard had a neat quote on it. Luck would have it with these dang digital cameras and the board began to change as I snapped the shot.

When the hubby and I first started dating, this was his dream. To hit a ball as far as Mark McGwire in Big Mac Land. We watched many games provided with Mark hitting homers to "other" lands than this. It was fun when he played. The hubby gets so meloncholy thinking about those homers.

This is what we saw for the first 30 minutes. These guys work hard, I'm telling you. They really do. Talk about great exercise. My heart grew stronger just watching them. Back and forth, back and forth.

Now, check this guy out. The hubby pointed him out and told me to take his picture. I almost missed it. I hope he's wearing boxers or briefs under that coat.

This is the guy my hubby came to see. Albert Pujols. We were suppose to get to see him hit his 300th homerun. Guess what? Nada, nope, nothing happened. To top it off, he came out of the game at the 5th or 6th inning. The hubby said they had to pull him and save him for the Cubs series. The hubby's heart was broken. He was bothered. I watched him tapping his foot like he does when he's thinking. I'm sure he was holding back tears. The next night, when we were at home, he came screaming into the room, "Pujols hit it!!!" Excitement wasn't the proper term for the enthusiasm the hubby had that evening.

Here's Fredbird. He's giving direction to the Warner Brothers' Crew on how to slingshot a t-shirt into the crowd. This was a hoot. Tweety didn't do bad. However, Foghorn Leghorn didn't fair to well. Look at him, he almost looks perplexed waiting his turn. Well, I was too busy laughing to catch his picture. When it was his turn, he sling shotted the t-shirt into the dirt about 4 feet away. Fredbird buried his beak in his hands and walked away. Nothing like good friend embarrassing you in front of a crowd!!


CIELO said...

It looks that you guyes made it! What fun! I've never been to a game; but I certainly would love to.

Have a great evening


Rue said...

Hi Lisa :)

I haven't been to a game in forever. I love the food LOL