Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feelin Kinda Grouchy

I'm not sure what it is, the flu or just a crummy bit of an attitude or both. I haven't felt very well the past 2 days which may play a big role in my grouchiness. Whenever I feel grouchy, I warn people, "I'm grouchy today". They usually laugh and it tends to take the edge off of me. Kinda weird huh? But I'm feelin kinda grouchy today. And I haven't told a soul. I figure they can figure it out for once, but I'm not sure. Do you ever feel that way? Sometimes I just want to tell people "I really do not care", but that makes me feel bad. So I say it in secret. They don't know, they don't need to know. I'd like to turn on the news, whether it be the radio or the television and just hear happy things. Years ago I used to tape Oprah everyday, then on weekends I'd watch all 5 episodes providing they were feel good shows. And I would be happy. She used to do "happy" shows. Whatever happened to those? Since I don't have TIVO do I just miss those? Maybe. Dunno. Not sure I'm convinced. This world really is a jungle isn't it? So what do you do when you hear the jungle calling? I know what I do, I grab my IPod and tell myself, in 5 years I won't even remember feeling this way. So, tonight, with my IPod in tow, feelin kinda grouchy, I looked through some pictures of Cancun. ( **Please note these pictures are mine and should not be used by anyone other than me!! Is that official enough?)

The one you see above was taken almost 6 years ago. It was a pristine moment. Extremely early in the morning Cancun time. Trust me, there are not many people up this early in Cancun. A dear friend of mine went with me for a 7 day excursion. We both love the water, the beach and shopping. I want to go back, maybe to the Mayan Riviera or is it Mexican Riviera? I shoulda checked before I posted this huh? I'd like for my mom to see just how beautiful the Caribbean looks. I was in heaven when we landed and took the bus ride to the hotel. My friend has travelled the world and has seen many beautiful places. Hawaii, by far, is her favorite. "But", she said, the waters of the Caribbean come awful close. So if my mom won't take a plane ride to Hawaii, then maybe one of these days I can convince her or my husband to go to the Caribbean.

A trip to the Mayan Ruins was a must for us. My friend was a history teacher, and I just loved the essence of being there. Picturing what it would have been like to live back in those times. The picture above is of an old farmer's market. They would buy and sell their needfuls here.

And this. THIS was a challenge. I told my friend we HAD to climb up the pyramid. We HAD to. Guess who the first chicken was? Yep you got that right. You can't really tell it from the picture, but this pyramid is steep. STEEP I say. You can see me in the dark shorts, white top, waving at you as if I'm on the top step. And quite proud. I believe I was on the 15th step. At the time I counted, I was chicken. That was high enough!!

You have to admit, this pyramid is a wonder. How did those Mayans pull this off? By the way, the name of this pyramid is the Chichen Itsa. It was truly amazing. I believe it is undergoing some major renovation right now. I'm proud we got to see it when we did. The tour guide kept telling us "NO! It's not chicken pizza!" "Don't go back to the USA telling everyone you went to see a chicken pizza in beautiful Mexico!!!" He was cute.

Now this my friends, is a game of chance. This is a stadium where the Mayans played to win. The acoustics in this stadium is outstanding. You can hear from one end to the other just at a normal conversation level. At the far end is where the announcer kinda guy would be among others. See those little loops at the top of each wall? The right side can be seen better than the left. Mayans had to get a ball just big enough to get through the loop, through the loop. The winner won the ultimate. The ultimate sacrifice to the Mayan Gods. Isn't that something? They wanted to win this game. Not me, I'd be heading out the end of the arena. I'd make darn sure I didn't hit that hole!!! But this was their belief, it was the best thing that could happen to them. I hope no one thinks I am making fun of the Mayan culture. This is not so, it was an educational experience just to be there and it was amazing to walk on stadium ground where they used to play the game for their eternal life.

This little rainy island is Isla Mujeres. We had the best food and quite an entertaining trip here. It was a 45 minute boat ride from Cancun. We snorkeled, shopped, petted a shark and ate. Our tour guide seemed to think he was the cat's meow. And must've been, I saw a couple of ladies swooning at him when we walked down the streets. I think he'd been there lots, plus he disappeared for quite some time during lunch. Everytime we would split up he'd say, "we need to be back here at this exact time". "REMEMBER, we NEEEEED to be BAAACK HEEERE at THIIIIS EXAAACT TIME, if you get on the WROOOONG BOAT you may go to COOOBAAA, ahhhaaaahaaa. You DON'T want to go to COOOOOBAAA, ahhhaaaahaaa, do YOU?" Those words often still ring in my ears. We didn't want to go to COOOOOBAAAA, ahhhhaaahaa!!!!

This is my favorite picture of the whole trip. My friend was having problems with her eyes. She has a condition where it is very difficult for her to keep her eyes open. Back then, the condition was fairly mild. I asked her to get a picture of me in the ocean. Little did I know at the time she took this, a wave with it's peak, was coming up behind me. She couldn't have done this better if I paid her!! I hope you enjoyed my trip to Cancun.

Ssshhh...I think I hear the crashing of the waves sending my grouchiness away....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by. Im sorry you are grouchy...I think I must have that alot =O. The pictures are amazing.

Kristen said...

And my grouchiness is gone now too. Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Lisa! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!! Ok, we all get grouchy, so it is ok. A normal thing. Like Michael Savage says, not everyone has good days and we all cannot be happy everyday. BUT, I say we find the positives and make each day OUR OWN...nobody elses. AND, if you get a Scotty Dog, they will cheer you up - in a hot second!! Doogs is very sensitive to my moods - when I am sad he turns his head sideways as if to say, "Are you ok Mom?" They are so sweet. I hope you get one someday. Once you have one, you will have no other dog. They are like little people, stuck in a very furry body. Really!!!


PS: Love that pic of you in the wave. What a great trip to remember!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Hey Lisa! I hope you are feeling better! I hate when we have that kind of day(s) and we just don't know what's wrong! I guess it is just a girl thing to! I went and test rode the PINK bike today! Kinda cute! I will let ya know! Have a good weekend Lisa! Hugs, Maryjane

CIELO said...

Hope you are feeling better by now! Come by my house in the roses for some fun! We are having a dessert festival… come and participate. It promises to be FANTASTIC!!!