Sunday, April 6, 2008


Finally, it must be spring. Here are some pictures I took at mom's this morning. The crocus' and daffodil's are just now blooming here. I thought the bright purple flowers looked quite refreshing don't you agree?

This little guy seems to be enjoying them too. My dad loved gnomes. Mom and I try to find cute ones just as reminders that "dad would've liked this".

Notice all the acorns scattered. Mom has 2 big oak trees in her backyard. Squirrels are in paradise here.

Here's one little bright yellow. The other one looks like she just pooped out. The yellow and the purple are very pretty together.

This little lady is in charge of keeping the summer flowers around the birdbath. I love her. Mom was lucky she saw her first!! Mom worked very hard last summer planting various goodies around her birdbath. So this year it's exciting to see how it all turns out. The little garden keeper is sure to stay busy for the next few months.

This is Lacey, Lacey Littlefeet to be exact. She's about 12 years old and great company for my mom. She's a mixed breed. Dad named her Lacey because of her markings. I added Littlefeet because she had little feet compared to my old Boxer's big feet. She's getting old but still has a little spunk left in her. She just can't go for those long beloved walks anymore. And we have to sneak out of the house to go on one or else she barks the whole time we are gone. We tried that last summer. The poor neighbors.


Cathy Cobblestone said...

That lil' gnome looks as happy as he can be admiring those pretty purple flowers - I'm sure your dad is smiling. So glad that spring is headed up your way! Have a beautiful week! Cathy

CIELO said...

Oh how beautiful.... looking a spring's heralds everywhere is so conforting! thanks for sharing!

Have a great day


Gayla said...

What pretty flowers. I love the gnome picture.

PAT said...

Hi Lisa...I love the photos. We're finally having spring like weather here. Maybe rain this evening into tomorrow, but the weather will continue to improve.

Lacey Littlefeet is so cute! Still looks pretty perky.


PixieDust said...

I love that little lady, also!


Thank you for you visit to my blog, and your comment on my little dog... you have quite a beautiful baby yourself!


Susie Q said...

Now that is a happy gnomes and I love them happy! : )
Love Spring flowers...

Love the sweet puppy too~!