Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Cool Evening

I just snapped this picture a few minutes ago. There's something about the early evening, just before dark that I love. I love the smells, the sights, the sounds. A light breeze was blowing the sound of crickets, frogs and a little rumble of thunder through the night air. My camera didn't want to cooperate with the various lights as I tried to get a picture of the street. We've had enough rain to last a while, but the smell and sound of rain is so relaxing. I wish I could bottle it all and save it for later.
This time of evening makes me think about when I was a little girl. We had fairy rings on the lawn outside of our home. I'm sure you've seen those dark green circles of grass with mushrooms popping up here and there throughout the ring. I remember my dad telling me that fairies would come out at night, when no one was around and dance. They danced in circles in the ring. I was charmed, my imagination ran wild. I could just vision the fairies in their twinkling costumes dancing into the night. There was a fairy ring where I work and I shared this story with a co-worker, she didn't get it. I think that is so sad. Everyone should have fairies dancing in rings sometime, somewhere in their life. As I sit here looking out my window, it's dark, it's cool, the breeze is illuminating. I just know, somewhere, fairies are preparing for their next soiree...

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justabeachkat said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment. I'd love for you to come back're always welcome. It looks like you and I enjoy some of the same blogs. There's so many many nice people out there, isn't there? I've sure enjoyed my visit here this afternoon and will be back.

Have a wonderful weekend.