Monday, June 1, 2009


We had to kennel Annie and Kia for the first time in 2 years while we went to St. Louis. They don't really like that too well. Reynaldo had the house to himself with tons of food and 2 litter boxes.

After having false hopes of him being Mr. Lovey Dovey upon our return, reality soon sat in. He acted like he didn't know us. It took him a few minutes to realize the peace and quiet would soon be over.

We drove 30 miles to get the girls. Annie was frightened, as we knew she would be, the whole time. And Kia warmed up to the lady in order to get a walk a to be petted. However, just before we arrived she got very sick. The vet gave her some meds and told us she thought it was just nerves, but just in case...
Annie and Kia stunk so bad we had to give Annie her yearly haircut and bathed both of them! Nothing like being home and naked!!

It was a long trip home, Kia got sick in the car. I felt so bad for her. She may have to take our next trip with us. She's better now and I think the vet was right. She thought we weren't coming back to get her. Remember, she was the one that was dumped in Moberly and starved along with her brothers. She must remember those terrible days.


Terri and Bob said...

Lisa, we just had the same experience over Memorial Day. Wilson went right up to the vet and made friends. Truman was scared to death. Wehn we picked them up, Wilson was ready to come home, bounded to the car. Truman was scared the whole time, I don't even think he ate while we were gone. He is fine now, though! Our cat, however, is not welcome at the vets any more. He gets his shots in the car. That is another story altogether.

Becky K. said...

Oh dear. Chloe loves to ride in the car and wants to go with us everywhere. Kimmy gets carsick in just moments...getting to the mountains four hours away with them is a trick...our vet recommended gingersnaps. They might help a little, but at least they aren't as stinky when they make a return visit....argghh.

Cats can have such attitudes. They are great!

Susie Q said...

And they truly ARE our fur kids aren't they? Our Henry had a horrble experience at the kennel his first time. I doubt we will ever do that with him again. Lucy did well and Kip usually does, especially when my Mom's dog is with him. But I doubt he sleeps a wink or eats well while we are away. I had to kaugh when I read terri's comment about her cat! Our first cat was like that! At one kennel there was sign on her cage reading *Does not play well with others...or ANYONE for that maytter!* HA! But she loved us and was our baby...*sigh*

I love the pictures of your babies...: )


Ashley ~ said...

Your furbabies are adorable*! I hope they all will be feeling better real soon*! ((hugs to the furbabies)) _Ashley ~

CatHerder said...

I bet Reynaldo had a blast!

Merrie. said...

Poor babies' Lisa I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all your love in this past week; Murphy also wanted me to say that he loves ya ( hope your hubby does not read this I told the Murph to keep his "affair" on the DL; but ya know how bullies are!) and that I should have remembered yesterday to include your name in my blog post about the friends here in blogland; well I thought about it and so I will do so asap; cuz we both just love ya. Tell DH Happy Birthday; he sure is a hottie! Hey I told Murph he has sure got some stiff competition there; he says fur always wins; lol; with love from Me and the babies