Friday, June 26, 2009

A Sidekick, A Siren, and A Singer

Let alone regular people like us, plus celebrities have been keeping the Pearly Gates busy this week.
The Side Kick

The Siren

The Singer
This week has been quite the week for celebrity deaths. I've read so much and heard so much in the past 24 hours that I wasn't going to bite. Just so you know, I've changed my mind.

Now, I didn't keep up on Ed McMahon much. After hearing rumors about bankrupty and financial failure my heart went out to him. Whenever I hear his name I automatically think of him as Carson's sidekick. Oh, and not to forget, the guy who ends up in everyone's mailbox for a chance to win a million. Right now I am visualizing Johnnie Carson and Ed reuniting and catching up. Wouldn't you love to be sitting at that table?

Farrah, one of Charlie's Angels. A childhood friend would jump at the chance to be "Jill" when we played Charlie's Angels. I succumbed to being a Kate or Jaclyn Smith (cannot remember screen names), but I loved those girls too, plus I'm a brunette so it was all good. Burning Bed was the first real acting gig I can recall Farrah performing aside from Charlie's Angels. The movie made me think about abuse situations and made me realize, at quite a young age, this woman could act. Really act. Just something about her, natural, poised, and classy. We seemed to forget her age, as she aged. She was so very much like that beautiful sexy poster every young man had in his room during the 70s. Kudos to Ryan O'Neal for following through on his promise to take care of her and being with her during this difficult time. As Jaclyn Smith reported this morning, Farrah is with the real Angels now.

On to Michael. Michael has had quite the life hasn't he? No one said he's perfect. Although he came close. Then he fell. Unfortunately for many that's the Michael they will remember. I choose not to. I choose to remember how great his music was while I was growing up. Thriller was his number one album, but I loved him before that. Remember the Jackson 5 and all those shows they performed on television? His album Off the Wall rocked my world until I received Thriller for Christmas from my parents.

In the early 1980s, MJ set the tone for music of the future. My favorite memory of him was performing on the Motown 25th Anniversary Special. He sang Billie Jean. He moonwalked. He moonwalked for the first time bringing tons of people to their feet. My dad was laying on the floor while we watched it on TV. I couldn't help but yell, "HOW DID HE DO THAT?" Dad chuckled, "I have NO idea." A moment I will never, ever forget. MJ was so exciting to watch. His dance moves were electrifying. Young people copied his moves for years to come. There is no denying it!
My neighbor told me last night, his daughter, Brooke, loves MJ. In fact last week they were watching some of his videos on YouTube together. We both agreed no matter how freakish MJ had become, he had some of the best dance music ever. My neighbor said, "you know Lisa, MJ was the Elvis of our time." THAT, he was, I had to agree. This makes me think of a comment I saw this morning. A "friend" made the comment MJ was such a pervert and we should regard Jesus as our hero and not MJ. Maybe so. But I don't think she was thinking of Jesus when I saw her at a high school dance many years ago. As I recall she was shaking her booty and batting her eyelashes like the rest of us. Maybe it's not important to her now. Maybe she doesn't cherish those memories like I do. Maybe she sees the greater good in everyone except perverts. My guess is, there is a pervert sharing her pew at church on Sunday. He/she's smiling like everyone else. And, they may be dancing naked to Thriller in the privacy of their own home. The last I knew, Jesus loves everyone, no matter the circumstances. (Just a side note, I know pervs are pervs. But let me tell ya folks, pervs are EVERYWHERE!! They are NOT just celebrities!!)
I wish MJ could have ended on a note like he did on Motown's 25th Anniversary Show. He deserved that. Personal choices and greed appeared to drown him in years to come. As fans, we judged him and wanted him to be as wonderful as he was once. Human nature watches people fail and we make it very difficult to allow people to prove their way back. Maybe he was on his way. Maybe things didn't really happen like we saw in the media. Maybe money really is the root of all evil.
MJ's concert in London already sold out. That speaks volumes.
May you rest in peace MJ!


Gayla said...

I loved this post. This afternoon I was thinking to myself... no kidding I wouldn't lie: "So... Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson walk together up to St. Peter at the Pearly Gates!" and then I couldn't think of a punch line... Aren't we nutty to have the same idea.. Only your post is eloquent and wonderful... Your punch line is amazing, and your tribute brought me to my feet just like MJ's famous moonwalk. I agree with you. I refuse to focus on their faults, just as I hope people will do for me. Hugs forever.. G.

Domestic Designer said...

They will all be missed. Like you I feel this isn't the time to judge. It is the time to remember the good that all of these individuals have done. Great post! Have a wonderful weekend!

Terri and Bob said...

Oh Lisa, I am such a MJ fan myself, I was sooo excited about this post. I was in my early 20s when he hit it big in the early 80s. I have always had a huge soft spot for him. I cried at his mistakes and prayed for him all the time. Such a great post, for both Ed and Farrah, too.

Lisa said...

"Maybe she sees the greater good in everyone except perverts." That alone was enough to keep me laughing for the rest of the night. I know I wasn't supposed to focus on one sentence, but you always make me smile!

New England Girl said...

Wonderful post, Lisa. I loved your take on the MJ situation. The world lost some incredibly talented and gifted human beings this week. No matter what their personal lives bestowed upon them, we should remember them for the good they did and the joy they brought millions of people.

Sue said...

Very nice for MJ I hope he is finally at peace with himself........he was a troubled soul....

Anonymous said...