Monday, June 9, 2008

Ten Years Ago

I just read a blog discussing what took place ten years ago. Made me think, not so much about me. Well ok, it's always about me, but about a movie I saw ten years ago. Remember Practical Magic? I would love to have that house. Remember that house? Actually, remember that kitchen in THAT house? I love that kitchen. I want that kitchen. It was the heart of the movie. All the goodstuff took place in the kitchen.
I would love to have chow with Aidan Quinn in this quaint little nook. I'm not real big on white everything. I love white, but I'm not such a neat freak I could pull it off. However, given a big beautiful, charming house such as this, I'd give it a good ole try!!

Pay no attention to the cameras at the top of this picture. I love the wide plank wood floor. Especially the old farm table in the center of the room.
Now this picture makes it look like someone is living here. I love it.

Okay Aidan, what would you like for breakfast?

Then next picture has my name written all over it. I really need to find a little space to work up something like this on the wall.

I can't say I loved this movie because I really didn't. I was a bit disappointed. However, every scene with the house and it's grounds drew my attention. Oh, and the famous line, "c'mon ladies, lets clean house!!"


Terri and Bob said...

Totally had forgotten about this movie and this delightful kitchen. You are right, it is wonderful. I love that little nook. Wish I had the talent to do it myself.

PAT said...

Hi Lisa...I haven't seen this movie. I just might have a look the next time I see it listed. I love this house!!

Aiden Quinn is lovely to look at too!


Gayla said...

Ah.... This movie and this house... what a mood builder. I remember stealing off alone to watch this movie on a cool afternoon.... I have a lotion that reminds me of that day. I loved the movie, even though the end was a bit goofy. I loved the shop, too.... with the shelves of products.... and the aunts..... I'd love to be Sandra Bullock or her gorgeous sister, but I'm afraid I'm one of the aunts..... and you know who is the other! haha...

Gayla said...

P.S. If you've never read the book by Alice Hoffman... It is totally different from the movie.

Anonymous said...

Never saw that movie,but will take the kitchen any day.