Tuesday, June 24, 2008

With My Fairy Godmother's Help

Cielo, at The House in the Roses, always has wonderful, romantic posts. Whether it's roses, gardens, or stories of fairies. This time she's singing my song. She's singing the song from Cinderella. "What's your color?" she asks. I love color and I love romance. So Cielo, if my Fairy Godmother should appear and I could have the body of Gisele Bundchen, my Fairy Godmother would be working her wings off. I'd try on every dress I have ever dreamt about.
My Fairy Godmother is giving me the chance to do whatever I want. So I will start with RED. I love red. Nothing speaks like red. You are right Cielo, red is the color of the cupid and of the devil.
It depicts romance to me and my Fairy Godmother. We'll leave it at that. The Devil will see us after hours. hmmmm....

Blue. Sky Blue. Electric Blue. Beautiful Blue. From beautiful blue to beautiful blush. I love this. I'll keep this one on for awhile...Oh wait, just a minute. I'm feeling playful. MEOW...nope, not Cinderella material. But fun to try on...Green is generally not my color. But I love this. I have to try it on, my whimsical side is stirring....I've heard black is not a color. Can Cinderella dance in this?I've also heard white is not a color. This one makes me feel like a beach angel. The ocean breeze can sweep me away...

Oh, I must catch my breath. Champagne. A perfect color for a perfect skintone. The Fairy Godmother is getting close. In fact she's on fire. I can't make up my mind. Just one more...My carriage awaits. I love you Fairy Godmother!

Thank you Cielo for bringing back the Fairy Godmother, it's been too long!


CIELO said...

Ahhhhh, your Fairy Godmother is better than mine! She must be a better seamstress! Love love each and every one of these dresses…. I like the red; it depict so much passion, and joy! But of course, WHITE for me Ms Fairy Godmother!

Have a wonderful dreamy day, Lisa!



justabeachkat said...

What a fun post! I love them all...so pretty...but my favorite is the blush one.


Cathy Cobblestone said...

What a cute post - or beautiful post I should say. It would be so hard for me to decide but since I love green and ADORE polka dots - I'd go with the green one - it looks like it has dots hanging all over it - how FUN! We can all dream every now and then. It has been way to long since I got to put on a pretty dress - I'll have to find an occassion - SOON! Take Care, Cathy

The Country Junction said...

Thanks for stopping by out blog Lisa! Hope you can make it by the shop some time!!!

PAT said...

This was fun, Lisa!