Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Aunt Karen's Flower Gardens

My Aunt Karen moved back here from Florida a few years ago after her hubby retired. She's misses Florida more than anyone can imagine. Since they've been back, they've purchased some property in the country and started anew. Not my idea of retirement, but theirs and that's all that matters. They have levelled off their land and have made many flower beds to keep busy. Mom and I buzzed out there tonight, but they were gone. We snuck around the property and took a few pictures. Next time I will get one of them. Due to the weather being a little uncooperative this spring, she didn't get a lot of flowers planted like she normal. These yellow daisies have taken over. Yellow is her favorite color.This is one of my favorite spots in her yard. I love the autum sedum. The sign reads "Thrive". Notice the "teepee" in the background. I thought it was funny and looked very appropriate in the woods. The bigger picture turned out too dark, but I'm glad you can see it in the distance.Mom found this fella a couple of years ago. She came out when Aunt Karen wasn't home and stuck him in the garden. Aunt Karen was standing at her window when she noticed a huge, fat rabbit sitting in her flower bed. By the time she got outside she realized he wasn't real. Aunt Karen needs glasses. :)Just past her Hosta garden sits a real life bunny. No one needs glasses to see him.Two of my favorite colors, hot pink and purple. She's found some old pots to plant them in. I believe she even found them while walking through her property before they levelled it off.More old pots, a windmill and a mailbox. That one was new to me. I hope she didn't steal it!! Ha, really Aunt Karen is NOT a criminal. She just likes to sneak a drink of fine wine on occassion, but don't tell Uncle Dave. Notice a new upcoming flowerbed in the rear. A bed of Cockscombs. This is new. She is apparently still working it. Looks like a hillbilly grave, but don't tell her, she'll dig it up and start all over. Trust me, it won't look like this in a few weeks.I love this picture. It just needs a hammock with me laying on top reading the books my nice friends told me I should read this summer. It looks like a park. You can see the wrap around bench Uncle Dave made for one of his trees. I cannot remember what flowers were planted in this bed.

Aunt Karen has tons more flowers planted around her house. I didn't get a picture of her home or the other flowers because it was getting dark. Next time. I know she'd rather have palm trees and key limes and who knows whatever else she stuck in the ground in Florida. But, I do believe she has worked her fingers to the bone without a lot frilly things. This yard is beautiful in the summer and fall.


justabeachkat said...

Sorry I haven't been by in awhile. Between company and all my recent medical "stuff", I've been way behind in my blog reading. It's been fun catching up with you tonight though.


Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous place.

Puyallup flowers

Gayla said...

Wonderful... I wish I loved gardening as much as I love the product.

Oliver's said...

Thank you for your sweet comments and for stopping by my blog. Smiles, Paula

Anne Fannie said...

Hi thanks for stopping by my garden party on my blog and leaving such a sweet message. I enjoyed your tour of your aunts place. I cracked up at your comments...the hillbilly grave, etc. I enjoyed seeing it, love the windmill.
love, ann