Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Hubby

I've tried to no end to get my hubby to pose for me. He promises, but hasn't come through yet. All I asked was for him to swing a golf club so I could snap a picture. I thought it would be great to catch him in his element so I could show him off for his birthday. Since that didn't happen and promises always seem to scatter, I snapped this picture tonight. It's the hubby and his new reel mower. He's been wanting one for quite sometime. Truth be known, he's kinda in his element here. He's become quite the lawn caretaker and works very hard at it. If he pushes with the gas mower it takes over 2 hours to do it right. Needless to say, the rider takes much less time and is much more fun for him. Gas prices will have us doing things a little differently this year. I have to admit, the reel mower did a mighty fine job. Here's the hubby: Pay no attention to the striped golf shirt with the redneck camo shorts. Notice Annie. Since I didn't walk her tonight (she walks like a drunk dog, Kia is much better), she took it upon herself to walk laps while the hubby mowed. Back and forth, back and forth.

The hubby is really pretty simple. He likes golf, the St. Louis Cardinals, bowling, eating, shopping for funky tennis shoes and golf shirts and watching TV. Keep in mind this is in no particular order and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. One of these days I will show you just how funky his golf shirts can be. I've been known to "bury" one. It won't be seen for weeks. Then the next thing I know he's wearing it. I remember one officer at work yelled at me, "I really HATE that shirt he wears", "me too", I replied. He chuckled.

I met him 10 years ago, had no idea I would ever marry the man. I think he tricked me. We became friends right from the start. There was no romantic interest on my part at first, at all. I think he felt the same way. He asked me to come down and watch him shoot darts. I thought to myself, "now why in the world would I want to drive 20 miles to watch someone play darts?" It did not sound appealing to me. Nor did I consider it a date. After asking me a few more times, I finally rallied and agreed. But not enthusiastically. It just sounded very boring to me. As the weekend grew closer, he acted a little different. Since we worked together he wanted to know if it would bother me or if I was prepared for the backlash our friends might give us. Then I knew. I'm stupid. I wasn't really going to watch him play darts. I had accepted an offer for a date. I never thought I was THAT slow.

Our life is uneventful and we prefer it that way. The older we get the more we are content staying at home and not doing much. We spend a big amount of time together. We share rides to work and work in the same field. We practically do the same thing. It's almost ironic it has worked for us. I can't say it's always peachy and I would love to tell you we go together like peanut butter and jelly. Maybe it would be best to say we are more like Roseanne and whatever her TV husband's name was - Dan? We bicker, we play, we joke, we bicker. I'm not sure I fully believe people when they say their relationships are picture perfect and they've never argued. How boring. My hubby and I both have lots of opinions and we are both a little stubborn. But that's okay. Keep in mind, he's much more laid back and I'm wound tight.

I'm his number one fan. That's why he's never taken me golfing. I can't keep quiet at any sporting event. I'd be chanting from the cart, "hole in one, hole in one, hey hubby get that hole in one". If he putted a good one, shot a bogey, a birdie, or a who knows what else golfers call their stuff, I'd be doing a cartwheel down the fairway. Can you imagine the wife, almost 6ft, chunky, attempting to do a cartwheel in front of his golf buddies? He might never go golfing again. It's his time. He doesn't need a cheerleader. But I always ask, "how did you do today?" The hubby always gives me one of these responses, "not good, but not bad", "so-so", "I could've done better" and my favorite, "uhhhhh". Then the next day at work someone will ultimately say, "did the hubby tell you what he shot yesterday?" "Uh, of course", with a sarcastic edge. He's humble, which I admire. And I hear he's quite good at this golf thing.

He's my hubby. We are about to celebrate out 3 year wedding anniversary. He had a big heart attack on June 4th, 2006, very early in the morning. When they loaded him up on the helicopter to send him to Columbia, I was scared out of my mind. We were both entirely too young to know that feeling. Given he had a major artery 100% blocked, he came through like a true golfer that he is. Life wasn't easy for the next few months after that, but he adjusted, we adjusted and he golfed.

If he wasn't/isn't golfing, there's always the St. Louis Cardinals. He's no fair weathered fan, he's a die hard(I think I said that in an earlier post.). When we first started dating he had issues with the Cards' manager. He could talk for hours about this issue. If his buddies were around, they could talk for hours about this issue. Only the hubby was adamant his opinion was the one that really mattered. I think he's since gotten over it. At the time I thought it was endearing.

The hubby is really pretty sweet in a funny sorta way. He's the kindest person I know. I admire that about him also. He takes pride in his job, doesn't take life too seriously, and doesn't believe he's any better than anyone. They say opposites attract? We did. He likes Bud Lite, I'm practically a tee-totaller. He likes, er LOVES Pizza, no green vegetables, well preferably just no vegetables. I like vegetables. He's a night person. I'm a morning person. He's very hard of hearing. I can hear very well. He's a whisperer (mumbler), I'm a screamer. He chuckles. I laugh from the bottom of my feet. Get the picture?

That's the hubby. There's something about him. In fact, I traded in my Royal blues for Cardinal reds. So there must be...


CIELO said...

Hehehe, so cute! And he is handsome too! Happy happy anniversary to both of you, and many blessings from our Heavenly Father!

Pd: It’s party time!... Party time!—come to The House in the Roses and see! Hope you can participate.


PAT said...

I love every bit of this post, Lisa!

We were talking about one of those reel mowers the other day. I'm not sure the elderly fella, I live with would be able to push it these days, neither would I, come to think of it. Does yours sound like the old mowers? I love that sound. It's a great summertime sound!

Have a wonderful weekend.