Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Trying Times

On Monday my workplace started a pilot project I'm ecstatic about. The 10 hour day, 4 day work week. The hubby and I have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. We go in at 7 and get off work at 5:30. So far so good. (I'm definitely a morning person and would much prefer going in at 6. I function a little more slowly after 3pm!) I'm adjusting to this new schedule and hope it works. We are in this trial time for 90 days. Then everyone will see how it works. Not everyone is involved, if someone wanted to keep the old schedule, they were welcome to do that. However, once you committed to the trial period, you ARE committed. Tonight I'm in a fog. There are so many things I want/need to do and I just feel like they have to wait until the fog lifts. Hopefully it will be soon.

I'm not a big political person as I don't believe a lot of what promises promise. But I have to refer you to SuzyQ at Rabbit Run Cottage. I love your post today Suzy, you go girl. The hubby and I are a divided vote this year, so we just don't enlighten each other much on this topic. I'll be happy when this is all over and we will know (?) what to expect. Hmmm....

At the risk of being shallow, does anyone watch Lipstick Jungle? I've really gotten into this nite time soap. The little designer lady cracks me up. And there are a couple of pretty hunky fellas in the show too. To lessen the load of being shallow, I'm starting a new book tonight called, "The Ice Queen". I hope that makes up for it!!! Goodnight dear friends....


justabeachkat said...

10 hour days! Oh girl, no wonder you're in a fog! Hope things improve quickly for you.

I read Susie Q's post today too. Loved it.


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

I ahve worked that scedule before, bbut was off on Wdnesday, Saturday adn Sunday. So I'd work 2 days, be off a day then work 2 days and be of 2 days. I enjoyed it, but I was also going to college at night,3 nights a week, so it was hard to say the least! I made it though and worked that way for a couple of years. My hours were 6:00am to 6:00pm, and I am a morning person too, so there were some trials!
The boss changed it back to the old schedules and that was okay too. Sometimes change can be a good thing.
Good luck!

Cinlyn said...

You are not shallow! I love that show..."Lipstick Jungle"! Also love Lifetime's "Army Wives"!