Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hi Everybody

Hey everybody, it's me Annie P. Had to say hi 'cause I haven't been on assignment in awhile. See me? I got a bath. I don't like 'em, but I got one. The other girl did too. Mom tricked me in this shot. She said "grandma" and I stood at attention 'cause I thought I was going for a ride to see grandma. No, I got tricked. See the other girl's foot in the picture? She got a bath too. She liked it though. If I'm nice I may decide to show her pic too. Lots of stuff going on around here. Mom's complaining 'cause the house is a mess. ReyRey knocked over Mt. Dew on the carpet. heehee. Me and the other girl just sat back and watched the fireworks. That darn cat. He's gettin' braver and more perverted. He bites my tail and feet. He's that kinda guy. I knew I shoulda called in the Coon Brigade last spring. Back to me. Do you like my furry curly collar? The other girl doesn't have one. I grow one every fall, I love it. The girls next door in doggy jail asked me if was real. Can ya believe it? Just cause I'm prettier, they have to be all nasty about it. Gotta go, that crazy cat is up to no good. Me and the other girl gotta get good seats.

The other girl...


Anonymous said...

That is to cute. Mine is the crazy Jersey Cadet. He has been in the candy dish. Just about empty now and teaching his new little brother bad things. the cat is in the window watching them get their butt whipped.

Farmchick said...

That is cute--I can just hear her talking!!! Have a great evening!

Terry said...

So cute! My girl hates baths too, but wowie she needs it bad when she gets back in the woods.
Your girls are pretty!

Kath said... cute!!
I'm glad I'm not
the only one w/talking
fur-babies!! ;)


Kindra said...

I just love your furry friends. :) Annie P. looks all cute and fuzzy after her bath.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Too cute! Loved the story to go with the pics!

Have a great weekend!

Gayla said...

See, I told mom that Annie would be talking big "that's what I'm talkin about" talk about ReyRey and the camera... Got to take advantage when the chips are down... Hugs.

~Tonya said...

You girls are so sweet and ReyRey sounds like trouble to ya both.

Such a cute post and sweet doggies.


Karen said...

Lisa, your babies are so adorable!
I love your wonderful story that went with it!

Diane said...

Your doggies are just lovely give them both a hug from me and my dogs...Later..x