Monday, March 28, 2011


A Picture of a Person I Would Trade Places with for a Day

I had to really think about this one. Numerous people ran through my head. My favorite thing in the world to do is laugh and be happy. When I watch Paula Deen on the Food Network or any talk show for that matter, I love her energy and upbeat personality. She is one person that seems to be who she is no matter where she is, if that makes sense. I have a feeling the Paula you see on TV is the same Paula you would have a Diet Coke with sitting on the patio. Looking at her today and knowing what she has done to get this far is pretty darn amazing. She must be proud. Her guests are unique and fun. Just one day in her shoes and her kitchen with her oolala sons, would just be pretty darn memorable!!


Helen said...

Me too!!! Everything you said!

Anonymous said...

I'd wash the dishes for you : )

" a old Marine"