Saturday, March 12, 2011

What's Good for the Goose Is...

This morning the toilet paper holder fell off the wall. This continues to be a series of things that have fallen apart at my home. A series of things that are added to my THIS WILL NEVER GET REPAIRED LIST. So I have a mini meltdown on the toilet. Yes I did. I dropped the F bomb. Hubby was not concerned when he heard the nickel wall piece fall on the tile. However when the F bomb exploded I heard him wrestle himself out of the computer chair. "What happened?" he quizzed. I quickly contemplated telling him, "something else that I HAVE to add to my THISWILLNEVERGETREPAIREDLIST", but I did not. Instead I said, "this F bombing thing fell off the wall." He watched as I pulled up my capris and replied, "you used to never say the F bomb, but you say it all the time now you need to quit!" I simply state, "okay." Again, he repeated himself stating, "you never used that word, now it's all you say, you really need to quit." Again, I simply state, "okay." Fearful that he may have made me mad he did these goofy things to try to make me laugh. I didn't. Gave him a quick peck on the kisser at his request and left the bathroom. Yes, I left the bathroom thinking, "THE TOILET PAPER HOLDER FELL OFF THE WALL. I TRIED TO FIX IT BUT COULDN'T, NOW I WILL ADD IT TO MY F BOMBING THISWILLNEVERGETREPAIREDLIST!" He returned to his computer chair and I returned to the kitchen vowing to never voice the F bomb in his presence ever again. As long as he's happy to NOT to have to listen to the F bomb, I guess I will learn to be happy adding things to my never repair list. HOWEVER, I will listen patiently for the F bomb to drop from his mumbling tongue. And, keep a silent tally. I have never fully understood rulemakers. I guess I never will.


Gayla said...

Well, honey,
I understand, and I, too, have one of those lists.

Mary T said... are so great. I love it.