Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Doug Story

This is Doug. Doug works for me. Doug knows a lot about people. Doug knows a lot about a lot of things. However, Doug does not know his boss has a blog. So I'm going to tell you a Doug story. This story made me laugh so hard yesterday morning I cried. I will never be able to tell it like Doug, but I'm gonna try. Doug is a free spirit who lived in California for many years. He has a passion for music and plays the guitar and sings with his band. He's been in several bands over the years and has lots of stories to tell. Like being ornery during gigs and changing the words to songs and noticing that know one notices. But I think this one had to be one of my favorites.
This takes place when Doug was living in San Diego. His band was playing in a bar. He said it was crowded and went on to explain how close the front row was to the stage. Doug described about 7, yes 7 absolutely beautiful women walked in and he couldn't stop looking at them. "These girls were hot and dressed to the nines. Lo and behold, they sat in the front row just a very short way from the stage." Doug was happy. He knew it was his night and was gonna give this show all he had because he just knew he was gonna get lucky with one of those girls that night. He described the music he was playing. Standing on that stage, "throwing everything in but the kitchen sink." Doug was front and center. The girls just arms length away.
Doug told me he was kicked back playing that guitar like heck with his eyes closed looking cool. Hoping one of those hot chicks would be impressed, he wanted to peak at them. So, he opened his right eye just a little to get a gander. Guess what he saw? He could not focus on those sweet girls because all he could focus on was a long string of drool coming from his mouth all the way to his guitar strap in front of him.
Needless to say, Doug didn't get lucky that night.


Helen said...

Oh good for you Mr. Doug doesn't know about Cranberry Flats!

Terri said...

I just snorted Pepsi out my nose. Hilarious!!

Kat aka Beachkat said...

Hi sweet friend!

Gosh, I've had fun catching up with you tonight, especially this post about Doug...too funny! It seems like FOREVER since I've had time to just read blogs and enjoy myself. Between our two weeks in California and then having two grandsons here for Spring Break, I seem to have gotten myself behind. Not anymore though. I'm BAAAACK!