Monday, November 2, 2009

Sadly Missed

Tonight ReyRey misses his live in girlfriend Callee. Callee's getting her nails done and female parts snipped. He seems a bit out of sorts. He's probably wondering when he's next to be gone. Rey has sat like this for quite a while this evening, not even noticing when my camera made that "ding" sound. Maybe he's a little depressed. Callee will be back tomorrow, our house will be wild again.

Here's ReyRey watching his girlfriend in the window. Intently watching her every move as to avoid any smacks and scratches he finds confusing.

On Halloween night we hung a witch my hubby found in St. Louis a few years ago. The wind was blowing enough we thought she would chuckle that evil chuckle all night. Our treaters apparently weren't close or tall enough to cause her to go off. You can see her piercing blue eyes in the black photo. I missed the chance of the fiber optic hair sparkling in the night.

Because of all the little treaters that come to the door, we had to put Annie and Kia in doggie jail for the evening. Don't they look absolutely pathetic?
We didn't have many treaters at all this year and I miss that. Very few people had lights on in this neighborhood. Last year I told hubby we wouldn't do this next year. We tried it again, out of guilt and tradition. We saw some cute little ones, but not enough to keep the light on next year. The nights of Halloween have been overcome with caution and care, which is a good thing. But oh how I miss the days of silly string, toilet paper and candy!!


Brenda Eason said...

He may not want her when she gets back =) My new male kitten thinks he is a true stud.
Your cats are beautiful.

Nella said...

Here's the deal. Next year, when you get the urge for trick or treaters, head over to my house. We have naughty chili dogs and tater tots and pumpkin pie. We take turns passing out the candy and ooh and ahh over the little ones. I ran out of candy at 8:30 and had to shut the lights off, blow out the candle lights hanging in the tree and bring in the pumpkins. I had 8 bags of candy! Even if I had 25 bags, I still would have run out. It was fun. N

Anonymous said...

I miss the days when the kids could go trick-or-treating too. More and more people are opting to have family parties. That's how it is in our family anyway. The last couple of years we gave out candy we got mostly adults. It just doesn't feel safe any more. It is a shame.

Sue said...

we haven't had kids come by in years....we don't even bother anymore to buy candy...its' kinda sad....but I guess it's justnot safe anymore....which is even sadder.....