Friday, November 13, 2009

For My Favorite Marine!

My favorite Marine, JJ. Unfortunately I don't get to see JJ as much as I used to. He retired as Major last February and I miss him terribly. On Veteran's Day I remembered to send him a Happy Veteran's Day email just to let him know I was thinking of him on one of his favorite holidays. He is very, very proud to share his experiences as a Marine. He loves God, his country and his family. JJ sent me a reply telling me he missed the cake I would make for him in honor of Veteran's Day. I had forgotten all about that so here you go JJ. It's carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I'm sure you would embrace the pan and carry it carefully to your office so no one else could share until you know you've had your fill. I sure wish I could give you this in person and say "Thank you for being my favorite Marine!!" (Only I'd make apple cake instead of carrot, just so you know!)

For several years I took JJ cake, but I can't remember when it started. If I recall correctly I'm sure it started as a total fluke. JJ can do that to people. Cause flukes I mean. The first time he called me on the phone to remind me it was going to be Veteran's Day and just wanted me to know he wasn't going to be at work the day after (we get this holiday off) Veteran's Day. He didn't want me to feel bad when I brought cake in and he wasn't there. My mind was whirling. I couldn't remember bringing him in a piece of cake on his special day. However, in case I had forgotten, or in case JJ couldn't SUCKER any other lady to bring in cake for Veteran's Day, I decided to make this my personal tradition with him. In my mind I could picture JJ sitting in his office calling his favorite girls first trying to figure out which one he could entice to bring him cake. (There was probably a small audience egging him on.) Unknown to me which number I hailed, I baked cake for JJ. So the tradition began.
JJ, you will always be my favorite Marine. In my heart I hold you forever eating cake!! Happy Veteran's Day JJ!!


Becky K. said...

This was so nice.

Becky K.

Sue said...

What a nice thing to do even if you orignally got snookered into baking him a cake...i would say he deserves a special cake...

Blasé said...

Lisa, you're a Doll!

Lucky JJ

Anonymous said...

That picture of me holding the AK47was taken the summer before Lisa was born. the AK47 berlong to a N.V.A. soilder that I was face to face with he had it pointed at me and I had my M16 pointed at him. After a brief period of time he decided to drop his weapon & he was taken as a P.O.W.
Lisa has a special place in my heart. She was born the month and year my again touched U.S. soil. Had anyone told me that a sweet baby girl had just be born in Macon, MO. that would someday would be a co-worker & trusted friend, I would have tolded them they were crazy.
Lisa is one of the special angel that GOD brought into my life to help me cope with the horrors of the Viet Nam War.
I am a better person today only because of the very few special angels GOD placed in the chosen path of my life. I can not imiage nor do I want to imiage what life would have been like had I taken that other path.
Lisa, many thanks for your pretty smile that always brighten my day and the laughter we shared.YOU ARE A TRUE SWEETHEART. And someday you will look into the mirro and God will let you see just what a special angel you really are. May God bless you
Love You

Lisa said...

You are too sweet JJ, I love you!

Michelle said...

You are such a sweetheart! JJ is lucky to have you remember him and fix him cake...a very special cake.

Thank you so much for coming by with your well wishes. We are all hanging in there! Even Mocha, slowly but surely. You are so sweet to think of us.

Lots of love and hugs...


Michelle and all the kitties :)

prashant said...
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