Sunday, November 1, 2009

Timmy the Tiger

My step-daughter Erica emailed these pictures of our grandson Timmy. She dressed him up like a Tiger for Halloween. Isn't he a cutie? I love the feet. She said he didn't care much for his headpiece he had to wear. I'm sure it was a little heavy and warm for him. But he looks adorable with or without his tiger head.

This is Erica and Timmy. I have two more pictures I want to include. However, I have to figure how to rotate them and keep them rotated too. I want every one to see Timmy's mommy and daddy!

Look at the paws wouldya? Thanks for the pictures Erica! I hope you guys had fun!! I'll include the others when I get that figured out!!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween, oh, and a safe one too!!


Brenda Eason said...

That is so sweet. My grandson was a Gorilla and his costume was made on this same pattern. He had the cutest fur feet and toe nails. It was so sweet,but it must have been warm he was out of it before getting here for a photo=(
I did get my other baby thank God,

Lisa @ akawest said...

Oh, he is soooo cute.

New England Girl said...

What an adorable little tiger!! He is so sweet. :)

Julie said...

He's just too cute! Aren't they so much fun at that age?

Sue said...

He's so cute....I think toddlers are the best age to have fun on Halloween....daughter had a big party for all the Gymboree kids and they all looked so cute when they first arrived then the group picture at the end of the party.....well, they all looked shop worn.