Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Have You Had Yours Yet?

Yes girls, you know the question. Hopefully you have the right answers. The year is winding down and the question is: Have YOU had your mammogram yet?

As much as I hated to, I had mine. November will be MY month to get MY mammogram. I've had four of them since last November. And I happily exclaim as of yesterday, I do not go back until next November. The beginning of my mammogram history. Next November was music to my ears. Even though I felt pretty sure the test would be good, I just had that feeling, you know the one. "Why didn't I bring someone with me?" The few people I shared this info with all had to work. And I thought "no big deal". You know, NO BIG DEAL, until they tell you "do not remove your robe". Then they herd you down the hallway to another special examination room.

Yesterday was a bit different. I really liked the mammographer. She did the last one and was wonderful then too. She told me yesterday she loved her job. I could tell. She was great at putting me at ease. She told me she never heard of an xray tech getting hugs from people. Hugs of relief and I'm so scared kinda hugs. She knows she has a gift and is willing to share what she knows (from experience too I might add). I told her I thought she was awesome! (Especially compared to the girls at the "other" hospital.)

The cons of getting older. So, there goes it, the year is almost up girls, it's time to get your mammogram!!!

PS - interestingly, two men were there getting breast exams too. So fellas, keep that in mind. Men are susceptible also!!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I had mine in February....glad to hear you got good news.:)

Lisa @ akawest said...

Good, I am glad you are okay.

Before we moved, my best friend and I made it a yearly outing. We always laughed that because she has breasts that rival a Playboy Playmate, while I never got past a training bra.

I do need to have a mammogram. I was due a few months back.

Domestic Designer said...

I have had mine. I hate having a mammogram because like you I have had to go back for the second and third on a couple of occasions. Isn't it wonderful when they say, "See you next year!"

Terri and Bob said...

Well, as you know, my mammogram results were the worst they can be. I am recovering from a bilateral mastectomy as I write. I cannot tell you how important this is... and how lucky we are to live in a day and age where we can find out about our cancers before they break out of our skin. Can you imagine that?

Fabulous post!

Diane said...

glad you are all clear, we dont get "done" till we turn 50, so i guess next b/day me invite will drop through the door

Kat said...

Thank you Lisa for spreading the word. As a survivor myself, I KNOW the importance of getting mammograms. Mine saved my life. Literally.


prashant said...

I hate having a mammogram because like you I have had to go back for the second and third on a couple of occasions

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