Sunday, August 17, 2008

Never Forgotten

I wrote an earlier post about music. And, I cannot believe, I forgot to add Elvis to my list of music my family listened to when I was younger. I meant to do this post yesterday, but didn't. I was too busy dreaming about all those model kitchens I looked at yesterday.

So, here it is, my tribute to Elvis. I can remember my dad playing his albums when I was little. We were, and still are, an Elvis Presley fan family!

I remember playing his music sooooo loud. Dad didn't care too much at that time. Only later, when my taste emerged reflecting a bit too modern stuff. My cousin Julie spent a lot of time at our house in the summer. She loved Elvis. I mean LOVED Elvis. We danced and sang all of his songs over and over again.
I recall the very day he passed away. My mom and I were listening to the radio in the living room when they announced the "special news bulletin". I don't really remember exactly what we were doing. But I remember being concerned about cousin Julie. I wanted to tell her myself that Elvis died. Mom reassured me that her mommy would tell her in the exact way she needed to be told. I worried. I wasn't sure mom was right. I stewed about it all day. Trying not to be a pest, I didn't let my mom know I thought she was wrong in her decision to let Julie's mommy share the news. The day went on, then the next, I guess Julie's mom Jackie told her. Hopefully in the way she needed it to be told. I'd love to see if she remembers it like I do.

And if she does remember it, I'm sure it's the young, saucy, suave Elvis that we loved so much. (To be honest, I'm not sure I, or we, would've realized just how he "was" exactly before he passed. We loved the young, handsome man who wooed the hearts of young girls in the 50s.)

Elvis, I was only 8. Julie was only 7. She always picked you for her boyfriend when we played house. We miss you. Thanks for the memories...


simple~needs said...

thats a beautiful post!! we did the same thing!! my sister was a year younger than i. she always picked elvis. lol
8/16/1977 we were
tanning in the yard when it came across the radio. i remember getting up to move the radio. i thought for sure we hadnt heard it right.

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Lisa -

What a sweet tribute! I play Elvis in my shop every day...he's always a hit with everyone who comes in!


Terri and Bob said...

My mom graduated from HS in the 50s and to say that she is an Elvis fan is an understatement. Her guest room is the Elvis room! We thought we were related to Elvis the way mom talked about him!

One day I would like to take Mom to Memphis.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Grandson Drew was born on Elvis' birthday, in 2006.

We sang E's songs in the waiting room, all evening, while waiting for Drew's arrival. By the way, Drew loves music and dancing!!

Wonderful post!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

We are an Elvis Fan family too. In fact, he felt like part of our family! We miss him too!

Becky K. said...

The last picture is my favorite. Elvis looks so young and sincere.

Becky K.