Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Sad...

Hi everyone, it's me Annie P. I have another assignment I'm working on, but I just need some support from my friends. This is how my night started out. I helped dad work on the yard. It has rained so much, he has to mow two times a week. He only did this the other day, but gosh, we had hay!! It's my job to walk in circles while he does what he does. It keeps other critters at bay. That is until these two show up. If you could only hear me whisper you would hear the sarcasm. Look:
That's Molly, Border Collie, and Tammy. Tammy is the furry, not so friendly, snotty white girl. Molly is okay. She's been around since before me. Molly is just a swell gal! Tammy charges me when she's let loose from that big fancy cage. You can see it in the background where my dad is doing what he does. That's their mom Stacie. She's my favorite girl. I really like Stacie. She wouldn't let me get a picture of her. I'm sad cause she's moving and I wanted her picture cause she's always nice to me. I'm just not sure about that snotty girl. So this is what I did while they bounced all over my dad's yard when he was doing what he does.
This is me attempting to look like I'm not having a problem. I'm trying to smile. That girl gives me the heebie jeebies. So I sat here while mom talked to Stacie.
Here's that sneaky Tammy puttin' the moves on my family. I just don't trust her. Mom says keep your friends close and your enemies closer. But just between you and me, I don't like the way she smells! So, I'll just stay on the porch. Anyhoo, mom took me inside. As soon as dad came in the house I got inspected cause I had green feet. I ain't never had green feet before. They may have been green but they smelled good. It was the grassy scent I like. I should'a demanded a new hearing with a new jury. They sentenced me to a bath. Nothin' hurts my feelin's more than bein' thrown in the tub with smell good stuff. Just for good cause, the other girl got a bath too. She's crazy, she just jumped in like it was a swimmin' hole. Here's me. I'm wet and sad. Dad says I'm sulkin' cause I'm a baby. Really I'm not, it's just a button I have no control over. I'll start workin' on my next assignment and I promise I won't be sulkin'.


simple~needs said...

omg!! i love this post!! its so cute!!
esepcially since i just gave our dog a bath for the same reason, green feet!!lol
just a tip . so poor doggie smells good, i take a fabric softener sheet and rub all over our dog after drying him off( while he is still damp). it takes the wet dog smell away. makes them smell just like a baby! :)

Farmchick said...

Cute post!! Loved the pictures of the dogs....

Have a great day!


Rue said...

Awwww.... poor baby.... I need to give all three of mine a bath, but they get so sad :(

Cute post :)

Susie Q said...

What a wonderful post...and Kipper is SO on THEIR side in this.