Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Soap Box

We threw in the towel with our local cable company. They did not uphold their end of a contract so hubby said it's gotta go. So went my knowledge of where I could find what I wanted to watch on the ole tube. After 4 months you'd think I'd be able to remember what channels are what on this new system...but I cannot. I did find a fun and hip news channel in the mornings. Trying not to focus on whether it slants to a liberal view or conservative view, I just try to absorb the news.

Unfortunately two things have really stuck out with me over the past few weeks. The first being Gabrielle Gifford. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad she is healing and did not get killed in that horrific shooting in Tucson. However, every freaking time I see her face on TV I think about the other victims, living and dead. How their families must feel when they watch the same news clip that I watch. My heart aches for them.

The other issue is that dang Casey Anthony. I hope to be wrong, but I sincerely believe Case killed that beautiful little girl. But it is not for me to judge. Lord only knows I watched as a local jury found a pervert not guilty of raping his step-daughter 13 times. I believed that little girl when she described the nasty things her step-father did to her. She had faith in me to take care of her and make her situation better. I did as much as I could do with the help of her family. Unfortunately the old man on the jury who fell asleep during most of the trial didn't get to hear what took place. The young man who continued to roll his eye as if he had something better to do was probably not thinking about the little 12 year old girl who was pushed to testify and nervously describe these incidents. The one put together older lady later told a court official that the little girl just wasn't believable. Really? I surmise she was sexually molested as a child herself and just figured she could find a victim in a crowd. The reality was I was a children's service worker who should have been called on behalf of that 12 year old child. She should have never been pushed to testify. All of the medical experts, professional law enforcement people and myself should have painted the perfect picture without having to put a nervous, scared little girl on the stand.

That whole lotta words lead me to this...Caylee did not get a chance to tell her story. It was pieced together by law enforcement officials who had nothing to go on but leads. Caylee's secrets died with her. The only relief is that she is now wrapped in the arms of someone who loves her unconditionally, with no expectations.

I've always wanted a little girl of my own. Then I see something like this happen and I have to wonder why the world turns the way it turns.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, Casey Anthony seems guilty, by the way I love the music on the sidebar, Brad Paisley is a great country singer! Keep up the good work!